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Augusta State Medical Prison: A Comprehensive Overview

Visiting Hours and Location

For those with loved ones inside Augusta State Medical Prison, it’s crucial to be aware of the visiting hours and location. General population inmates are allowed visitors on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm. Inmates in protective custody, on the other hand, have visiting hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 am to 3 pm, with visits permitted on one of the days each week.

The physical address of Augusta State Medical Prison is as follows: Augusta State Medical Prison 3001 Gordon Highway Grovetown, Georgia 30813

For inquiries or concerns, you can reach the prison at (706)-855-4700.

Inmate Mailing Address

To maintain contact with incarcerated loved ones, it’s essential to use the correct inmate mailing address. When sending mail to an inmate at Augusta State Medical Prison, ensure you include the inmate’s name and ID number on the envelope. The correct mailing address is as follows:

Inmate Name, ID Number Augusta State Medical Prison 3001 Gordon Highway Grovetown, Georgia 30813

Introduction to Augusta State Medical Prison

The Augusta State Medical Prison (ASMP) is a unique correctional institution. Located in Augusta, Georgia, USA, ASMP functions as both a maximum-security prison and a fully functioning hospital.

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Location and Structure

Strategically situated on Gordon Highway, the Augusta State Medical Prison stretches over an extensive area, designed to house hundreds of inmates requiring diverse medical attention.

Brief History

Established in 1983, ASMP was built to meet the growing need for specialized healthcare services within the prison system.

The Role of Augusta State Medical Prison

ASMP plays an instrumental role in Georgia’s prison system, given its dual capacity as a correctional facility and a medical center.

Medical Services

Equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities, the prison provides comprehensive healthcare to its inmates. This includes routine check-ups, emergency care, surgical procedures, and long-term treatment for chronic conditions.

Mental Health Care

ASMP also prioritizes mental health, providing psychological and psychiatric services to inmates. This includes individual counseling, group therapy, and medication management.

Inmate Rehabilitation Programs

ASMP hosts a range of rehabilitation programs, aimed at helping inmates reintegrate into society after their release.

Educational and Skill Development Programs

Various programs offer vocational training and education to inmates, empowering them with the necessary skills for a productive life post-release.

Life in Augusta State Medical Prison

Life inside ASMP, like any other prison, is structured yet challenging.

Inmate Rights

Despite being incarcerated, inmates retain certain basic human rights. They are entitled to safe living conditions, proper healthcare, and access to legal aid.

Food and Nutrition

The prison provides balanced, nutritious meals to ensure the physical well-being of the inmates.

Security and Safety Measures

Security is paramount at ASMP. A range of measures ensure the safety of both staff and inmates, maintaining order within the prison walls.

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Visitation and Communication

ASMP allows inmates to maintain connections with the outside world through monitored visitations and correspondence.

Criticisms and Controversies

Like many prisons, ASMP has not been immune to criticism and controversy.

Cases of Misconduct

There have been instances of reported misconduct and controversy, often leading to calls for increased oversight and reform.

Prison Reform Efforts

Prison reform efforts continue to address these issues, striving to improve conditions for inmates and staff alike.


While ASMP is a unique institution, it reflects the broader challenges of balancing justice, rehabilitation, and healthcare within the correctional system. Despite the controversies, it remains an integral part of Georgia’s prison system, continuously working towards improvement.


  1. What medical services does Augusta State Medical Prison provide?
    • Augusta State Medical Prison is equipped to provide a wide range of medical services. These include general healthcare, emergency medical services, long-term care for chronic illnesses, and surgical procedures when necessary. The prison also offers mental health services such as counseling and medication management.
  2. What kinds of rehabilitation programs are available for inmates?
    • The prison offers several rehabilitation programs designed to prepare inmates for reintegration into society. These include educational programs, vocational training, and skill development workshops. Such initiatives aim to equip inmates with necessary skills and qualifications to lead a productive life post-release.
  3. What rights do inmates have while in Augusta State Medical Prison?
    • Inmates in Augusta State Medical Prison have several rights despite their incarceration. They have the right to safe and humane treatment, access to healthcare services, and legal aid. They also have the right to communicate with the outside world, including receiving visitors under monitored conditions.
  4. How does the prison maintain security and safety?
    • Security at Augusta State Medical Prison is maintained through a combination of physical security measures, surveillance technology, and trained personnel. Inmates’ activities are monitored to prevent incidents, and strict protocols are in place to ensure the safety of both inmates and staff.
  5. What controversies have been associated with Augusta State Medical Prison?
    • Like many other prisons, Augusta State Medical Prison has had its share of controversies, including allegations of misconduct, substandard living conditions, and inadequate healthcare services. Such instances have prompted calls for reforms and greater oversight.
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