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Fulham Correctional Centre: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Fulham Correctional Centre

Are you aware of the Fulham Correctional Centre? If not, then you’re in for an interesting read. The Fulham Correctional Centre is a medium-security men’s prison located in Victoria, Australia. It operates under the mandate of the Corrections Victoria and has been a crucial part of Victoria’s penal system for many years.

History and Background

Let’s delve deeper into the past of this institution.

The Establishment of Fulham

Founded in 1997, Fulham Correctional Centre was designed as a part of the prison privatization movement in Australia. The Centre is managed by the GEO Group Australia, under contract with Corrections Victoria.

Significant Historical Events

Over the years, the Fulham Correctional Centre has seen several noteworthy events that shaped its current state.

Location and Accessibility

The Centre is strategically located in West Sale, Victoria. It’s easily accessible and provides comprehensive facilities for the inmates.

Structure and Facilities

Wondering about the structure and facilities of the Centre? Let’s take a closer look.

Security Measures

As a medium-security prison, Fulham has extensive security measures in place. These include CCTV surveillance, regular cell checks, and a team of dedicated security personnel.

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Accommodation and Cells

The Centre houses inmates in single and shared cells, ensuring the safety and comfort of each inmate.

Educational and Vocational Facilities

Fulham provides a range of educational and vocational facilities to the inmates. These facilities aim to aid the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation Programs

Let’s discuss some of the key programs provided at the Centre.

Education and Skills Development

The Centre offers numerous educational programs, including literacy and numeracy skills development, as well as vocational training.

Community Integration Programs

Fulham also focuses on community integration programs to help inmates reintegrate into society upon release.

Staff and Management

The staff and management of Fulham Correctional Centre play a crucial role in its operations. They are committed to maintaining a safe and constructive environment for the inmates.

Criticisms and Controversies

Like any institution, Fulham has faced its share of criticisms and controversies. These have led to changes and improvements in its operations over time.

Future of Fulham Correctional Centre

What does the future hold for Fulham Correctional Centre? As it continues to evolve, the Centre remains committed to its mission of rehabilitation and societal integration of inmates.


To sum up, Fulham Correctional Centre plays a pivotal role in Victoria’s penal system. Its focus on rehabilitation and reintegration sets a commendable example for correctional facilities around the world.


  1. When was the Fulham Correctional Centre established?
    The Fulham Correctional Centre was established in 1997.
  2. What type of inmates does the Fulham Correctional Centre house?
    The Centre houses medium-security male inmates.
  3. What kinds of rehabilitation programs are offered at Fulham?
    Fulham offers educational and vocational programs, along with community integration programs.
  4. Who manages the Fulham Correctional Centre?
    The Centre is managed by the GEO Group Australia, under contract with Corrections Victoria.
  5. What is the future of the Fulham Correctional Centre?
    The Centre continues to evolve and focus on its mission of rehabilitation and societal integration of inmates.
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