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Evans Correctional Institution

Evans Correctional Institution is a premier correctional facility located in the heart of Bennettsville, South Carolina. With its commitment to maintaining a secure environment while focusing on inmate rehabilitation, this level 2 medium security prison stands out among its counterparts. Let’s explore the key features and programs offered at Evans Correctional Institution.

Secure Incarceration at Evans Correctional Institution

At Evans Correctional Institution, the safety and security of both staff and inmates are paramount. The facility ensures this through its state-of-the-art security measures. Inmates are housed in double bunks, closely monitored by electronic surveillance systems. To further bolster security, the facility is encircled by a perimeter fence fortified with razor wire. These measures combine to create a controlled environment that minimizes the risk of escapes and ensures the safety of the local community.

Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Opportunities

Evans Correctional Institution goes beyond providing secure incarceration by offering comprehensive rehabilitation programs designed to prepare inmates for successful reintegration into society. By equipping them with valuable skills and education, the institution aims to reduce recidivism rates and promote positive change.

Vocational Training Programs

Inmates at Evans Correctional Institution have access to a range of vocational training programs, including:

  1. Barbering: The institution provides training in the art of barbering, equipping inmates with the skills necessary to pursue a career in this field. By mastering the craft of hair care and grooming, inmates gain valuable vocational expertise.
  2. Computers: Recognizing the importance of digital literacy in today’s world, Evans Correctional Institution offers computer training to inmates. Through hands-on instruction and practical exercises, inmates can develop essential computer skills, enhancing their employability upon release.

Educational Courses

To promote personal growth and academic development, Evans Correctional Institution offers a variety of educational courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of its inmate population. These courses include:

  1. Literacy Programs: Inmates can participate in literacy programs aimed at improving their reading and writing skills. By enhancing their literacy abilities, inmates can better engage with educational materials and pursue personal growth.
  2. Adult Basic Education: Evans Correctional Institution provides adult basic education courses, enabling inmates to strengthen their foundational knowledge in subjects such as mathematics, science, and social studies. These courses lay the groundwork for further academic pursuits.
  3. GED: Inmates have the opportunity to earn their General Educational Development (GED) diploma at Evans Correctional Institution. The institution offers comprehensive GED preparation courses, empowering inmates to obtain an equivalent credential to a high school diploma.
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Rehabilitative Programs

Evans Correctional Institution understands the importance of addressing the root causes of criminal behavior. To foster personal accountability and encourage positive change, the institution offers various rehabilitative programs, including:

  1. Operation Behind Bars: Similar to the renowned scared straight program, Operation Behind Bars aims to educate at-risk youths and adults about the consequences of criminal behavior. Inmates share their personal experiences, providing a sobering perspective that can deter potential offenders.

Video Conferencing for Parole Hearings and Labor Crew Participation

Evans Correctional Institution leverages technology to streamline legal processes and enhance inmate participation in community service. The institution provides video conferencing capabilities for parole hearings, ensuring that inmates can actively participate in the proceedings without the need for physical transportation.

In addition, qualified inmates can join labor crews that serve the parks department, contributing to the local community through meaningful work. By engaging in constructive activities outside the prison walls, inmates develop a sense of responsibility and acquire valuable skills, preparing them for a successful reintegration into society.

Visiting Evans Correctional Institution

Evans Correctional Institution welcomes visitors according to a rotating schedule based on the first letter of the inmate’s last name. Visitation occurs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with varying sessions and timings. On weekends, there are two visiting sessions from 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm. Fridays have one visiting session from 3pm-6pm. To determine the specific visiting days and sessions, it is recommended to contact the facility for the current rotation.

Contact Information

If you need to get in touch with Evans Correctional Institution, here are the relevant contact details:

Physical Address: Evans Correctional Institution 610 Highway 9 West Bennettsville, SC 29512

Telephone: (843)-479-4181 (803)-896-4900

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Evans Correctional Institution P.O. Box 2951202 Bennettsville, SC 29512

History of Evans Correctional Institution

The Evans Correctional Institution was established in 1989 and has since played a crucial role in the correctional system of its jurisdiction. Over the years, the facility has undergone numerous changes and improvements, adapting to the evolving needs of the inmate population and advancements in correctional practices.

Location and Facility Details

Located in Bennettsville, South Carolina, the Evans Correctional Institution is spread across a vast area that includes multiple buildings and facilities. The institution is designed to accommodate different inmate needs, from housing and medical care to recreational and educational spaces. The facility’s overall capacity is around 1,700 inmates, with room for expansion if necessary.

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Inmate Population and Classification

Male Inmate Population

Evans Correctional Institution primarily houses male inmates, ranging from minimum to medium-security classifications. The institution accommodates inmates based on the severity of their offenses and their behavioral history within the facility.

Female Inmate Population

Although the Evans Correctional Institution predominantly houses male inmates, a smaller number of female inmates are also held at the facility. These inmates are typically classified as minimum-security and are segregated from the male population.

Programs and Services Offered

Educational Programs

The Evans Correctional Institution offers a range of educational programs designed to help inmates improve their literacy, obtain their GED, or pursue higher education. These programs are aimed at providing inmates with the necessary skills and qualifications to secure employment upon release.

Vocational Programs

Vocational training programs are available to inmates at Evans Correctional Institution, focusing on teaching specific trade skills. These programs include training in areas such as automotive repair, carpentry, and culinary arts. Inmates who successfully complete these programs can obtain certifications and increase their chances of finding employment after release.

Rehabilitation Programs

Substance abuse treatment and other rehabilitation programs are offered at the institution to help inmates overcome addiction and address underlying issues contributing to criminal behavior. These programs typically involve individual and group counseling sessions, as well as educational classes about substance abuse and recovery.

Mental Health Services

Mental health services are provided to inmates who require assistance in managing their mental health conditions. These services include assessment, counseling, and treatment, as well as referrals to specialized mental health programs when necessary.

Security Measures and Staffing

The Evans Correctional Institution takes security very seriously, implementing a range of measures to ensure the safety of both inmates and staff members. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, perimeter fencing, and controlled access points to minimize the risk of escape or unauthorized entry. The staff at the institution includes correctional officers, healthcare professionals, and administrative personnel, all working together to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Inmate Visitation and Communication

Visitation Rules and Regulations

Visitation at Evans Correctional Institution is allowed under specific rules and regulations designed to maintain security and order within the facility. Prospective visitors must be pre-approved and are required to adhere to guidelines regarding appropriate attire, identification, and behavior during visits. Visitation schedules are determined by the inmate’s classification and housing assignment, with certain days and times allocated for each category.

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Inmate Telephone System

Inmate Mail

The facility allows inmates to send and receive mail from approved contacts. All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to inspection for contraband and security threats. Inmates are permitted to receive photos, letters, and certain publications, but they must adhere to strict guidelines regarding content and quantity.

Contraband and Security Threats

Like any correctional institution, Evans Correctional Institution faces ongoing challenges related to contraband and security threats. The facility employs various tactics to prevent the introduction of drugs, weapons, and other prohibited items, including thorough searches of inmates, visitors, and mail. The institution also works closely with law enforcement agencies to address potential security threats and maintain the safety of all individuals within the facility.

Famous Inmates and Notable Incidents

Over the years, Evans Correctional Institution has housed several notable inmates, some of whom have garnered media attention for their criminal activities or high-profile court cases. The institution has also experienced incidents, such as attempted escapes or disturbances, which have led to additional security measures and policy changes.

Release and Reintegration

The ultimate goal of Evans Correctional Institution is to prepare inmates for successful reintegration into society upon release. The facility provides various programs and services designed to equip inmates with the skills, education, and resources necessary to reduce recidivism and lead productive lives post-incarceration.

Challenges and Criticisms

Despite its efforts to maintain a safe and rehabilitative environment, Evans Correctional Institution faces challenges and criticisms, such as overcrowding, funding limitations, and the ongoing struggle to address mental health and substance abuse issues within the inmate population. The institution continually works to improve its practices and policies in response to these challenges.


Evans Correctional Institution plays a significant role in the correctional system, housing and rehabilitating inmates while maintaining a secure environment. Through a combination of educational, vocational, and rehabilitative programs, the facility strives to prepare inmates for successful reintegration into society. While the institution faces ongoing challenges, it remains committed to addressing these issues and improving the lives of those within its walls.


  1. What is the primary purpose of Evans Correctional Institution? The primary purpose of Evans Correctional Institution is to house and rehabilitate inmates while maintaining a secure and orderly environment.
  2. What types of inmates are housed at Evans Correctional Institution? The institution houses male and female inmates with classifications ranging from minimum to medium-security.
  3. What programs and services are available to inmates at Evans Correctional Institution?Inmates at the institution can access educational, vocational, rehabilitation, and mental health programs designed to help them reintegrate into society upon release.
  1. What are the visitation rules at Evans Correctional Institution? Visitation is allowed under specific rules and regulations, including pre-approval of visitors, adherence to guidelines regarding attire and identification, and following assigned visitation schedules based on inmate classification and housing.
  2. How does Evans Correctional Institution address contraband and security threats? The facility employs various tactics, such as thorough searches of inmates, visitors, and mail, as well as working closely with law enforcement agencies to address potential security threats and maintain safety within the institution.

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