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Beckley Federal Correctional Institution: A Closer Look

In the heart of Beaver, West Virginia, lies the Beckley Federal Correctional Institution, often referred to as Beckley FCI. This medium-security federal prison is a crucial part of Raleigh County and serves as a place of incarceration for male inmates. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Beckley FCI, from its facilities to the educational programs it offers.

The Main Facility

Beckley FCI encompasses 282 acres of land, fortified with security measures to ensure the safety of both staff and inmates. Double fences, razor wire, motion detection systems, and microwave detection systems form the first line of defense. Additionally, the facility employs video surveillance and maintains a 24-hour dual roving perimeter patrol, ensuring that security remains a top priority.

The main facility at Beckley FCI consists of three four-level housing units. Inmates are typically housed in two-story buildings, each containing two tiers on every floor. The cell arrangements vary, from multiple and double occupancy to three single cells in the Special Housing Unit (SHU), which can accommodate up to 143 inmates. The satellite camp, on the other hand, houses minimum-security male offenders in an open dormitory housing unit. Many camp inmates serve as a labor force for the main facility, assisting with tasks such as food service, laundry, and maintenance.

Educational Opportunities

One of the core principles at Beckley FCI is rehabilitation through education. Inmates are provided with educational classes, allowing them to pursue continuing adult education and literacy. These programs also offer inmates the chance to earn a General Educational Development (GED) diploma, a significant step toward their reintegration into society.

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For those looking to acquire vocational skills, Beckley FCI offers a range of courses, including computer applications, electric work, masonry, appliance repair, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), carpentry, and blueprinting. These programs equip offenders with valuable skills that can increase their employability upon release.

Recognizing the challenges posed by substance dependencies, the facility offers specialized programs for inmates struggling with addiction. These programs, both residential and non-residential, provide essential support to those seeking recovery.

Visiting Hours and Regulations

Visitation is a crucial aspect of maintaining connections with loved ones during incarceration. At Beckley FCI, visiting hours are scheduled on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 8 am to 3 pm. Additionally, visiting is allowed on all federally recognized holidays during the same hours. However, it’s important to note that visitors will not be processed into the main unit for visitation after 2 pm. At the camp, visitor processing concludes at 1:30 pm.

Inmate visitation operates on a points system. Each month, inmates are allocated eight visitation points. One point is deducted for each weekday visit, while two points are deducted for each weekend or federal holiday visit. This system is designed to ensure fair and equitable access to visitation for all inmates.

Before planning a visit, it’s essential to check if the visiting times have changed or if visitation has been canceled for the day. Additionally, ensure that the inmate is still eligible for a visit. All visitors must be on the inmate’s approved visitation list before attending a visitation session.

Contact Information

For those wishing to contact Beckley FCI, you can use the following information:

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Physical Address: FCI Beckley 1600 Industrial Road Beaver, WV 25813

Telephone: (304)-252-9758

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, Register Number FCI Beckley Federal Correctional Institution P.O. Box 350 Beaver, WV 25813

For inmates located at the camp, use the following address:

Inmate Name, Register Number FCI Beckley Federal Correctional Institution Satellite Camp P.O. Box 350 Beaver, WV 25813


In conclusion, Beckley Federal Correctional Institution plays a pivotal role in the correctional system of West Virginia. With its commitment to security, education, and rehabilitation, it strives to provide inmates with the tools they need to reintegrate into society successfully. By offering a range of educational programs and support for substance dependencies, Beckley FCI aims to break the cycle of incarceration and help individuals build a brighter future.


  1. How many inmates does Beckley FCI house in its main unit?
    • Beckley FCI’s main unit houses approximately 1,502 male inmates.
  2. What are the visitation hours at Beckley FCI?
    • Visitation hours are on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 8 am to 3 pm, as well as on federally recognized holidays during the same hours.
  3. What educational programs are available to inmates at Beckley FCI?
    • Inmates can access programs that offer continuing adult education, literacy, GED preparation, and vocational training in various fields.
  4. How is visitation regulated at Beckley FCI?
    • Inmate visitation is based on a points system, with inmates receiving eight visitation points each month. Points are deducted for weekday and holiday visits.
  5. What security measures are in place at Beckley FCI?
    • The facility is secured by double fences, razor wire, motion detection systems, microwave detection systems, video surveillance, and 24-hour dual roving perimeter patrol.
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