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Exploring Draper Prison in Utah: A Comprehensive Overview

If you’re curious about the Draper prison in Utah and its various satellite facilities, you’ve come to the right place. In this in-depth article, we’ll delve into the details of Draper prison, including its satellite facilities, inmate population, programs offered, custody levels, and even its historical significance as the temporary home of the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Understanding Draper Prison and Its Satellite Facilities

1. Introduction to Draper Prison

Draper prison, located in Utah, consists of several satellite facilities, each serving a unique purpose within the correctional system. Let’s explore these facilities in detail.

2. Oquirrhs: A Vital Component

One of the satellite facilities within Draper prison is Oquirrhs. We’ll discuss its role and significance in the overall prison complex.

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3. Wasatch: Another Key Component

Wasatch is another essential facility within Draper prison. We’ll uncover its purpose and the types of inmates it houses.

4. Special Services Dormitory: Catering to Special Needs

Draper prison also houses a Special Services Dormitory. We’ll examine the specialized services it offers to inmates.

5. Uintas: A Unique Facility

What sets Uintas apart from the other satellite facilities at Draper prison? Let’s find out.

6. Olympus: The Godly Facility

Olympus, another satellite facility, plays a crucial role in the overall prison system. We’ll explore its functions.

7. Timpanogos: A Part of the Puzzle

Timpanogos is another piece of the Draper prison complex. We’ll uncover its purpose and operations.

8. Promontory: A Prominent Facility

Promontory is a significant facility within Draper prison. We’ll discuss its inmate population and programs.

9. Lone Peak: The Final Piece

Last but not least, we have Lone Peak. Let’s dive into what makes this facility unique.

The Inmate Population at Draper Prison

10. Diversity in Custody Levels

At Draper prison, inmates span a wide range of custody levels, from minimum security to maximum security, including Death Row inmates.

11. Gender-Separated Units

Unlike some prisons, Draper segregates men and women into separate units. We’ll explore the reasoning behind this arrangement.

12. Ted Bundy’s Stint at Draper Prison

One of the most infamous inmates to have been housed at Draper prison was Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer. We’ll delve into his time here and his eventual extradition to Colorado.

Inmate Programs and Services

13. Vocational Training Opportunities

Draper prison offers a variety of inmate programs, including hands-on vocational training. We’ll highlight the importance of these programs in inmate rehabilitation.

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14. Education Behind Bars

Inmates at Draper have access to high school education and even the opportunity to earn degrees. We’ll discuss the benefits of education within the prison system.

15. Tackling Substance Abuse and Sex Offender Treatment

Another critical aspect of Draper’s inmate services is substance abuse treatment and programs for sex offenders. We’ll examine the significance of these services in reducing recidivism.

Visiting Draper Prison

16. Rotating Visiting Hours

If you plan to visit an inmate at Draper Correctional Facility, it’s essential to understand the rotating visiting hours. We’ll guide you on where to find the most current visiting schedules.

Contact Information

17. Physical Address

Should you need to contact Draper prison or send mail to an inmate, we provide you with the prison’s physical address:

Draper Prison 14425 Bitterbrush Lane Draper, Utah 84020

18. Telephone Contact

For inquiries and communication, you can reach Draper prison at:

Telephone: 801-576-7000

19. Mailing Address

When sending mail to an inmate at Draper prison, it’s crucial to use the correct format. We provide you with the inmate mailing address:

Inmate’s Name, ID Number Utah State Prison P.O. Box 250 Draper, UT 84020


In conclusion, Draper prison in Utah is a complex correctional facility comprising various satellite units, serving both male and female inmates with diverse custody levels. The prison offers essential inmate programs and services, emphasizing rehabilitation and education. Additionally, its historical significance, including housing infamous inmates like Ted Bundy, adds a unique layer to its legacy.

For those interested in visiting or contacting Draper prison, we’ve provided the necessary information above. Feel free to explore this intriguing institution from a distance while respecting the rules and regulations in place.

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Can I visit Draper prison without prior authorization?

No, visiting Draper prison requires adherence to specific protocols and schedules. Refer to the provided visiting hours for guidance.

What types of vocational training are available for inmates at Draper?

Inmates at Draper prison can access a wide range of vocational training programs, including carpentry, welding, and culinary arts.

Are there any restrictions on inmate mail at Draper prison?

Yes, there are restrictions on inmate mail, including content and size limitations. Be sure to follow the guidelines provided by the prison.

Is Draper prison open to public tours?

Generally, Draper prison does not offer public tours. Access is typically limited to authorized personnel and visitors.

How can I stay updated on changes in visiting schedules at Draper prison?

To stay informed about visiting schedule changes, regularly check the most current visiting schedules on the official prison website.

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