buckingham correctional center

Buckingham Correctional Center

Buckingham Correctional Center, located in Dillwyn, Virginia, is a close custody institution that prioritizes the rehabilitation and well-being of its inmates. With a capacity to house up to 1,100 male offenders, Buckingham Correctional Center offers various programs and services to support the personal growth and reintegration of its residents.

The Facility

At Buckingham Correctional Center, the facilities are designed to cater to the needs of the inmates and promote a safe and secure environment. The institution consists of five housing units, a reception center, a recreation building, a dining hall, an administration building, and a warehouse. These facilities ensure that the inmates have access to essential amenities while they serve their sentences.

Vocational Programs

Buckingham Correctional Center recognizes the importance of equipping inmates with valuable skills for their future. As part of their rehabilitation process, inmates have the opportunity to enroll in vocational programs offered by the institution. These programs include electrical wiring, plumbing, and commercial food preparation. By learning these trades, inmates can gain valuable knowledge and increase their chances of successful reintegration into society.

Inmate Employment

The Virginia Correctional Enterprise program is a key initiative implemented at Buckingham Correctional Center. This program provides employment opportunities for inmates within the prison, allowing them to develop a strong work ethic and valuable job skills. Inmates at Buckingham Correctional Center can work in various areas, such as the metal shop, laundry, landscaping, custodial and building maintenance, as well as the kitchen. These employment opportunities not only contribute to the daily operations of the institution but also provide inmates with a sense of purpose and responsibility.

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Support and Treatment Programs

Buckingham Correctional Center understands the importance of addressing the diverse needs of its inmate population. To facilitate personal growth and rehabilitation, the center offers a range of support and treatment programs. Inmates have access to substance abuse treatment programs, as well as participation in Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous programs. Additionally, anger management and sex offender treatment services are available for those in need. Buckingham Correctional Center also provides a veterans support group, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by incarcerated veterans. Moreover, parenting and religious services are offered to inmates, promoting personal and spiritual development.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

Visitation at Buckingham Correctional Center is scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding visitation, the facility operates on a rotating schedule. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the institution directly at (434)-983-4400 for the current rotation.

For those who wish to correspond with inmates, please use the following mailing address:

Inmate Name, ID Number Buckingham Correctional Center P.O. Box 430 Dillwyn, VA 23936

Historical Background

Establishment of the Center

Buckingham Correctional Center, tucked in the rural countryside of Buckingham County, Virginia, has been a staple in the correctional system since its establishment in 1982. It is remarkable to consider how this institution has evolved over the past four decades.

Key Historical Events

Over the years, the Center has experienced significant events and transitions. These have shaped its operations, influencing its approach to incarceration and rehabilitation. For instance, the shift towards prioritizing educational and vocational training has been a significant game-changer in the facility’s history.

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Structure and Layout

Facility Design

The design of Buckingham Correctional Center incorporates traditional elements of correctional facility architecture, while maintaining an environment conducive to inmate rehabilitation. The facility features numerous housing units, administrative offices, visitation areas, and recreational facilities.

Accommodation Capacities

Buckingham Correctional Center, known for its large capacity, can house over 1000 inmates, making it one of the largest institutions of its kind in the region. But, is size all that matters? Let’s look at how it operates.

Operations and Administration

Management Structure

The administration of Buckingham Correctional Center is a well-oiled machine, operating under a strict hierarchy of management that includes a warden, deputy wardens, and correctional officers. Their collective aim? To maintain order and security, while fostering an environment for reform.

Policies and Procedures

The Center’s policies and procedures are in place to safeguard everyone’s rights, ensure safety, and maintain discipline. These guidelines regulate everything from inmate conduct to visitation rules. It’s like the Constitution of its microcosm society.

Rehabilitation and Reformation Programs

Educational Programs

Education is a right, even behind bars. The Center offers a wide range of educational programs, from basic literacy courses to GED preparation. All in the pursuit of equipping inmates with knowledge that can aid their reintegration into society post-release.

Vocational Training

Beyond education, the Center provides vocational training in fields such as carpentry, landscaping, and culinary arts. These skills not only keep the inmates occupied but also give them a real shot at employment upon their release.

Therapy and Counseling Services

And let’s not forget the mind. The facility offers therapy and counseling services to address the mental health needs of inmates, helping them cope with incarceration’s stressors and prepare for life outside the Center.

Community Engagement and Contributions

Inmate Work Programs

Ever heard the phrase, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime?” That’s the philosophy behind the inmate work programs at the Buckingham Correctional Center. The programs aim to instill a strong work ethic in the inmates, while also contributing to the facility’s upkeep.

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Community Outreach

Community engagement is an integral part of the Center’s operations. Through various outreach programs, Buckingham Correctional Center seeks to maintain a positive relationship with the larger community, demonstrating its commitment to meaningful rehabilitation.

Criticisms and Challenges

Notable Incidents

Like any institution, Buckingham Correctional Center has had its fair share of controversies and incidents. These instances have prompted necessary reforms, highlighting the need for constant vigilance and proactive measures in correctional management.


Public criticism and controversies have often revolved around issues such as overcrowding, living conditions, and concerns about inmate treatment. These have sparked debates on prison reform and have, in turn, led to changes in the facility’s operations and policies.

The Future of Buckingham Correctional Center

As we look to the future, the Buckingham Correctional Center continues to evolve, striving for improved conditions, better rehabilitation programs, and effective reintegration strategies. Will it succeed? Time will be the judge.


The Buckingham Correctional Center, a pivotal institution within Virginia’s correctional system, is more than just a facility. It’s a microcosm of society that strives for reform and rehabilitation amidst the challenges of incarceration. While it may have had its share of controversies, the Center’s commitment to its mission is unwavering: to provide a secure, structured environment that fosters positive change in the lives of its inmates.


  1. When was the Buckingham Correctional Center established?
    • The Center was established in 1982.
  2. What types of programs does the Buckingham Correctional Center offer to inmates?
    • The Center offers educational programs, vocational training, therapy and counseling services, and inmate work programs.
  3. What is the capacity of the Buckingham Correctional Center?
    • The Buckingham Correctional Center can house over 1000 inmates.
  4. What are some of the controversies associated with the Buckingham Correctional Center?
    • Controversies often revolve around issues such as overcrowding, living conditions, and concerns about inmate treatment.
  5. What is the mission of the Buckingham Correctional Center?
    • The Center’s mission is to provide a secure, structured environment that fosters positive change in the lives of its inmates.

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