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Augusta Correctional Center

Located in Craigsville, Virginia, Augusta Correctional Center is a close custody prison that has been operating since 1986. This article sheds light on the facility’s features, services, and inmate regulations, offering insights into the vital role it plays in maintaining public safety and facilitating offender rehabilitation.

The Role of Augusta Correctional Center

As a close custody prison, Augusta Correctional Center is specifically designed to house adult male offenders of level 3 security who have been sentenced to life or multiple life sentences. The facility accommodates up to 1,222 inmates and enforces stringent restrictions on their movements, confining them to their cells for a significant portion of the day. This level of custody ensures a secure environment while allowing opportunities for rehabilitation.

Promoting Rehabilitation through Time Served

Inmates at Augusta Correctional Center are required to have served a minimum of twenty years of their sentence or have less than 40 years remaining until their release date. This time requirement underscores the significance of their commitment to personal growth and positive behavioral changes. Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for providing inmates with opportunities to acquire essential life skills and engage in rehabilitation programs during their incarceration.

Transfers and Behavior

To be considered for transfer to a less secure facility, offenders at Augusta Correctional Center must maintain exemplary behavior with no disciplinary issues for a continuous period of two years. This prerequisite ensures that individuals are thoroughly prepared to reintegrate into society before transitioning to a lower security setting.

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Services and Facilities at Augusta Correctional Center

Augusta Correctional Center places a strong emphasis on providing comprehensive care to its inmates, which includes medical, dental, and mental health treatment. By addressing the physical and mental well-being of the offenders, the facility aims to facilitate their rehabilitation journey and equip them with the necessary tools for a successful reentry into society.

Vocational Training for Inmate Development

Recognizing the importance of skill acquisition in reducing recidivism rates, Augusta Correctional Center offers various vocational training programs. Inmates can participate in training courses related to roofing/siding, custodial maintenance, and business software. By honing these practical skills, offenders gain valuable knowledge that can enhance their employment prospects and increase their chances of leading productive lives post-incarceration.

Virginia Correctional Enterprise Program

Augusta Correctional Center actively participates in the Virginia Correctional Enterprise program. Within the facility, inmates are employed in a clothing and shoe industrial operation responsible for manufacturing the footwear and inmate clothing used throughout the state. This program not only provides inmates with valuable work experience but also fosters a sense of responsibility and work ethic, further contributing to their personal growth and preparation for life beyond prison walls.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The physical layout of Augusta Correctional Center comprises six housing buildings, each housing four pods, amounting to a total of 24 pods. Additionally, the facility includes two units specifically designated for mental health segregation, highlighting the importance placed on catering to the unique needs of individuals requiring specialized care. Furthermore, the vocational building within Augusta Correctional Center encompasses essential amenities such as a gymnasium, the Chaplain’s office, a law library, and a general library, creating an environment that encourages intellectual and spiritual development.

Visiting Augusta Correctional Center

Visitation at Augusta Correctional Center takes place on Saturdays and Sundays, utilizing a rotating schedule based on the first letter of the inmate’s last name. To determine the exact visitation schedule, it is necessary to contact the prison directly using the provided telephone number.

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Visiting Hours: Saturdays and Sundays (Rotating schedule based on inmate’s last name)

Physical Address: Augusta Correctional Center 1821 Estaline Valley Road Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Telephone: (540)-997-7000

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Augusta Correctional Center 1821 Estaline Valley Road Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Location and Basic Details

The Augusta Correctional Center, a medium-security institution, calls Craigsville in Augusta County, Virginia, home. But what’s the significance of this location? Is it purely for logistical reasons, or does it hold some historical importance? Let’s find out!

History of Augusta Correctional Center

The Augusta Correctional Center has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1986. Do you know that, over the years, it has undergone significant transformations in terms of infrastructure, policies, and programs?

Facility Description and Infrastructure

Housing Units

Curious about the living conditions inside Augusta Correctional Center? It comprises several housing units designed to ensure inmate safety while maintaining a structured environment.

Medical and Mental Health Facilities

A robust healthcare system is as crucial inside the prison walls as outside. The Augusta Correctional Center prioritizes inmates’ physical and mental health by offering medical services and mental health programs.

Educational and Vocational Programs

Education and vocational training play pivotal roles in inmates’ rehabilitation. What kind of programs does Augusta Correctional Center offer, and how effective have they been? Let’s dive deeper.

Life Inside Augusta Correctional Center

Daily Routine

A day in the life of an inmate at Augusta Correctional Center follows a strict routine, promoting discipline while providing structure. Wondering what a typical day looks like?

Visitation Procedures

Maintaining strong ties with loved ones is essential for inmates. How does Augusta Correctional Center facilitate visitations, and what rules govern them?

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Role in Community Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Programs

The ultimate goal of incarceration is not just punishment but also rehabilitation. Explore the rehabilitation programs available at Augusta Correctional Center.

Success Stories

There have been many success stories born within the walls of Augusta Correctional Center, where individuals have managed to turn their lives around. Isn’t it heartening to hear about such transformations?

Controversies and Challenges

Past Issues

Like any large institution, the Augusta Correctional Center has faced its share of controversies and challenges. What lessons have they learned from past incidents?

Current Criticisms and Concerns

Despite the reformative steps taken, there are ongoing discussions about areas needing improvement at the Augusta Correctional Center. So, what are the criticisms and concerns currently being raised?

The Future of Augusta Correctional Center

Planned Changes and Improvements

The future vision of the Augusta Correctional Center includes several planned changes and improvements. What can we expect from this evolving institution?

Upcoming Initiatives

New initiatives are always on the horizon at Augusta Correctional Center. Eager to learn more about these?


The Augusta Correctional Center is more than just a correctional facility; it’s a hub for transformation and rehabilitation. Despite challenges and criticisms, its ongoing mission is to foster a safe, structured environment that facilitates growth, change, and reintegration into society. As we’ve walked through its history, infrastructure, daily life, and future plans, it’s clear that the journey to improvement is a constant process. As the Augusta Correctional Center continues to evolve, we hope to see more success stories originating from its grounds.


  1. What type of facility is Augusta Correctional Center? Augusta Correctional Center is a medium-security prison facility located in Craigsville, Virginia.
  2. What services does Augusta Correctional Center offer to inmates? The center offers various services including healthcare, mental health programs, and educational and vocational training.
  3. What is the main goal of Augusta Correctional Center? The main goal is not just punishment but rehabilitation, aiming to help inmates reintegrate into society post-release.
  4. What are the visitation procedures at Augusta Correctional Center? Visitation procedures follow specific rules and regulations which are regularly updated on the official website of the Virginia Department of Corrections.
  5. What future changes are planned for Augusta Correctional Center? Future plans include facility improvements and the introduction of new rehabilitation initiatives, the details of which are usually announced by the Virginia Department of Corrections.

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