behind the bars a peek into alex murdaughs prison life

Behind the Bars: A Peek into Alex Murdaugh’s Prison Life

The story of Alex Murdaugh, the South Carolina lawyer convicted of murdering his wife and youngest son, has held the public’s attention for months. What unfolded in his prison life offers an intriguing glimpse into this man’s world after his fall from grace.

Conviction and Sentencing

Judge Clifton Newman sentenced Murdaugh to two life terms in March 2023, a decision that came after the jury found him guilty of shooting his wife, Maggie, and his son, Paul. Since then, Murdaugh has been kept out of the public eye, serving his time in a South Carolina state prison.

The Short, Telling Phone Call

On May 16, 2023, Murdaugh made a free prison call to his surviving son, Buster. This 42-second exchange marks the first instance of the public hearing Murdaugh’s voice since his sentencing.

The Actors in Play

The Son: Buster Murdaugh

In this quick exchange, Buster hurriedly states that he has limited time, mentioning he was just boarding a ferry to Hilton Head from Daufuskie Island. It suggests that life for Buster is moving along, despite his father’s imprisonment.

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The Attorney: Jim Griffin

The phone call further involves a certain “Jim,” likely referring to Murdaugh’s defense attorney, Jim Griffin. The content of the call suggests that Alex Murdaugh had a message to communicate to Griffin through his son.

What the Call Reveals

The phone call is brief and the quality poor. Yet, it provides a peek into Murdaugh’s attempts to maintain control, even from prison. He is attempting to facilitate communication and keep abreast of a certain “meeting,” demonstrating that even behind bars, he hasn’t lost his lawyerly instincts.

The Connection to Gilgo Beach Killings

Gilgo Beach, New York, shares an eerie connection to this story. A sign on Ocean Parkway pointed to this Long Island location on May 9, 2011, where a suspect in the long-unsolved Gilgo Beach serial killings was taken into custody.

The Unresolved Mystery of Gilgo Beach

The Gilgo Beach killings have been a puzzle for law enforcement for years, with the identity of the murderer(s) remaining elusive. It’s a crime that, much like the Murdaugh case, has gripped public interest for its dark twists and unresolved mystery.

Suspect Now in Custody

Today, there’s a ray of hope as a suspect is now in custody for the Gilgo Beach serial killings. While unrelated to Murdaugh’s case, it brings a sense of parallelism between the two incidents, as justice may finally be in sight for the victims of these horrific crimes.

The FITSNews Exposure

FITSNews was the first to publish this prison call, offering the public an inside look at Murdaugh’s life in prison. The media outlet has played a significant role in keeping the case in the public eye, ensuring that important updates reach a wide audience.

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The Lingering Questions

The Mystery “Meeting”

In the phone call, Murdaugh mentions a “meeting.” The nature of this meeting and its potential implications remain unknown, adding a layer of intrigue to the situation.

The “Thing” Alex Murdaugh Told His Attorney

Murdaugh mentions a “thing” he has communicated to his lawyer. This vague reference prompts further questions: What is the “thing,” and why is it important?


From the halls of justice to the confines of a state prison, Alex Murdaugh’s story is as tragic as it is mystifying. Unanswered questions continue to surround this saga, the answers to which may or may not emerge in due time. Until then, the world watches, waits, and speculates on what may lie ahead in the saga of Alex Murdaugh.

Unanswered FAQs

  1. Who is Alex Murdaugh?
    Alex Murdaugh is a South Carolina lawyer who was convicted of murdering his wife and youngest son.
  2. Who is Buster Murdaugh?
    Buster Murdaugh is Alex Murdaugh’s surviving son.
  3. Who is Jim Griffin?
    Jim Griffin is likely the defense attorney for Alex Murdaugh.
  4. What is the connection between the Alex Murdaugh case and the Gilgo Beach killings?
    While there’s no direct connection, the two cases have parallels in public interest and unresolved mystery.
  5. What was the “thing” Alex Murdaugh mentioned in the call to his attorney?
    The “thing” mentioned by Alex Murdaugh is not known publicly.

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