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Exploring Catawba Pre-Release Center: A Glimpse into a Level 1A Facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina

When it comes to understanding the corrections system in the United States, it’s essential to delve into the specifics of various correctional facilities. One such facility that warrants attention is the Catawba Pre-Release Center, nestled in the serene city of Rock Hill, South Carolina. In this article, we will embark on a comprehensive journey to explore the nuances of this institution, shedding light on its purpose, facilities, and the services it provides to inmates.

Unveiling Catawba Pre-Release Center

A Level 1A Facility

Catawba Pre-Release Center operates as a level 1A facility, signifying its classification as a minimum-security, community-based institution. This categorization is crucial, as it indicates that the facility primarily houses non-violent offenders. But there’s more to the story than just this classification.

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Inmates on the Brink of Freedom

Intriguingly, Catawba Pre-Release Center is specifically designed for inmates who are within 36 months of their impending release. This unique characteristic sets the facility apart, as it focuses on preparing inmates for their eventual reintegration into society.

Living Arrangements

As we delve further, it’s noteworthy that most inmates at Catawba Pre-Release Center are housed in double bunks and open bay dormitories. This arrangement fosters a sense of community among the inmates while maintaining security standards.

Capacity Matters

At present, Catawba Pre-Release Center has a capacity to accommodate 188 inmates. This ensures that the facility operates efficiently and can provide individualized attention to those in its care.

A Program and Work-Oriented Approach

Catawba Pre-Release Center doesn’t just confine its inmates; it actively engages them in programs and work opportunities that benefit both the inmates and the surrounding communities.

Labor for the Community

Inmates at Catawba Pre-Release Center have the opportunity to work on various crews that provide valuable labor to the surrounding communities. This includes assignments with the Department of Parks and Recreation, where they contribute to maintaining local parks and recreational areas.

Keeping the Highways Clean

Additionally, some inmates participate in road crews that play a pivotal role in cleaning litter and debris from area highways. This not only serves as a constructive way for inmates to give back but also contributes to the cleanliness and aesthetics of the region.

Access to Medical Care

Medical care is a fundamental aspect of any correctional facility. At Catawba Pre-Release Center, medical services are provided through the nearby Kershaw Correctional Institution, ensuring that the healthcare needs of inmates are met.

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Rehabilitation and Counseling

Recognizing the importance of rehabilitation, Catawba Pre-Release Center offers substance abuse training and pre-release counseling during the inmates’ incarceration. These programs are vital in helping inmates address underlying issues and prepare for their eventual return to society.

Visiting Catawba Pre-Release Center

For families and friends looking to visit their loved ones at Catawba Pre-Release Center, here are some important details:

Visiting Hours

Visitation at the facility takes place on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm to 4 pm. This offers a window of opportunity for inmates to connect with their support systems.

Location Matters

The physical address of Catawba Pre-Release Center is:

1030 Milling Road Rock Hill, SC 29730

Contact Information

For inquiries and communication, you can reach out to the facility at the following telephone numbers:

  • Main Line: (803)-324-5361
  • Department of Corrections: (803)-734-9946

Mailing Inmates

To send mail to inmates at Catawba Pre-Release Center, please use the following address format:

Inmate Name, ID Number Catawba Pre-Release Center 1030 Milling Road Rock Hill, SC 29730


In conclusion, Catawba Pre-Release Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina, serves as a vital institution within the state’s corrections system. With its focus on preparing non-violent offenders for reintegration into society, its work-oriented approach, and access to essential services, it plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation and transformation of its inmates.

For those looking to visit or communicate with inmates at this facility, the provided information should prove useful in making the process more accessible and efficient.


1. Is Catawba Pre-Release Center only for non-violent offenders?

No, Catawba Pre-Release Center primarily houses non-violent offenders, but it may also have inmates with different offense histories based on individual cases and classifications.

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2. How can I schedule a visit to Catawba Pre-Release Center?

Visitation at Catawba Pre-Release Center occurs on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm to 4 pm. You can contact the facility directly for more information and to schedule a visit.

3. What services are available for inmates at Catawba Pre-Release Center?

Inmates at Catawba Pre-Release Center have access to substance abuse training, pre-release counseling, medical care, and various work opportunities that benefit the community.

4. Can I send packages to inmates at Catawba Pre-Release Center?

Typically, correctional facilities have specific guidelines for sending packages to inmates. It’s advisable to check with the facility directly for their policies on inmate packages.

5. How can I stay updated on any changes or updates related to Catawba Pre-Release Center?

For the latest information and updates concerning Catawba Pre-Release Center, you can refer to the official website of the South Carolina Department of Corrections or contact the facility directly for specific inquiries.

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