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Fat Margaret (Paks Margareeta): An Overview

Have you ever heard about the grandeur of Fat Margaret or as the locals call it, Paks Margareeta? Located in the charming city of Tallinn, Estonia, Fat Margaret stands as a unique architectural symbol and a rich historical monument. But what makes it so special, and why is it called Fat Margaret? Let’s dive in!

The Historical Background of Fat Margaret

The tale of Fat Margaret starts in the early 16th century. Constructed between 1511 to 1530, during the reconstruction phase of the medieval city gate system, Fat Margaret served as a crucial part of Tallinn’s maritime defense. Its historical relevance adds a unique charm to this splendid structure.

Fat Margaret: Architectural Brilliance

Unique Features of Fat Margaret

An awe-inspiring aspect of Fat Margaret lies in its robust, round architecture. It presents a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 25 meters and walls that are up to 5 meters thick – giving it the ‘fat’ description.

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Fat Margaret: A View from the Outside

The exterior of Fat Margaret is as captivating as its history. It’s crowned with a roof terrace enclosed by a small wall, giving it a tower-like appearance. This structure offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the harbor.

Fat Margaret: A View from the Inside

Inside, Fat Margaret doesn’t disappoint either. Its central area, originally designed to house cannons, has been repurposed to host the Estonian Maritime Museum.

The Tale of Fat Margaret

The Purpose of Fat Margaret

Fat Margaret was not just a defense tower but also served as a storehouse due to its proximity to the harbor.

The Legend behind the Name “Fat Margaret”

Ever wondered why such an imposing tower got such a peculiar name? The story is just as intriguing as the name itself. The name “Fat Margaret” is thought to originate from the era when it was common to give towers and castles affectionate, often female, names.

Fat Margaret Today: The Estonian Maritime Museum

Fat Margaret’s charm and historical significance have been preserved and put to good use as the Estonian Maritime Museum today.

Attractions Inside the Museum

Inside, visitors can learn about Estonia’s maritime history, explore ancient ship models, and maritime-related artifacts.

Visitor Experience at the Museum

The museum offers an immersive experience for all age groups, giving an insightful look into Estonia’s seafaring past.

How to Visit Fat Margaret

Location and Accessibility

Located in the Pikk street in Tallinn, Estonia, Fat Margaret is easily accessible and a must-visit location for tourists.

Tips for Visitors

Remember to check the museum’s opening hours before planning your visit. Don’t forget to climb to the top for an astonishing view of the city.

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The Significance of Fat Margaret

As an Architectural Landmark

Fat Margaret isn’t just a building; it’s a landmark that showcases architectural prowess from the 16th century.

As a Historical Monument

Fat Margaret serves as a reminder of Estonia’s rich history and its maritime past, making it a significant historical monument.


Fat Margaret or Paks Margareeta, is much more than an old tower. Its historical significance, architectural brilliance, and the fascinating tales that surround it make it a unique symbol of Estonia’s past. Next time you’re in Tallinn, make sure to visit this mesmerizing monument.


1. Where is Fat Margaret located? Fat Margaret is located on Pikk Street, in Tallinn, Estonia.

2. Why is Fat Margaret important? Fat Margaret is an architectural marvel and historical monument, housing the Estonian Maritime Museum.

3. What can I see at the Estonian Maritime Museum? The museum showcases Estonia’s maritime history with ancient ship models and maritime-related artifacts.

4. How did Fat Margaret get its name? The name “Fat Margaret” is thought to originate from the era when it was common to give towers and castles affectionate, often female, names.

5. Is Fat Margaret accessible to the public? Yes, Fat Margaret is open to the public as the Estonian Maritime Museum.

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