caswell correctional center

Caswell Correctional Center

Caswell Correctional Center, situated in Blanch, North Carolina, is a reputable medium-security prison dedicated to the housing and rehabilitation of 460 adult male offenders. This facility not only ensures the safety and security of the inmates but also offers them various opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Let’s explore the valuable services and programs provided by Caswell Correctional Center.

Rehabilitation and Work Programs

Vocational Training for Inmates

At Caswell Correctional Center, inmates have access to a range of vocational training programs. These programs are designed to equip offenders with valuable skills that can contribute to their successful reintegration into society upon release. Some of the vocational training options available include HVAC, welding, horticulture, and industrial maintenance.

By participating in these programs, inmates can gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience in their chosen fields. This training not only enhances their employment prospects but also instills a sense of purpose and self-worth. Caswell Correctional Center aims to empower inmates by equipping them with marketable skills that can lead to meaningful employment opportunities.

Work Details and Community Service

Inmates at Caswell Correctional Center can actively participate in work details that benefit both the institution and the surrounding community. One such opportunity is joining the road crews supervised by armed personnel, which collaborate with the Department of Transportation. These crews primarily focus on road clearance and maintenance, ensuring safe and accessible roadways for everyone.

Moreover, inmates may be involved in essential tasks such as kitchen duties and building/custodial maintenance within the correctional facility. By engaging in these activities, inmates develop a strong work ethic, learn valuable skills, and contribute to the smooth functioning of the institution.

Visitation and Contact Information

Visiting Hours and Guidelines

Caswell Correctional Center allows visitation for family and friends of the inmates, fostering crucial connections and support systems. Visiting hours are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 11 am and from 1 pm to 3 pm. It’s important to note that the visitation schedule operates on a rotating basis, determined by the first letter of the inmate’s last name.

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To ensure you have the most up-to-date information on the visitation schedule, it is recommended to contact the institution directly. For inquiries regarding visitation, please call (336)-694-4531 and request to speak with the visitation coordinator. The staff will provide you with the necessary details and guide you through the visitation process.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or correspondence related to inmates at Caswell Correctional Center, please use the following mailing address:

Inmate Name, ID Number Caswell Correctional Center Box 217 Yanceyville, NC 27379

In case you need to reach the institution via phone, the contact number is (336)-694-4531.

History and Background of Caswell Correctional Center

Established in [year], Caswell Correctional Center has a rich history in the region. Originally built to address the growing need for prison facilities, it has undergone several expansions and renovations over the years. Today, it stands as a modern correctional facility equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge security measures.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Security Measures

Caswell Correctional Center employs a comprehensive range of security measures to ensure the safety of both inmates and staff. This includes strict access control, perimeter fencing, surveillance systems, and trained security personnel. These measures are continuously updated to adapt to changing security needs and advancements in technology.

Housing Units

The facility consists of various housing units that cater to different security levels and inmate classifications. From maximum-security units for high-risk inmates to minimum-security dormitories for those nearing the end of their sentences, Caswell Correctional Center provides appropriate housing options while maintaining a secure environment.

Inmate Services and Rehabilitation Programs

The well-being and rehabilitation of inmates are core priorities at Caswell Correctional Center. The facility offers a range of services and programs aimed at addressing the diverse needs of the incarcerated population.

Healthcare Services

In collaboration with medical professionals, Caswell Correctional Center provides comprehensive healthcare services to inmates. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, the facility ensures that inmates receive necessary medical attention. Additionally, mental health services are available to address the psychological well-being of the incarcerated individuals.

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Recognizing the prevalence of substance abuse among the incarcerated population, Caswell Correctional Center offers substance abuse treatment programs. These programs aim to address addiction issues, facilitate recovery, and equip inmates with the necessary tools to lead a substance-free life upon release.

Educational Opportunities

Caswell Correctional Center places great emphasis on education and provides educational opportunities to inmates. Through partnerships with educational institutions, inmates can earn high school diplomas or pursue vocational courses. These initiatives help inmates develop skills, increase their employability, and foster personal growth.

Staff and Security Personnel

The dedicated staff and security personnel at Caswell Correctional Center play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and secure environment. They undergo rigorous training and possess the necessary qualifications to fulfill their responsibilities effectively. Their commitment to inmate welfare and security ensures the smooth operation of the facility.

Recreational and Leisure Activities

Caswell Correctional Center recognizes the importance of recreational and leisure activities in promoting inmate well-being and reducing recidivism. The facility provides sports facilities, a well-stocked library, and access to educational resources. Moreover, religious services are available to cater to the spiritual needs of the inmates.

Inmate Safety and Security

Ensuring inmate safety and security is of paramount importance at Caswell Correctional Center. The facility has established disciplinary procedures to maintain order and address any violations of rules and regulations. Furthermore, proactive measures are taken to manage gang-related activities and control the introduction of contraband within the facility.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Caswell Correctional Center actively engages with the community and fosters partnerships with local organizations. Reentry programs are in place to facilitate successful transitions for inmates upon their release. Community outreach initiatives aim to raise awareness, dispel myths, and promote understanding about the correctional system.

Success Stories and Rehabilitation Outcomes

Caswell Correctional Center has witnessed numerous success stories where inmates have successfully reintegrated into society. Through the provision of comprehensive rehabilitation programs and dedicated support, individuals leaving the facility have a better chance of leading productive and law-abiding lives.

Challenges and Future Improvements

While Caswell Correctional Center has made significant strides in inmate rehabilitation, challenges persist. Overcrowding, limited resources, and the ever-evolving landscape of the criminal justice system present ongoing challenges. The facility is committed to addressing these issues and continually seeks improvements to enhance the effectiveness of its programs and services.

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Caswell Correctional Center stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to provide a secure and rehabilitative environment for incarcerated individuals. With a focus on inmate welfare, safety, and rehabilitation, the facility offers a range of services and programs to address the diverse needs of its population. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, Caswell Correctional Center strives to promote successful reentry and reduce recidivism, ultimately contributing to a safer and more inclusive society.


FAQ 1: How can families stay in touch with inmates at Caswell Correctional Center?

Caswell Correctional Center understands the importance of maintaining family connections during incarceration. Families can stay in touch through scheduled visitation sessions, phone calls, and written correspondence. Detailed guidelines and visitation schedules are provided to ensure smooth communication while adhering to security protocols.

FAQ 2: What steps are taken to ensure the safety of inmates and staff?

The safety of inmates and staff is a top priority at Caswell Correctional Center. Stringent security measures, such as access control, surveillance systems, and trained security personnel, are in place to maintain a secure environment. Additionally, regular training programs, emergency response protocols, and strict disciplinary procedures contribute to overall safety within the facility.

FAQ 3: Are there any support programs for inmates upon their release?

Caswell Correctional Center recognizes the importance of successful reentry into society. To support inmates upon their release, the facility offers various programs and resources. These may include assistance with job placement, housing, substance abuse counseling, and access to community support networks. By providing comprehensive support, the facility aims to promote successful reintegration and reduce recidivism rates.

FAQ 4: Are educational programs available for inmates at Caswell Correctional Center?

Yes, Caswell Correctional Center offers educational opportunities to inmates. Through partnerships with educational institutions, inmates have the opportunity to earn high school diplomas or pursue vocational courses. These programs aim to equip inmates with valuable skills and knowledge, increasing their chances of finding employment and leading productive lives upon release.

FAQ 5: How does Caswell Correctional Center ensure the successful rehabilitation of inmates?

Caswell Correctional Center employs a comprehensive approach to inmate rehabilitation. By providing access to healthcare services, mental health programs, substance abuse treatment, and educational opportunities, the facility addresses the diverse needs of the incarcerated population. Additionally, the staff and security personnel play a vital role in creating a safe and supportive environment for inmates, while community engagement and partnerships contribute to successful reentry outcomes.

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