arthur gorrie correctional centre

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre

History of Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre


The Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre is a high-security prison located in Wacol, Queensland, Australia. Established in 1992, it has been a pivotal facility in Queensland’s correctional system for over three decades.

Notable Incidents

Throughout its existence, the centre has experienced various noteworthy incidents. Among them was the 1997 incident where inmates initiated a riot causing substantial damage. Understanding these incidents helps to comprehend the challenges faced in managing such facilities.

Structure and Facilities


The layout of the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre reflects its high-security status. It comprises multiple buildings, with facilities for housing, administration, visitor areas, and various support services.


With a design capacity to house approximately 890 inmates, it’s one of Queensland’s largest correctional facilities. However, like many prisons, it often faces overcrowding issues, housing more inmates than its design capacity.

Administration and Staff


The management of the centre is tasked with the dual responsibilities of maintaining security and ensuring the welfare of the inmates. The centre is operated by GEO Group Australia under contract with Queensland Corrective Services.

Staff Welfare

Staff welfare is a critical aspect of prison administration. Employees are provided with training and support to handle the unique challenges of working in a correctional environment.

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Inmate Life

Daily Routine

A typical day for an inmate includes scheduled meals, work assignments, education and rehabilitation programs, and limited recreational time. The routine is designed to provide structure and promote a sense of responsibility.

Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation is a vital part of correctional philosophy. The centre offers various programs aimed at addressing substance abuse, behavioural issues, and skill development. These initiatives aim to support inmates in becoming law-abiding citizens upon release.

Public Perception and Criticisms


Like any correctional institution, Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre has had its share of controversies, from allegations of inmate mistreatment to issues with staff morale. These controversies have at times put the facility under public and media scrutiny.

Public Response

Public responses to the Centre have been varied. While some understand the necessity of such facilities, others express concern over the reported issues. It has led to ongoing debates about prison reform and inmates’ rights.

Future Prospects

Expansion and Upgrades

In light of the ongoing capacity challenges, the Centre is looking towards expansion and upgrades. These include enhancing the physical infrastructure and improving the available programs.

Policies and Practices

Future policies at the Centre aim to strike a better balance between security and rehabilitation. These include initiatives for improved inmate mental health services, staff training, and adopting innovative correctional practices.


The Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, with its rich history and vital role, continues to be a significant part of Queensland’s correctional system. Despite challenges and criticisms, the Centre persists in its mission to maintain security while promoting rehabilitation. The future seems to hold both challenges and opportunities for this vital institution.

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  1. When was the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre established?
    • The Centre was established in 1992.
  2. Who operates the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre?
    • The Centre is operated by GEO Group Australia.
  3. What is the capacity of the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre?
    • The Centre has a design capacity for approximately 890 inmates.
  4. What rehabilitation programs are offered at the Centre?
    • The Centre offers various programs addressing substance abuse, behavioural issues, and skill development.
  5. What are some future prospects for the Centre?
    • Future prospects include physical infrastructure expansion, improved programs, and policies for better security and rehabilitation balance.

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