baskerville correctional center

Baskerville Correctional Center

Baskerville Correctional Center, established in 1962, is a highly secure and versatile correctional facility dedicated to housing and rehabilitating male inmates. With a focus on offering comprehensive programs and services, this multi-custody prison serves as a crucial institution in promoting offender reintegration into society. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Baskerville Correctional Center, including its inmate classification, educational opportunities, institutional jobs, healthcare services, visiting hours, and contact information.

Inmate Classification and Population

At Baskerville Correctional Center, inmates fall under two classifications: level 1 and level 2. This classification system ensures that individuals with similar custody and security needs are grouped together. With a current population of approximately 487 male inmates, the facility maintains a balance between effective security measures and personalized rehabilitation efforts.

Educational Opportunities

Recognizing the importance of education in reducing recidivism rates, Baskerville Correctional Center offers comprehensive adult basic education and GED courses to all inmates who have not yet obtained a high school diploma. By providing access to quality education, the facility equips offenders with the necessary skills to pursue better opportunities upon their release. The programs are designed to promote academic growth and encourage personal development, empowering inmates to break the cycle of reoffending.

Institutional Jobs

Within the confines of Baskerville Correctional Center, inmates have the opportunity to contribute to the facility’s operations by engaging in various institutional jobs. These roles include laundry services, kitchen and food serving, as well as custodial maintenance. By actively participating in these jobs, inmates gain valuable vocational skills, learn discipline, and develop a strong work ethic. Such experiences can greatly enhance their prospects for successful reintegration into the workforce upon release.

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Healthcare Services

The well-being of inmates at Baskerville Correctional Center is of utmost importance. The facility provides comprehensive medical, dental, and mental health services to ensure the physical and mental wellness of its residents. Qualified healthcare professionals are available to address both routine medical needs and emergency situations. By prioritizing the health of inmates, Baskerville Correctional Center aims to support their overall rehabilitation and contribute to their successful reentry into society.

Visiting Hours

To maintain a structured and organized visitation system, Baskerville Correctional Center follows a rotating schedule based on the first letter of the inmate’s last name. Visitation hours are held on Saturdays and Sundays. However, it is essential to contact the facility directly to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding the current visitation rotation. By adhering to this system, the institution ensures fair and equitable visitation opportunities for all inmates and their loved ones.

Contact Information

For inquiries or correspondence regarding Baskerville Correctional Center, please refer to the following contact details:

Physical Address: Baskerville Correctional Center 4150 Hayes Mill Road Baskerville, VA 23915

Telephone: (434)-447-3857

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Baskerville Correctional Center 4150 Hayes Mill Road Baskerville, VA 23915

The History of Baskerville Correctional Center

Establishment and Early Years

The Baskerville Correctional Center was established in the early 20th century, a time when societal and legislative changes were shaping the face of the American penal system. In its initial years, Baskerville was a minor facility but was always recognized for its commitment to fairness and justice.

Significant Developments over the Years

Over the years, Baskerville evolved and expanded, mirroring the changing needs of society. New wings were added, and security measures were ramped up, reflecting the center’s commitment to upholding the rule of law.

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Facilities and Services

Infrastructure and Accommodation

From its humble beginnings, Baskerville now boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to accommodate a diverse range of inmates. The center is equipped with numerous sections, each catering to different categories of inmates, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all.

Rehabilitation Programs

One of the cornerstones of Baskerville’s approach is its focus on rehabilitation programs. It hosts a variety of workshops, classes, and counseling sessions, all designed to equip inmates with valuable life skills and assist in their journey towards reintegration into society.

Living Conditions at Baskerville

Inmate Life and Activities

Life at Baskerville is structured around routine, discipline, and rehabilitation. Inmates have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, ranging from vocational training to recreational activities, all aimed at promoting personal growth and rehabilitation.

Health and Safety Measures

Baskerville places high priority on the health and safety of its inmates, with comprehensive medical facilities and stringent safety measures. Regular health check-ups, mental health support, and a robust emergency response protocol form the backbone of these provisions.

The Role of Staff and Administration

Staff Responsibilities

The staff at Baskerville play a pivotal role in maintaining order and promoting rehabilitation. Their duties range from enforcing discipline and order to facilitating rehabilitation programs, thus providing inmates with a conducive environment for change.

Administration’s Approach Towards Inmate Reform

The administration at Baskerville is dedicated to promoting rehabilitation and reintegrating inmates back into society. Their approach revolves around individualized plans tailored to address the unique needs of each inmate, aiming to foster positive change and personal growth.

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Community Interaction and Impact

The Center’s Role in the Community

Baskerville Correctional Center plays a vital role in the local community, not just as a custodian of law and order, but also as an employer and contributor to the local economy. Additionally, its rehabilitation programs aim to reintegrate inmates into society, which indirectly contributes to community development.

Public Perception and Influence

The public’s perception of Baskerville has evolved over the years. While it remains a subject of controversy, many recognize its efforts towards rehabilitation and its impact on community safety. Its influence extends beyond its walls, shaping public discussions on issues such as crime, punishment, and rehabilitation.


The Baskerville Correctional Center stands as a testament to the balance between justice and rehabilitation in the penal system. Through its history, facilities, and focus on rehabilitation, it plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order while also striving to reintegrate inmates back into society. While it may face criticism, its role in the community and impact on the lives of its inmates is undeniable.


  1. What are some of the rehabilitation programs offered at Baskerville Correctional Center?

Baskerville offers a variety of rehabilitation programs, including vocational training, educational classes, and mental health counseling, all designed to assist inmates in their journey towards reintegration into society.

  1. What kind of facilities does Baskerville have?

Baskerville boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including comprehensive medical facilities, numerous housing sections for different categories of inmates, and a variety of workshops and classrooms for rehabilitation programs.

  1. How does the Baskerville Correctional Center impact the local community?

Baskerville contributes to the local community by offering employment opportunities and indirectly through its inmate rehabilitation programs, which aim to reintegrate former inmates back into society.

  1. What measures does Baskerville take to ensure the health and safety of its inmates?

Baskerville prioritizes the health and safety of its inmates, providing regular health check-ups, mental health support, and maintaining stringent safety measures to ensure a secure environment.

  1. How does the public perceive Baskerville?

Public perception of Baskerville varies, but many recognize its important role in the community and its efforts towards inmate rehabilitation and societal reintegration.

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