boronia pre release centre for women

Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women

Introduction to Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women

The Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women in Western Australia is more than just a correctional facility. It is a beacon of hope and transformation for women who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. This centre, often simply referred to as Boronia, provides a unique environment that focuses on rehabilitation and preparation for re-entry into society.

Location and Establishment of Boronia

Located in Bentley, Perth, Boronia was officially opened in 2004. It was established with the goal of providing a more humane and effective approach to female offender management.

The Unique Philosophy Behind Boronia

Boronia operates on a distinctive philosophy that sets it apart from traditional prisons. It’s all about respecting and valuing the women as individuals, acknowledging their potential, and giving them the opportunity to change their lives positively.

A Look at the Facilities at Boronia

Unlike traditional prisons, Boronia offers a holistic environment that nurtures growth and personal development.


The accommodation at Boronia is designed to mimic a homely environment. The women reside in self-contained houses, each with its own kitchen, laundry facilities, and common area.

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Recreation and Education Facilities

There are ample recreation and educational facilities, including a gymnasium, art room, library, and computer room.

Child Care Facilities

Recognising the importance of family, Boronia includes facilities for children. Mothers can live with their young children, maintaining family connections and bonding.

The Programs at Boronia

Boronia offers several programs aiming at personal development and rehabilitation.

Reintegration Programs

These include programs that prepare the women for their return to society, helping them build the skills they need to find employment and reintegrate into their communities.

Therapy and Counselling Services

Therapeutic services are also provided, including drug and alcohol counselling, mental health services, and trauma-informed care.

Educational and Skill Development Programs

Women are encouraged to pursue education and skills development, with opportunities for study and vocational training.

Benefits of Boronia’s Approach to Rehabilitation

The impact of Boronia’s unique approach is clearly visible.

Reduced Recidivism Rates

One of the key indicators of success is the reduced recidivism rates among women who have been through the Boronia program.

Improved Community Reintegration

Many women have reported smoother transitions back into society, attributing this to the skills and confidence they gained at Boronia.

Criticisms and Controversies

Like any institution, Boronia isn’t without criticism or controversy. Some critics question the cost-effectiveness of such a facility and argue that a more punitive approach would be more appropriate.


In conclusion, the Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women offers a unique approach to corrections. By focusing on rehabilitation and community reintegration, it provides women with the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives.

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Q1: When was Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women established? A1: Boronia was established and officially opened in 2004.

Q2: What kind of facilities does Boronia provide? A2: Boronia provides a variety of facilities including accommodation, recreation, educational, and child care facilities.

Q3: What programs does Boronia offer for the women? A3: Boronia offers a range of programs such as reintegration programs, therapy and counselling services, and educational and skill development programs.

Q4: What are the benefits of Boronia’s approach to rehabilitation? A4: Boronia’s unique approach has led to reduced recidivism rates and improved community reintegration among women who have been through the program.

Q5: What are some criticisms of Boronia? A5: Some critics question the cost-effectiveness of such a facility and argue for a more punitive approach.

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