brewarrina yetta dhinnakkal centre

Brewarrina (Yetta Dhinnakkal) Centre: A Pioneer in Rehabilitation

Introduction to Brewarrina Centre

Imagine a place where youthful offenders not only serve their time but also learn how to turn their lives around. That’s the vision that birthed the Brewarrina (Yetta Dhinnakkal) Centre, an innovative approach to justice and rehabilitation. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? But what’s the story behind this centre?

History of the Centre

The Yetta Dhinnakkal Centre, meaning “right pathway” in the local language, was established in 2000 in Brewarrina, New South Wales, Australia. It came into existence as a response to the high rate of indigenous youth recidivism. The objective? To break the cycle of crime and give these young men a second chance at life.

The Philosophy of Yetta Dhinnakkal Centre

It’s said that philosophy determines action, and this Centre is no different. But what does this mean in practice?

Embracing Indigenous Culture

The Centre embraces a philosophy rooted in indigenous culture and tradition. The wisdom of the Elders is combined with a structured program to provide a unique form of rehabilitation.

The Unique Approach of the Centre

So, how exactly does the Brewarrina Centre stand out in its approach to rehabilitation?

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Structure of the Program

The Centre runs a two-year program where the inmates are taught life skills and given vocational training. But it doesn’t stop there.

Personal Development & Skills Training

The young men are empowered with skills such as carpentry, agriculture, and mechanics, which equip them for life after the Centre.

Health & Wellness Programs

Health and wellness are key components of the program. Participants engage in physical activities and are taught about nutrition and healthy living.

Success Stories from Brewarrina Centre

Ever heard of the saying, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’? The Centre’s success stories are proof of its effectiveness.

Turning Lives Around

There are numerous testimonials of young men who, after going through the program, have managed to turn their lives around, securing stable jobs and becoming responsible members of society.

The Impact of Brewarrina Centre on the Community

And how has the Centre impacted the community at large?

Reducing Recidivism

One of the key impacts of the Brewarrina Centre is a significant reduction in recidivism among indigenous youth.

Community Empowerment

The Centre’s philosophy also fosters a stronger and empowered community.

The Future of Brewarrina Yetta Dhinnakkal Centre

What lies in the future for this pioneer in rehabilitation?

Expansion Plans

While the Centre has made significant strides, the vision is to replicate this model in other regions, thereby reaching more young men in need of rehabilitation.


The Brewarrina (Yetta Dhinnakkal) Centre represents an innovative approach to justice and rehabilitation. By weaving indigenous wisdom into a structured program, it offers a unique pathway for youthful offenders to reshape their futures and contribute positively to society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Brewarrina (Yetta Dhinnakkal) Centre? The Brewarrina Centre is a pioneering initiative in New South Wales, Australia, aimed at rehabilitating young offenders, particularly from the indigenous community.
  2. How does the Centre’s program work? The Centre runs a two-year program that incorporates vocational training, personal development, and health & wellness.
  3. What is the philosophy of the Centre? The Centre’s philosophy is rooted in indigenous culture and tradition, creating a unique form of rehabilitation.
  4. What impact has the Centre had on the community? The Centre has significantly reduced recidivism rates among indigenous youth and fostered community empowerment.
  5. What are the future plans for the Centre? The Centre aims to expand its model to other regions, reaching more young men in need of rehabilitation.

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