greenough regional prison

Greenough Regional Prison

Introduction to Greenough Regional Prison

Greenough Regional Prison is a notable Australian maximum-security prison. Located in the Mid West region of Western Australia, it’s been an essential part of the criminal justice system since its establishment.

The History of Greenough Regional Prison

The Architecture and Layout

The prison was designed with an emphasis on practicality and security, sporting a simplistic yet effective layout. The buildings are dispersed across the sprawling land, making the prison feel less constricted.

Security Measures

Security at Greenough has been a paramount concern since its inception. The institution uses a blend of high-tech security measures like CCTV cameras and traditional methods such as vigilant patrolling and high walls.

Life inside Greenough Regional Prison

Prisoner Accommodation and Daily Life

Prisoners at Greenough are provided with necessary facilities to lead a secure life. The institution emphasizes routine, discipline, and respect. They partake in daily tasks, meals, and recreational activities to maintain their physical and mental health.

Work and Education Opportunities

Greenough Regional Prison believes in the transformative power of work and education. It offers programs designed to help prisoners develop useful skills and a strong work ethic, preparing them for a successful life post-prison.

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Healthcare Services

Providing comprehensive healthcare services, Greenough ensures inmates have access to medical care, mental health support, and preventive health measures.

Noteworthy Incidents

The 2018 Riot

One of the most well-known incidents in the prison’s history was the riot of 2018. It brought about substantial changes in the management and operation of the institution.

Efforts for Improvement After the Riot

Post-riot, Greenough has undergone significant restructuring and improved security measures, demonstrating the authorities’ commitment to maintaining order and safety.

Community Interaction and Rehabilitation

Programs for Rehabilitation

Greenough Regional Prison hosts numerous rehabilitation programs. The goal is not only to punish but also to rehabilitate, helping prisoners reintegrate into society as law-abiding citizens.

Success Stories

Numerous success stories have come out of Greenough, testifying to the effectiveness of these rehabilitation programs. These stories also serve as a beacon of hope for the prisoners and encourage them to strive for change.

The Future of Greenough Regional Prison

Plans for Expansion

Greenough is set for expansion, with plans to enhance prisoner capacity and the range of facilities.

Enhanced Security Measures

As the prison moves into the future, the focus on improved security continues. The prison is working towards integrating advanced technology for increased security.


Greenough Regional Prison, though fraught with challenges, has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a safe, productive environment for its inmates. It continues to play a vital role in Western Australia’s criminal justice system.


  1. Where is Greenough Regional Prison located?
    • Greenough Regional Prison is located in the Mid West region of Western Australia.
  2. What kind of security measures does Greenough Regional Prison have?
    • It uses a blend of high-tech measures like CCTV cameras and traditional methods like vigilant patrolling and high walls.
  3. What kind of programs does Greenough offer for prisoner rehabilitation?
    • It offers various programs aimed at developing useful skills and preparing inmates for a successful life post-prison.
  4. What changes were made after the 2018 riot at Greenough Regional Prison?
    • Post-riot, the prison has undergone significant restructuring and improved security measures.
  5. What are the future plans for Greenough Regional Prison?
    • Greenough plans for expansion and is working towards integrating advanced technology for increased security.
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