deer ridge correctional institution

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution, situated in Madras, Oregon, is a state-of-the-art medium/minimum security prison that stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to inmate rehabilitation. Since its completion in 2008, it has served as a progressive correctional facility, accommodating both minimum security inmates and medium security offenders in separate structures. With a capacity to house up to 774 minimum security inmates and 1,228 medium security offenders, Deer Ridge Correctional Institution boasts modern infrastructure and cutting-edge programs designed to facilitate positive change.

Education Programs Empowering Inmates at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution

At Deer Ridge Correctional Institution, the focus extends beyond confinement to provide inmates with opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Emphasizing the significance of education, the institution encourages inmates to participate in comprehensive programs that enable them to earn a General Educational Development (GED) credential. By equipping individuals with essential knowledge and academic qualifications, Deer Ridge Correctional Institution paves the way for their successful reintegration into society.

Holistic Approach: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Recognizing the multifaceted challenges faced by inmates, Deer Ridge Correctional Institution places a strong emphasis on addressing mental health and substance abuse issues. In addition to educational initiatives, the institution provides dedicated programs to assist offenders in overcoming these hurdles. By offering mental health services and substance abuse treatment, Deer Ridge Correctional Institution supports inmates in their journey towards rehabilitation and a brighter future.

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Empowering Inmates Through Work Programs

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution operates work programs that serve a dual purpose: empowering inmates and contributing to the community. Inmates are engaged in various supportive roles within the institution, providing them with valuable skills and responsibilities. Moreover, these work programs offer opportunities for inmates to work under supervision for county and state agencies, thereby serving as a supervised labor force. By actively participating in work programs, inmates gain work experience and develop a sense of purpose, fostering personal growth and enhancing their prospects upon release.

Visiting Hours: Building and Maintaining Relationships

Maintaining strong connections with loved ones is crucial for the well-being and successful reintegration of inmates. Deer Ridge Correctional Institution understands this and facilitates regular visitation opportunities. Visitors are welcome on Fridays from 7pm to 9pm, as well as on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from 7:15am to 10:15am and from 1pm to 4pm. Additionally, the institution offers a unique program called the ‘Visiting Room Homework Program’ every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. This program allows children of inmates to bring their homework assignments during visitation and complete them with their fathers. For further details about the visiting room homework program, please contact the facility directly.

Contact Information for Deer Ridge Correctional Institution

For any inquiries or correspondence, the following contact details will be helpful:

Physical Address: Deer Ridge Correctional Institution 3920 East Ashwood Road Madras, Oregon 97741

Telephone: (541)-325-5999

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Deer Ridge Correctional Institution 3920 East Ashwood Road Madras, Oregon 97741

Structure and Facilities

The facility at Deer Ridge is comprised of multiple cell blocks, each designed to meet the specific needs of the inmate population. In addition to housing, the institution also provides a variety of recreational areas for inmates, including outdoor sports fields and indoor exercise rooms. Health care services, including medical and dental care, are also available on site.

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Security Measures

The safety and security of the institution and its staff is a top priority. The perimeter of the facility is secured by multiple layers of fencing and electronic surveillance, and all inmate movements are closely monitored. Inmate control is maintained through a combination of security personnel, technology, and a strict set of rules and procedures.

Programs and Services

One of the key goals of Deer Ridge is to provide inmates with opportunities for personal growth and development. To that end, the institution offers a range of programs and services, including education and job training, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and religious services. These programs are designed to help inmates prepare for reentry into society and lead productive lives.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite the many positive aspects of Deer Ridge, the institution has faced its share of controversies and criticisms over the years. One of the main issues has been the use of solitary confinement, which has been criticized by human rights organizations as a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Overcrowding has also been a persistent problem, leading to concerns about the safety and well-being of inmates and staff. There have also been allegations of abuse by staff, which have led to calls for increased oversight and accountability.

Reform Efforts

In recent years, there have been a number of efforts to reform Deer Ridge and address the issues facing the institution. New policies and procedures have been put in place to reduce the use of solitary confinement, and the institution has been working closely with community organizations to expand rehabilitation programs and support reentry into society. Despite these efforts, however, much work remains to be done to address the challenges facing Deer Ridge and ensure that it is a safe and effective and effective facility for all those involved.

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Conclusion and Future Outlook

In conclusion, Deer Ridge Correctional Institution is a complex and important institution that plays a critical role in the criminal justice system of Oregon. Despite its challenges, the institution has made significant progress in recent years in areas such as security, rehabilitation, and reentry support. However, there is still much work to be done to ensure that the institution is safe, effective, and fair for all those involved. The future of Deer Ridge will depend on the continued commitment of its staff, the support of the community, and the determination of its leaders to address the challenges and pursue positive change.


  1. What is Deer Ridge Correctional Institution? Deer Ridge Correctional Institution is a state-run facility located in Madras, Oregon, that provides secure housing for adult male inmates.
  2. How is the security maintained at Deer Ridge? The security of the institution is maintained through a combination of perimeter fencing, electronic surveillance, and strict rules and procedures. Inmate movements are closely monitored to ensure the safety of both inmates and staff.
  3. What programs and services are available to inmates? Inmates at Deer Ridge have access to a range of programs and services, including education and job training, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and religious services. These programs are designed to help inmates prepare for reentry into society.
  4. What have been some controversies at Deer Ridge? Some of the controversies at Deer Ridge have included the use of solitary confinement, overcrowding, and allegations of abuse by staff.
  5. What efforts are being made to reform Deer Ridge? Efforts to reform Deer Ridge have included the implementation of new policies and procedures, the expansion of rehabilitation programs, and collaboration with community organizations. The goal of these efforts is to ensure that the institution is safe, effective, and fair for all those involved.

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