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C.A. Holliday Unit

The Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit is a correctional facility that plays a crucial role in rehabilitating offenders and providing them with the necessary tools for successful reintegration into society. Located at 295 N Fwy Service Rd, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States. The facility offers various programs and services aimed at transforming the lives of its inmates. In this article, we will explore the history, programs, challenges, and impact of the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit.

Visiting Holliday Unit Transfer Facility

If you’re considering visiting a loved one at Holliday Transfer Unit, here’s what you need to know:

  • Visiting Hours: Inmates at Holliday Transfer Unit have visitation on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am to 5 pm. Visits can last up to two hours. The custody status of the inmate will determine whether the visit is contact or non-contact. Visitors can bring a clear Ziploc bag with up to $20 in quarters to purchase items from the vending machines, helping to make the visit more comfortable.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or concerns, you can reach out to Holliday Unit Transfer Facility at:

  • Physical Address: Holliday Transfer Facility, 295 IH-45 North, Huntsville, TX 77320-8443
  • Telephone: (936)-295-8200 (092)
  • Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number, Holliday Transfer Facility, 295 IH-45 North, Huntsville, TX 77320-8443
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Introduction paragraph engaging the reader with the importance of inmate rehabilitation and the significance of the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit in achieving this goal.

History of Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit

In this section, we will delve into the history of the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit. Discuss its establishment, key milestones, and the vision of Reverend C.A. Holliday in creating a facility focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Location and Facilities

Describe the location of the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit, highlighting its surroundings and any unique aspects of the facility. Discuss the infrastructure and amenities available to the inmates, ensuring a humane and secure environment.

Inmate Programs and Services

Rehabilitation Programs

Explain the various rehabilitation programs offered at the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit. These may include substance abuse treatment, anger management, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other evidence-based programs aimed at addressing the root causes of criminal behavior.

Educational Opportunities

Highlight the educational opportunities available to inmates, such as GED programs, vocational courses, and higher education partnerships. Emphasize the importance of education in reducing recidivism and promoting a successful reentry into society.

Vocational Training

Discuss the vocational training programs provided at the facility. These programs equip inmates with valuable skills and certifications that can enhance their employability upon release. Mention specific vocational areas like carpentry, culinary arts, welding, and more.

Religious Services

Explore the religious services offered to inmates, catering to a diverse range of spiritual beliefs. Discuss the role of chaplains and the importance of faith-based support in the rehabilitation process.

Staff and Security

Provide an overview of the staff members working at the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit. Discuss their qualifications, training, and dedication to the mission of inmate rehabilitation. Highlight the facility’s security measures and protocols to ensure a safe environment for both staff and inmates.

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Inmate Life and Daily Routine

Describe the daily routine followed by inmates at the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit. Discuss the structure of their days, including work assignments, educational classes, recreational activities, and personal development opportunities. Emphasize the importance of routine in fostering discipline and positive behavior.

Challenges and Issues Faced by the Facility

Acknowledge the challenges and issues that the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit faces in its mission to rehabilitate inmates. Address issues such as overcrowding, limited resources, and the complex nature of individual rehabilitation journeys. Discuss how the facility actively addresses these challenges and continuously strives for improvement.

Impact on the Community

Explain the positive impact of the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit on the community. Discuss how successful inmate rehabilitation leads to reduced recidivism rates, making the community safer. Highlight any community outreach programs or partnerships that promote a smooth transition for released inmates.

Success Stories and Rehabilitation Outcomes

Share success stories of individuals who have been through the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit’s rehabilitation programs. Emphasize their transformation, personal growth, and successful reintegration into society. Use real-life examples to illustrate the effectiveness of the facility’s approach.

Criticisms and Controversies

Acknowledge any criticisms or controversies surrounding the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit. Discuss potential concerns raised by critics, but also provide a balanced perspective by addressing how the facility addresses and learns from such feedback to continuously improve its programs and services.

Future Plans and Improvements

Outline the future plans and improvements envisioned for the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit. Discuss any upcoming initiatives, technological advancements, or partnerships that aim to enhance the facility’s rehabilitation programs and overall effectiveness.

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In conclusion, the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of inmate rehabilitation. Through its history, dedicated staff, comprehensive programs, and community impact, it strives to transform lives and provide offenders with a second chance. By focusing on rehabilitation rather than mere punishment, the facility plays a vital role in fostering a safer society.


Q: What is the purpose of Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit?

The purpose of the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit is to rehabilitate offenders and provide them with the necessary tools and opportunities to reintegrate successfully into society. The facility aims to address the root causes of criminal behavior and support individuals in their journey towards positive change.

Q: How does the facility support inmate rehabilitation?

The facility supports inmate rehabilitation through a comprehensive range of programs and services. These include rehabilitation programs, educational opportunities, vocational training, and religious services. By addressing the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of inmates, the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit promotes holistic rehabilitation.

Q: Are there any recreational activities available for inmates?

Yes, the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit recognizes the importance of recreational activities in promoting overall well-being and positive behavior among inmates. The facility provides opportunities for physical exercise, sports, arts and crafts, and other recreational activities to enhance personal development and social interaction.

Q: How does the facility ensure security and safety?

The Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit maintains strict security measures to ensure the safety of both staff and inmates. These measures include surveillance systems, controlled access points, regular security checks, and well-trained staff who are vigilant in maintaining a secure environment.

Q: Can family members visit the inmates?

Yes, the Reverend C.A. Holliday Unit understands the significance of family support in the rehabilitation process. The facility allows scheduled visitation for approved family members, providing an opportunity for inmates to maintain connections with their loved ones and foster a support network for their reintegration into society.

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