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Exploring Fort Stockton Transfer Facility: A Brief Overview

In the vast landscapes of Pecos County, Texas, lies a small but significant institution known as the Fort Stockton Transfer Facility. While its size may be modest, its role in the correctional system is vital. In this article, we will delve into the details of this facility, shedding light on its purpose, services, and visitor information.

The Essence of Fort Stockton Transfer Facility

Fort Stockton Transfer Facility primarily serves as a temporary abode for inmates with transient statuses. These individuals are not long-term residents; instead, they stay here briefly before being relocated to other facilities within the correctional system. This transfer facility plays a pivotal role in managing the movement of inmates, ensuring a smooth transition from one institution to another.

Inmate Classification

At Fort Stockton Transfer Facility, inmates are primarily classified under the categories of G1, G2, and transient. This classification system helps authorities organize and allocate resources efficiently.

Education and Rehabilitation

One of the notable aspects of Fort Stockton Transfer Facility is its commitment to inmate education and rehabilitation. Inmates have the opportunity to participate in literacy and adult basic education classes during their stay. These programs not only enhance their skills but also provide them with the chance to earn their General Education Development (GED) certificate. Additionally, pre-release courses are available to prepare inmates for reintegration into society, equipping them with valuable skills for a successful transition.

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Healthcare Services

Ensuring the well-being of inmates is a priority at Fort Stockton Transfer Facility. On-site medical and dental services are readily available to address the healthcare needs of the residents. Moreover, the facility extends its care to include mental health services, although these are provided offsite in collaboration with specialized professionals.

Connecting with Inmates: Visitation Details

For families and loved ones of inmates, maintaining connections is crucial. Fort Stockton Transfer Facility offers visitation hours on weekends to facilitate these bonds.

Visiting Hours

Visitation at Fort Stockton Transfer Facility is scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays, providing a window of opportunity for loved ones to meet the inmates. The visiting hours are from 8 am to 5 pm, allowing for meaningful interactions.

Special Visits

For those traveling significant distances to visit an inmate, Fort Stockton Transfer Facility offers a special visitation arrangement. Visitors who have to cover over 300 miles to reach the facility can request a special visit. This accommodation extends the visitation period to up to four hours, offering more time for connections to be rekindled.

Location and Contact Information

For individuals planning visits or needing to get in touch with Fort Stockton Transfer Facility, here is the essential contact information:

Physical Address

Fort Stockton Transfer Facility 1536 IH-10 East Fort Stockton, TX 79735


You can reach the facility at (432)-336-7676. Please note the extension “062” for quicker access to the relevant department.

Inmate Mailing Address

When corresponding with an inmate at Fort Stockton Transfer Facility, ensure you use the following format:

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Inmate Name, ID Number Fort Stockton Transfer Facility 1536 IH-10 East Fort Stockton, TX 79735


The Fort Stockton Transfer Facility, though small in size, plays a crucial role in the correctional system. It provides essential services to inmates, focusing on education, rehabilitation, and healthcare. Moreover, it offers visitation options to help inmates maintain connections with their loved ones. As we navigate the complexities of the correctional system, facilities like Fort Stockton Transfer Facility serve as important waypoints, ensuring the well-being and transition of inmates.


What is the primary purpose of Fort Stockton Transfer Facility?

Fort Stockton Transfer Facility serves as a temporary residence for inmates with transient statuses, facilitating their transfer to other correctional facilities.

What educational opportunities are available for inmates at Fort Stockton Transfer Facility?

Inmates can participate in literacy and adult basic education classes and even work towards earning their GED certificate.

How can I request a special visit to Fort Stockton Transfer Facility?

If you are traveling over 300 miles to visit an inmate, you can request a special visit, which extends the visitation period to up to four hours.

What healthcare services are provided at the facility?

Fort Stockton Transfer Facility offers on-site medical and dental services, as well as offsite mental health services in collaboration with specialized professionals.

How can I contact Fort Stockton Transfer Facility by phone?

You can reach the facility at (432)-336-7676, and for quicker access to the relevant department, use the extension “062.”

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