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Exploring Eden Detention Center in Concho County, Texas

In the heart of Concho County, Texas, lies the Eden Detention Center, a correctional institution managed by the private corporation known as CCA, or Corrections Corporation America. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the details of this facility, shedding light on its purpose, operations, and visitor information.

Understanding Eden Detention Center

The Eden Detention Center functions as a low-security institution, primarily housing federal male offenders. As of the latest data, it accommodates 139 inmates, with a maximum capacity for 1,422 individuals. This facility plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system, offering a controlled environment for the rehabilitation and containment of those who have committed federal offenses.

Visiting Hours and Guidelines

For those who wish to visit an inmate at Eden Detention Center, it’s essential to be aware of the visiting hours and guidelines that ensure a smooth and secure process.

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Visiting Schedule

Visits at Eden Detention Center are scheduled on weekends and federal holidays. To maintain order and facilitate visits, a specific cycle is followed for the dormitories. Each weekend, one particular dormitory is designated for visitations. However, please note that this cycle does not apply on holidays, when visitations may have different arrangements.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours at the facility are from 8:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. This timeframe allows family and friends to spend quality time with their loved ones while adhering to the facility’s regulations.

Visitor Approval

To visit an inmate, you must be on the prisoner’s approved visiting list. Inmates are allowed to have up to 20 proposed visitors on their visiting list. It’s crucial to ensure that you are on this list to avoid any complications during your visit.

Number of Visitors

Each inmate can have no more than four visitors at once, including children. This limitation is in place to maintain a manageable and safe environment for both inmates and visitors.

Identification Requirements

For visitors who are 18 years or older, photo identification is mandatory to enter the visiting room. This requirement helps ensure the security of the facility and the individuals inside.

Refreshments and Personal Items

Visitors can bring up to $20 for refreshments at the vending machine within the facility. It’s important to note that this money must be kept in a small, clear plastic clutch or wallet for security purposes. Additionally, if you are visiting with a small child, you can bring along one bottle of milk, one bottle of juice, one blanket, and two diapers to attend to their needs during the visit.

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Location and Contact Information

If you plan to visit Eden Detention Center or need to contact them for any reason, here is their physical address and telephone number:

Physical Address: Eden Detention Center 702 East Broadway Eden, Texas 76837

Telephone: (325)-869-2704

Inmate Correspondence

If you wish to send mail to an inmate at Eden Detention Center, please ensure that you follow the correct format for the mailing address:

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Eden Detention Center P.O. Box 605 Eden, Texas 76837

For additional information on corresponding with an offender at Eden Detention Center, please refer to their official guidelines.

In conclusion, Eden Detention Center serves as an important correctional institution in Concho County, Texas, providing a controlled environment for federal male offenders. Visitors play a crucial role in the rehabilitation process, and understanding the guidelines and regulations is essential for a successful visit. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please refer to the provided contact details or official guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I visit an inmate at Eden Detention Center without prior approval?

No, visitors must be on the prisoner’s approved visiting list to gain entry to the facility. It’s essential to coordinate with the inmate to ensure your name is on the list.

2. What should I do if I have more than four people in my group who want to visit an inmate?

Unfortunately, Eden Detention Center limits each inmate to four visitors at once, including children. You may need to plan your visit with this restriction in mind.

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3. Are there any restrictions on the items I can bring for a small child during the visit?

Yes, for a small child, you can bring one bottle of milk, one bottle of juice, one blanket, and two diapers. Be sure to adhere to these guidelines when visiting with a child.

4. How can I find more information about the programs and services offered to inmates at Eden Detention Center?

For detailed information about the programs and services available to inmates, it’s recommended to contact the facility directly using the provided telephone number.

5. What is the purpose of Eden Detention Center, and how does it contribute to the criminal justice system?

Eden Detention Center primarily serves as a facility for the rehabilitation and containment of federal male offenders. Its role is to provide a controlled environment where individuals can serve their sentences while receiving necessary support and programming to reintegrate into society as law-abiding citizens.

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