Dickinsons Young Unit

Exploring Young Medical Facility: A Closer Look at Dickinson’s Young Unit

Young Medical Facility, colloquially known as Young Unit, is a unique correctional institution situated in Dickinson, Texas, within Galveston County. Established in 1996, it serves as a minimum custody medical correctional facility, catering to both male and female offenders. This comprehensive guide delves into the workings of Young Unit, its facilities, programs, and much more, providing a holistic view of this vital institution.

Understanding Young Unit’s Capacity

Young Unit boasts a commendable capacity, capable of accommodating around 455 inmates. Within this, 314 inmates reside in the main unit, while 141 others find their place in the medical facility. The inmates at Young Unit span various categories, including G1 and G2 offenders, as well as those in need of specialized medical treatment. Additionally, a small group of Trustee inmates assists in the daily operations of the unit.

Unique Housing Arrangements

One of the distinctive aspects of Young Medical Facility is its inpatient pod-style infirmary. Female offenders, in particular, find themselves in three dormitories. Two of these, Dorms A and B, are reserved for female inmates requiring medical attention, while Dormitory C houses female workers contributing to maintenance and daily operations.

Limited but Impactful Programs

Young Unit’s specialized nature translates into a limited array of programs. However, the programs on offer are impactful and cater to the unique needs of the inmates. Educational opportunities include literacy programs, adult basic education, GED courses, and the CHANGES pre-release program, which assists in inmates’ reintegration into society. Inmates can also be assigned various work details, encompassing facility maintenance, landscaping, and other roles that facilitate the unit’s daily operations. Notably, Young Unit houses the BAMBI program, a mother-baby bonding initiative, as well as substance abuse education, parenting training, victim awareness, and life skills courses.

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Visiting Hours and Contacts

For families and friends wishing to visit inmates at Young Medical Facility, it’s essential to be aware of the visiting hours. Inmates under general care have visitation hours on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm. However, offenders classified as critically ill or under hospice care can receive visits daily by appointment; it is advisable to contact the facility directly to schedule these visits. All visits at Young Unit are contact visits, fostering essential connections between inmates and their loved ones.

Facility Details

For those intending to reach Young Unit, here are the crucial details:

Physical Address: Young Unit 5509 Attwater Ave. Dickinson, TX 77539

Telephone: (409)-948-0001

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, TDCJ ID Number Young Medical Facility 5509 Attwater Ave. Dickinson, TX 77539


Young Medical Facility, or Young Unit, plays a vital role in the correctional system of Dickinson, Texas. With its specialized approach to housing and rehabilitating inmates, it strives to provide necessary support and education to those within its walls. Through limited yet impactful programs, it aims to equip inmates with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful reintegration into society. Visitation policies ensure that inmates maintain essential connections with their loved ones, fostering hope and rehabilitation. Young Medical Facility stands as a testament to the commitment to rehabilitation within the correctional system.


Who is eligible for visits at Young Medical Facility?

Inmates under general care are eligible for visits on Saturdays and Sundays. Critically ill or hospice care inmates can receive visits daily by appointment.

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What educational programs are available at Young Unit?

Young Unit offers a range of educational programs, including literacy, adult basic education, GED courses, and the CHANGES pre-release program.

Are there job opportunities for inmates at Young Unit?

Yes, inmates can be assigned work details that include facility maintenance, landscaping, and other roles contributing to daily operations.

What is the BAMBI program at Young Unit?

The BAMBI program is a mother-baby bonding initiative aimed at fostering connections between incarcerated mothers and their infants.

How can I contact Young Medical Facility for more information?

You can reach Young Unit at (409)-948-0001 for inquiries and visitation scheduling.

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