federal correctional institution terre haute

Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute

The Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute (FCI Terre Haute) isn’t just another prison facility in the United States. It’s a storied institution with a rich history, unique facilities, and an evolving role in the American correctional system. But what exactly is the Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute? What makes it different from other institutions? And why does it attract so much attention? Well, we’re about to take you on a journey that will answer all these questions.

History of Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute

Establishment and Evolution

FCI Terre Haute was established in 1940, making it one of the older correctional facilities in the country. Nestled on the banks of the Wabash River in Indiana, it started as a medium-security prison for male inmates. But its purpose and function have evolved significantly over the years, particularly with the introduction of the high-security U.S. Penitentiary (USP) and death row in the 1990s.

Noteworthy Incidents

Like any prison with a long history, FCI Terre Haute has had its fair share of noteworthy incidents. One such event was the prison riot of 1943, which thrust the institution into the national spotlight.

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Facilities and Infrastructure

General Structure

The Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute is a multifaceted institution, split into a medium-security FCI and a high-security U.S. Penitentiary. This complex houses an array of facilities designed to accommodate the varying needs of its inmate population.

Special Housing Unit

A notable facility within FCI Terre Haute is the Special Housing Unit (SHU), designed for inmates who require additional security or isolation from the general population. The SHU has been instrumental in maintaining order within the institution.

Death Row and Execution Chamber

Perhaps the most infamous part of FCI Terre Haute is its death row and execution chamber. This is the only federal execution site in the U.S., making it a significant institution within the federal correctional system.

Notable Inmates

Domestic Inmates

FCI Terre Haute has housed many notable domestic inmates throughout its history. This includes high-profile criminals, such as Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, who was executed here in 2001.

Foreign Inmates

The institution also holds foreign inmates, one of the most notorious being Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Rehabilitation and Education Programs

Educational Opportunities

FCI Terre Haute offers a range of educational opportunities to inmates, including GED programs, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, and post-secondary education courses.

Vocational Training

Beyond formal education, inmates can also avail themselves of vocational training programs. These are designed to equip inmates with practical skills that they can use upon release.

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs

Recognizing the importance of mental health in rehabilitation, FCI Terre Haute offers a range of mental health and substance abuse programs.

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Challenges and Controversies

Controversies Over the Years

As with any institution of its nature, the Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute has been embroiled in several controversies over the years. These include debates over the use of capital punishment and conditions of confinement, particularly in the Special Housing Unit.

Current Challenges

Today, the institution faces a set of unique challenges, including managing the COVID-19 pandemic within its walls and addressing the ongoing issues of overcrowding and recidivism.


The Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute, is more than just a correctional facility. It’s a living, evolving entity that embodies many of the challenges, triumphs, and ongoing debates within the American correctional system. From its role as the sole federal execution site to its ongoing rehabilitation efforts, FCI Terre Haute continues to play a crucial role in the U.S correctional landscape.


1. What type of facility is the Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute?

It’s a multi-security federal prison in Indiana, housing a medium-security FCI and a high-security U.S. Penitentiary, which includes the federal death row.

2. Who are some notable inmates of FCI Terre Haute?

Notable inmates include Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, and Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

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3. What programs does FCI Terre Haute offer to inmates?

FCI Terre Haute offers various programs, including educational opportunities, vocational training, and mental health and substance abuse programs.

4. What controversies has FCI Terre Haute faced?

The institution has faced several controversies, particularly concerning the use of capital punishment and the conditions of confinement.

5. What are the current challenges for FCI Terre Haute?

Current challenges include managing the COVID-19 pandemic within the prison and addressing issues of overcrowding and recidivism.

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