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Coastal State Prison: An Insight

Visiting Coastal State Prison

If you’re interested in visiting an inmate at Coastal State Prison, here are some essential details:

  • Visiting Hours: Visiting is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, and state holidays from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • Physical Address: Coastal State Prison, 200 Gulf Stream Road, Garden City, GA 31418.
  • Telephone: You can reach the prison at (912)-965-6330.
  • Inmate Mailing Address: When sending mail to an inmate, make sure to include their name and ID number, along with the prison’s address: Coastal State Prison, P.O. Box 7150, Garden City, GA 31418.


Delve into the world of corrections with this comprehensive look at the Coastal State Prison. This facility, nestled on the coastline, is a testament to the balance of stern security and the potential for inmate rehabilitation. But what makes this prison stand out? Let’s discover.

History of Coastal State Prison


Established several decades ago, Coastal State Prison was designed to manage the increasing rate of incarceration. The prison, with its austere facade, symbolizes law and order.

Significant Events

Over the years, Coastal State Prison has witnessed numerous significant events, from peaceful protests to riots. These events have shaped its policies and procedures, ensuring its evolution to maintain peace and security.

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Facilities and Structure

Inmate Capacity

The prison is structured to accommodate a significant number of inmates, each with their assigned cell. The capacity is regulated to prevent overcrowding, which ensures a more humane and manageable living environment.

Facility Infrastructure

The facility boasts a robust infrastructure, including housing units, recreational areas, and administrative offices. This layout is designed to facilitate the daily operations and maintain the prison’s order.

Security Measures

Security Levels

Coastal State Prison is equipped with high-level security measures. With multiple levels of security, from minimum to maximum, it can accommodate inmates with different custody levels.

Inmate Safety

Inmate safety is a top priority. The prison has a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and provides healthcare services to ensure inmate wellbeing.

Rehabilitation and Programs

Educational Opportunities

Education is the key to rehabilitation. Coastal State Prison provides various educational programs, including GED completion and college courses, aiding inmates in building a better future.

Vocational Training

Vocational programs are integral to inmate rehabilitation. From carpentry to computer skills, these programs equip inmates with practical skills for life post-release.

Therapeutic Programs

Mental health is not neglected. Therapeutic programs, including counseling and group therapy, are available to support inmates’ emotional wellbeing.

The Life of Inmates

Daily Routine

A typical day in Coastal State Prison is structured around meals, work assignments, and recreational time. This routine provides stability and order within the prison environment.

Rights and Privileges

Despite being incarcerated, inmates retain certain rights and privileges. These include the right to healthcare, communication with the outside world, and access to legal counsel.

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Coastal State Prison serves as more than just a correctional facility. It is a space that balances security, order, and rehabilitation. With a clear understanding of the structure, programs, and life within Coastal State Prison, it becomes evident that incarceration is not just about punishment, but also about providing opportunities for growth and change.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum capacity of Coastal State Prison?
    • The maximum capacity is subject to change due to various factors, including facility modifications and policy changes.
  2. What type of security measures does Coastal State Prison have?
    • Coastal State Prison is equipped with multiple levels of security measures, including surveillance systems, trained security personnel, and strict procedural protocols.
  3. What educational programs are available to inmates at Coastal State Prison?
    • Inmates have access to a variety of educational programs, ranging from GED completion to specific college courses.
  4. Do inmates have a set daily routine at Coastal State Prison?
    • Yes, inmates follow a structured daily routine that includes meals, work assignments, and recreational time.
  5. What rights do inmates have at Coastal State Prison?
    • Inmates retain certain rights, such as access to healthcare, communication with the outside world, and legal counsel.

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