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A Tragic Tale: A Man’s Plot for Vengeance Turns Deadly


In a shocking and disturbing case that has captivated the nation, Michael Hillier, a 39-year-old man, stands accused of orchestrating a heinous act of violence against 38-year-old Liam Smith. The incident involved a shooting and an acid attack, which ultimately led to the untimely death of Mr. Smith. The gruesome details of the crime unfolded during the trial at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester, leaving the public in disbelief and seeking answers to the motives behind this horrifying act.

The Unraveling of a Dark Plot

A Fateful Encounter

The tragic chain of events began when Rachel Fulstow, a 37-year-old woman, had a brief romantic encounter with Liam Smith in 2019 while staying at a York hotel. The encounter remained nothing more than a one-night stand, but it had far-reaching consequences when Fulstow later entered into a relationship with Michael Hillier.

The Lie That Started It All

Hillier’s jealousy and insecurities about Fulstow’s past fling with Mr. Smith drove him to believe that she had been sexually assaulted during the encounter. Fueled by anger and a desire for revenge, Hillier plotted a sinister scheme to make Liam Smith suffer, just as he believed Fulstow had suffered.

The Tragic Night

On the evening of 24th November 2022, Hillier carried out his plan. He lured Liam Smith out of his home and shot him at close range, leaving him severely wounded. But the cruelty did not end there. Hillier then poured a corrosive liquid, suspected to be sulphuric acid, on Smith’s face and body, causing him excruciating pain and life-threatening injuries.

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The Aftermath

Leaving his victim to die on the street, Hillier and Fulstow believed that their act of vengeance was not meant to end in death. Instead, they intended to maim and disfigure Smith as a form of punishment, similar to the emotional scars they believed Fulstow had to endure.

The Trial and Revelations

The Incriminating Recording

The shocking revelations came to light during Hillier’s trial at Minshull Street Crown Court. Jurors were presented with a covert recording made in prison following Hillier’s arrest, which captured a disturbing conversation between him and another person. In the recording, Hillier expressed his feeling of being betrayed by Fulstow, who he believed was trying to distance herself from the crime.

The Original Plan

Hillier disclosed that their original intention had been to report the alleged rape to the police. However, they later decided to take matters into their own hands and devise alternative plans to make Mr. Smith suffer. This chilling revelation shed light on the meticulous planning that went into the heinous act.

Admissions of Guilt

During the recording, Hillier openly admitted to causing severe harm to Smith but claimed that his intent was not to kill him. Instead, he wanted to scar him for life, just as he believed Fulstow had been scarred emotionally. Hillier mentioned that they had planned and plotted the attack together, making it evident that Fulstow was an active participant in the scheme.


The tragic case of Liam Smith’s murder paints a chilling picture of how jealousy, vengeance, and manipulation can lead to unspeakable acts of violence. Michael Hillier’s desire to make Liam Smith suffer resulted in a horrific death that shocked the nation. As the trial continues, the public is left to grapple with the dark depths of human emotions and the consequences of such ruthless actions.

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  1. Were Michael Hillier and Rachel Fulstow in a romantic relationship?Yes, they were in a relationship when the incident occurred.
  2. Did Rachel Fulstow know about Hillier’s plan?According to her statements, she claimed not to know about the specifics of Hillier’s plan.
  3. What was the motive behind the attack?Michael Hillier believed that Liam Smith had raped Rachel Fulstow during their one-night stand, leading to his desire for revenge.
  4. What happened to Michael Hillier and Rachel Fulstow after the attack?Both Hillier and Fulstow were arrested and charged with murder.
  5. Was Liam Smith conscious after the attack?Liam Smith was found severely injured but alive after the attack, but he later succumbed to his injuries.

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