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Beckley Correctional Center

Nestled in the scenic landscape of Beckley, West Virginia, the Beckley Correctional Center stands as a minimum-security bastion aimed at transforming lives. This community-centric prison is engineered to rehabilitate non-violent offenders, with a housing capacity of 137 inmates. The majority, which are males, find solace and reform within the walls of Buildings One and Two.

A Glimpse into the Facility and its Inmate Population The institution comprises several buildings, each serving a specific purpose. Building Three, for instance, caters to female offenders, accommodating up to eight individuals. The male populace involved in the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program (RSAT) are provided housing on the fourth floor of the Jackie Withrow Hospital. This particular arrangement adds another layer to the already holistic approach the center adopts.

Navigating the Road to Reformation The core element that sets Beckley Correctional Center apart is its commitment to inmates’ betterment through structured programs. These include adult basic education, anger management classes, substance abuse treatments, and victim awareness programs. Each program is tailored to instill positive change and to ensure inmates are well-equipped to re-enter society as contributing citizens.

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Work Release Program: A Stepping Stone to a Brighter Future Work Release Program participants are typically within 18 months of either their parole eligibility date or discharge. Through this program, offenders can earn various incentives for exemplary behavior, such as overnight furloughs to an immediate family member’s house and two-hour passes. This serves as an incentive and a bridge, helping inmates transition smoothly back into their communities.

RSAT Program: Comprehensive Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Those in the RSAT program are generally within 24 months of parole or discharge. Upon completion of all four phases of RSAT, inmates have the opportunity to transition to the Work Release Program. This dual program strategy ensures that inmates are not only freed from the chains of substance abuse but are also ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead.

Bonding with Loved Ones: Visitation Hours Staying connected with family is an integral part of rehabilitation. Visitation hours at Beckley Correctional Center are scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm. Visitors must have an approved application on file to be eligible for visitation, emphasizing the center’s commitment to maintaining a safe and controlled environment.

Contacting the Facility For inquiries or further information regarding the Beckley Correctional Center, you may contact or send mail to the following addresses:

Physical Address: Beckley Correctional Center 111 S. Eisenhower Drive Beckley, WV 25801

Telephone: (304)-256-6780

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Beckley Correctional Center 111 S. Eisenhower Drive Beckley, WV 25801

H2: Location and Overview

Beckley Correctional Center is situated in the city of Beckley, known for its lush green landscapes and rich coal mining history. As a minimum-security facility, it plays a significant role in rehabilitating offenders and preparing them for reintegration into society.

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H3: Brief History of the Center

The center was established with the goal of providing a secure environment for offenders while enabling their reform and eventual return to society. Over the years, it has evolved to incorporate various programs designed to empower the inmates with necessary skills and knowledge.

H2: Understanding the Correctional System

To understand the role of Beckley Correctional Center, it’s important to comprehend the broader context of the correctional system.

H3: The Role of a Correctional Center

A correctional center is more than just a place to house offenders. It’s a place for rehabilitation, where inmates can learn, grow, and prepare for life post-incarceration.

H4: The Importance of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is crucial as it helps reduce recidivism rates, ensuring inmates don’t return to criminal activity once they’re released. It’s a proactive approach towards creating a safer society.

H2: Facilities and Services at Beckley Correctional Center

Beckley offers a range of programs to aid inmate rehabilitation.

H3: Educational Programs

The center provides educational opportunities, allowing inmates to complete their high school education or even earn college credits.

H3: Vocational Programs

Vocational training programs equip inmates with practical skills, enhancing their chances of employment after release.

H3: Health and Wellness Programs

Physical and mental health programs are available to support inmates’ overall wellbeing.

H2: Life Inside Beckley Correctional Center

Life inside Beckley is structured and disciplined, with a focus on rehabilitation and personal growth.

H3: Daily Life and Routine

Inmates have a set daily routine, which includes work assignments, educational classes, and recreational time.

H4: Inmate Rights and Responsibilities

While inmates have certain rights, they’re also expected to adhere to the center’s rules and regulations.

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H3: Reentry and Aftercare Programs

These programs aim to bridge the gap between incarceration and release. They provide inmates with tools and resources such as job placement assistance, counseling, and community connections, which are crucial for their successful reintegration into society.

H2: Conclusion

The Beckley Correctional Center goes beyond being just a facility to confine offenders. It plays a transformative role, focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration, thus serving as an essential part of the correctional system. By offering various programs and services, it works diligently to prepare inmates for a successful return to society, reinforcing the belief in second chances and redemption.

H3: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main purpose of Beckley Correctional Center?
    • The primary purpose of Beckley Correctional Center is to provide a secure environment for the rehabilitation and reformation of offenders, preparing them for a successful reintegration into society.
  2. What programs does Beckley Correctional Center offer?
    • The center offers various programs including educational programs, vocational training, health and wellness programs, and reentry and aftercare programs.
  3. What is daily life like in Beckley Correctional Center?
    • Daily life in the center is structured around a routine which includes work assignments, educational classes, and recreational activities.
  4. What is the role of the reentry and aftercare programs?
    • The reentry and aftercare programs assist inmates in their transition back into society by providing resources and support such as job placement assistance and counseling.
  5. Why is rehabilitation important in a correctional setting?
    • Rehabilitation is crucial as it helps to reduce recidivism rates, ensuring that inmates are less likely to return to criminal activity once released. It’s a proactive approach towards creating a safer society.

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