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Exploring Gunnison Prison: A Closer Look at Utah’s Medium Security Institution

In the heart of Sanpete County, Utah, stands Gunnison Prison, a medium security state correctional facility that plays a vital role in the state’s criminal justice system. This article delves into the details of Gunnison Prison, from its security measures to inmate classifications, visiting hours, and contact information.

Understanding Medium Security Prisons

Medium security institutions like Gunnison Prison are characterized by their fenced-in compounds, which are designed to ensure that all inmates remain within the facility’s confines. While some inmates may have the opportunity to engage in supervised work details outside the fenced area, this privilege typically hinges on having a parole date scheduled.

The classification of inmates within Gunnison is a crucial aspect of its operation. During the initial processing at the institution, each inmate is assessed and categorized based on their offenses. Inmates have the option to appeal this classification if they believe they have been placed inappropriately. This system helps ensure that individuals with similar criminal backgrounds are housed together, contributing to a safer and more controlled prison environment.

Visiting Gunnison Prison

Visiting hours at Gunnison Correctional Facility follow a rotating schedule that varies according to the unit and the inmate’s last name. It’s essential for anyone planning to visit an inmate at Gunnison to consult the most up-to-date visiting schedules, which can be found on the official website.

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Here are some key details for those planning a visit:

  • Location: Gunnison Prison, 255 East 300 North, Gunnison, Utah 84634.
  • Contact: If you need to reach Gunnison Prison by phone, the facility’s telephone number is 435-528-6000.

Corresponding with Inmates

Inmates at Gunnison Prison greatly value communication from the outside world. To send mail to an inmate, you should adhere to the following format:

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number CUCF P.O. Box 550 Gunnison, UT 84634

Please ensure that you include the inmate’s name and ID number correctly to facilitate smooth delivery.


Gunnison Prison in Utah plays a pivotal role in the state’s criminal justice system. This medium security institution ensures that inmates are classified appropriately to maintain order and security. Visitors must be aware of the rotating visiting hours and adhere to the mailing guidelines for corresponding with inmates.

For further information or specific inquiries, you can contact Gunnison Prison directly at 435-528-6000.

For those interested in learning more about the facility, its programs, and the broader context of the Utah Department of Corrections, don’t hesitate to reach out or explore their official website for comprehensive details.


1. What distinguishes medium security prisons like Gunnison from other correctional facilities?

Medium security prisons are characterized by fenced-in compounds designed to restrict inmate movement. Inmates may have supervised work opportunities if they have a parole date scheduled.

2. How are inmates classified within Gunnison Prison?

Inmates are classified based on their offenses during initial processing. They can appeal this classification if they believe it’s inaccurate.

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3. Where can I find the most current visiting schedules for Gunnison Prison?

The most up-to-date visiting schedules can be found on the official Gunnison Prison website.

4. What is the mailing address format for sending letters to inmates at Gunnison Prison?

Letters should be addressed to the inmate’s name and ID number, followed by “CUCF, P.O. Box 550, Gunnison, UT 84634.”

5. How can I contact Gunnison Prison for specific inquiries or additional information?

You can contact Gunnison Prison directly at 435-528-6000 for any questions or information related to the facility and its programs.

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