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Exploring Grimes Unit: A Medium/Maximum Security Facility in Jackson County, Arkansas


In the heart of Jackson County, Arkansas, stands the Grimes Unit, a correctional facility that plays a crucial role in the state’s prison system. This article delves into the various aspects of Grimes Unit, from its location and capacity to the programs it offers for inmate rehabilitation and education.

A Secure Home for Up to 1000 Inmates

Grimes Unit is a medium/maximum security institution, designed to accommodate a substantial population of inmates. At any given time, it can house up to 1000 individuals who have been convicted of various crimes. This facility plays a pivotal role in the state’s efforts to manage its inmate population effectively.

Employing Over 230 Dedicated Staff

Ensuring the smooth operation of Grimes Unit requires a dedicated team of professionals. The facility employs over 230 people, including correctional officers, administrative staff, and various specialists. Their collective efforts contribute to maintaining security, providing rehabilitation programs, and managing the daily operations of the institution.

Understanding Technical Parole Violators

A significant portion of Grimes Unit’s inmate population comprises technical parole violators. These are individuals who have returned to prison because they violated one or more conditions of their original parole release. Understanding the reasons behind these violations and addressing them is crucial for the successful rehabilitation of these inmates.

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Rehabilitation and Education Programs

Grimes Unit is more than just a place of confinement; it also strives to offer inmates opportunities for personal growth and development. Here are some of the programs and educational opportunities available:

Substance Abuse Treatment

Recognizing the importance of addressing addiction issues, Grimes Unit provides inmates with access to substance abuse treatment programs. These programs aim to help individuals overcome their dependencies and develop healthier, drug-free lives.

Educational Classes

Education is a powerful tool for reducing recidivism. Inmates at Grimes Unit have the opportunity to attend educational classes that can lead to diplomas and certifications. These classes not only enhance their knowledge but also improve their prospects for reintegration into society.

Agricultural and Gardening Program

Grimes Unit offers inmates a unique opportunity to connect with nature through its agricultural and gardening program. Inmates can learn valuable skills related to farming and horticulture, fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Vocational Skills Training

In partnership with the Inmate Construction Program (ICC) and the garage, Grimes Unit provides vocational skills training. Inmates can gain practical skills that may help them secure employment upon release, reducing the likelihood of reoffending.

Visiting Grimes Unit

If you’re planning to visit a loved one at Grimes Unit, it’s essential to be aware of the facility’s visiting hours and location:

Visitation Hours

Visitation at Grimes Unit occurs on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. However, the specific day and time for visitation can vary based on the inmate’s classification within the unit. To ensure your visit goes smoothly, it’s advisable to contact the facility in advance to determine the precise visitation schedule. Visitors often begin arriving around 11 am, so plan accordingly.

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Physical Address

Grimes Unit 300 Corrections Drive Newport, AR 72112

Contact Information

If you need to reach out to Grimes Unit for any reason, you can contact them at:

Telephone: (870) 523-5877

Sending Mail to Inmates

To send mail to an inmate at Grimes Unit, make sure to address it as follows:

[Inmate’s Name, ADC #] Grimes Unit 300 Corrections Drive Newport, AR 72112


Grimes Unit is a vital component of Arkansas’s correctional system, offering security, rehabilitation, and educational programs to its inmate population. By addressing the diverse needs of inmates and providing them with opportunities for growth, Grimes Unit plays a role in reducing recidivism and facilitating successful reintegration into society.

For more information about Grimes Unit and its services, please contact the facility directly.


  1. Is Grimes Unit only for maximum-security inmates?Grimes Unit primarily serves as a medium/maximum security facility. It accommodates a range of inmates with varying security classifications.
  2. Can inmates at Grimes Unit earn educational certifications?Yes, inmates at Grimes Unit have access to educational classes that can lead to diplomas and certifications, enhancing their prospects for future employment.
  3. What is the Inmate Construction Program (ICC) at Grimes Unit?The Inmate Construction Program (ICC) is a vocational skills training program that provides inmates with valuable skills and experience in construction-related trades.
  4. Are there any specific rules for visiting inmates at Grimes Unit?Yes, there are rules and guidelines for visitation at Grimes Unit. It’s advisable to contact the facility in advance to understand the specific visitation schedule and requirements.
  5. How can I contact Grimes Unit for inquiries or assistance?You can reach Grimes Unit by calling (870) 523-5877 for inquiries or assistance with any concerns you may have.
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