bland correctional center

Bland Correctional Center

Bland Correctional Center stands as a leading correctional facility, offering a comprehensive range of services to inmates and ensuring public safety. Established in 1946, this state-of-the-art center is renowned for its mixed custody approach and exceptional rehabilitation programs. With a capacity to house 652 male inmates, Bland Correctional Center maintains a unique combination of level 2 and level 1 facilities, fostering a secure and progressive environment for individuals undergoing the rehabilitation process.

Facilities and Housing Units

Bland Correctional Center boasts a meticulously designed infrastructure, consisting of four buildings comprising a total of 14 housing units. These units are thoughtfully organized to accommodate inmates with various security requirements. Additionally, the center features three modular housing units, skillfully integrated in 1990, to ensure maximum operational efficiency and inmate comfort. Furthermore, a dedicated segregation unit is available to house individuals exhibiting behavioral or security concerns, promoting a safe and controlled environment for all.

Intake and Classification Procedures

Recognizing the importance of effective inmate management, Bland Correctional Center serves as a reputable intake and classification facility for inmates transferred from local jails. Upon arrival, offenders undergo a thorough intake process, including comprehensive assessments and evaluations. These assessments consider the unique security needs and program requirements of each individual, enabling the center to assign them to the most suitable facility. By personalizing the inmate’s correctional experience, Bland Correctional Center optimizes the chances of successful rehabilitation and reduces the risk of recidivism.

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Rehabilitation Programs for Inmate Empowerment

Bland Correctional Center takes pride in offering diverse and impactful rehabilitation programs to its incarcerated population. These programs are tailored to enhance personal growth, develop essential skills, and facilitate successful reintegration into society. Two notable initiatives include:

  1. Agriculture Business: At the forefront of promoting self-sufficiency and vocational training, Bland Correctional Center operates an exemplary agriculture business. This venture specializes in processing and distributing high-quality meat and dairy products to nine prisons within the region. By providing inmates with hands-on experience in sustainable farming practices and agribusiness management, the center equips them with valuable skills and instills a sense of responsibility and work ethic.
  2. Pups Program: In collaboration with the esteemed St. Francis of Assisi Service Dog Foundation, Bland Correctional Center offers the transformative Pups Program. This unique opportunity allows inmates to live with, care for, and train puppies that will eventually serve as service animals for individuals with disabilities. Through this program, inmates develop empathy, compassion, and valuable vocational skills, fostering personal growth and contributing to a positive societal impact.

Visitation Hours and Contact Information

Bland Correctional Center values the importance of maintaining meaningful connections between inmates and their loved ones. To facilitate visitation, the center follows a rotating visitation schedule based on the first letter of the inmate’s last name. Visits are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. However, prospective visitors must contact the center to obtain the current rotation schedule before planning their visit.

Visiting Hours:

  • Saturdays and Sundays (Based on rotating schedule)

Physical Address: Bland Correctional Center 256 Bland Farm Road Bland, VA 24315-9615

Telephone: (276)-688-3341

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Bland Correctional Center 256 Bland Farm Road Bland, VA 24315-9615

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H2: History of Bland Correctional Center

Every establishment has a tale to tell, a lineage to trace. So does the Bland Correctional Center.

H3: The Establishment Phase

Established in 1979, the center opened its doors with a mission to ensure public safety and foster the orderly and effective administration of justice. Ever wondered what life was like back then? Imagine a facility, newly minted and eager to fulfil its mandate.

H3: Notable Events in its History

Over the years, the center has witnessed numerous significant events. These range from policy changes to expansions, all aimed at enhancing its capacity to serve justice.

H2: Facility and Infrastructure

Like a city within a city, the Bland Correctional Center boasts of a sturdy infrastructure.

H3: Layout of the Center

With a design capacity of about 600 inmates, the facility includes numerous buildings that accommodate various functions, from housing and administration to health services and vocational training.

H3: Security Measures

Safety first, as the saying goes. Security measures at the center are top-notch, including perimeter fencing, surveillance systems, and well-trained correctional officers.

H2: Programs and Services

A prison is more than just a place to serve time; it’s a place for growth and change.

H3: Educational Programs

Inmates at Bland have opportunities to further their education. From basic literacy programs to GED preparation, the center puts a strong emphasis on learning.

H3: Rehabilitation Programs

Also central to the center’s mission are rehabilitation programs, which help inmates develop new skills and prepare for a successful reentry into society.

H2: Living Conditions

Let’s venture into the living conditions within the Bland Correctional Center.

H3: Inmate Population and Housing

With its diverse population, the center strives to provide a safe, orderly, and respectful environment. Inmates are housed in dormitories, ensuring adequate space and conditions for everyone.

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H3: Food and Nutrition

Good food fuels the body and mind. The center takes this to heart, providing three nutritious meals daily, prepared under the watchful eyes of dieticians.

H2: Visitation and Communication

Staying connected with the outside world is crucial, and the Bland Correctional Center recognizes this.

H3: Visitation Rules and Schedules

Visitation is highly encouraged, bridging the gap between inmates and their loved ones. Though it is regulated by strict rules and schedules, these procedures are necessary to maintain order and safety for everyone involved.

H3: Communication Methods

In addition to visitation, inmates are allowed to send and receive mail, providing another essential link to the world beyond the center’s walls.

H2: Role in the Community

The Bland Correctional Center plays a significant role in the community it is a part of.

H3: Economic Impact

As one of the larger employers in the region, the center contributes economically through job creation. It also contributes indirectly via the local businesses that provide goods and services to the center.

H3: Community Involvement

From programs that allow inmates to contribute positively to society, to partnerships with local institutions, the center is more than just a prison – it’s an integral part of the community.

H1: Conclusion

There’s more to Bland Correctional Center than meets the eye. It’s a place of change, of growth, and of community. Whether through its history, its facilities, or the many programs and services it offers, Bland Correctional Center plays a vital role not only in the criminal justice system, but in the broader community as well.


  1. What is the capacity of Bland Correctional Center?
    The Bland Correctional Center has a design capacity to house about 600 inmates.
  2. What type of programs does Bland Correctional Center offer?
    The center offers a range of programs, including educational programs, rehabilitation programs, and work programs.
  3. What are the visiting hours at Bland Correctional Center?
    Visiting hours vary and it’s recommended to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.
  4. How does Bland Correctional Center contribute to the local economy?
    The center contributes economically as one of the larger employers in the region and also indirectly via local businesses that provide goods and services to the center.
  5. What are the living conditions like at Bland Correctional Center?
    The center provides adequate living conditions for its inmates, including dormitory-style housing and three nutritious meals per day.

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