hm prison buckley hall

HM Prison Buckley Hall

Former Young Offenders Institution

HM Prison Buckley Hall is located on the site of a former historic house called Buckley Hall. After World War II, the old mansion was demolished and a facility for young male offenders was built in its place. For over 40 years, Buckley Hall operated as a prison for young males until 1989.

Demolition and Rebuilding in 1994

In 1994, most of the old Buckley Hall prison was demolished and a new Category C adult male prison was constructed on the site. This new facility operated briefly as a private prison run by Group 4 Prison Services.

Brief Period as a Private Prison

When it first opened in 1994, Buckley Hall was the fourth private prison in the UK, under the management of Group 4. However, after undergoing a competitive tendering process in 2000, control of the prison reverted back to Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

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Conversion to a Women’s Prison

In 2001, due to increased demand for women’s prison places, the Prison Service announced Buckley Hall would be converted to house female inmates. The first women prisoners arrived in 2002.

Conversion Back to a Men’s Prison

The transition to a women’s prison proved challenging, with critics saying the facility was not properly adapted. Due to ongoing overcrowding in men’s prisons, Buckley Hall was converted back to a Category C male prison in December 2005.

Facilities and Operations

Location and Security Category

Buckley Hall is located in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. It holds Category C adult male prisoners, meaning it has lower security than Category A or B prisons.

Prisoner Capacity and Population

The prison has a capacity for 445 inmates across four housing units. The current population hovers around 450 prisoners.

Residential Units

Inmate accommodation is divided into four separate units. There is also a Care and Separation Unit for vulnerable individuals.

Workshops and Education

Education and vocational training is contracted to Novus. Courses include IT, art, construction, literacy, and life skills. There is also a library.

Recreational Facilities

Recreational amenities include a gym, sports pitches, pool tables, table tennis, board games, and a video library. The prison also has a chapel and full-time chaplain.


Buckley Hall has an on-site health center providing medical care to prisoners. Those with mobility issues cannot be housed there due to the inclined terrain.

Daily Life for Inmates

Typical Day Schedule

A typical day starts with breakfast, followed by work assignments, lunch, recreation time, education programs, dinner, and then lock-up. Weekends have more leisure time.

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Inmates eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining hall. Meals aim to be nutritious, but portion sizes are small. Special dietary needs are accommodated.

Work Assignments

Many prisoners work full-time in the kitchens, laundry, or in facility maintenance roles. Others are assigned to prison workshops. Unemployed inmates complete education programs.

Recreation Time

Recreation includes using the gym and sports facilities, game rooms, video library, and outdoor exercise yards. Social interaction is encouraged.

Education and Training

Inmates can complete vocational courses in construction trades, IT, business, and more. Basic literacy and life skills classes are also offered.


Doctors, nurses, dentists, and mental health staff provide services on-site. Appointments are available but wait times can be lengthy.

Controversies and Criticisms

Unprepared Transition to Women’s Prison

When converted to a women’s facility in 2002, critics said Buckley Hall was not properly adapted for female prisoners’ needs.

Overcrowding and Rapid Transitions

Due to lack of space in men’s prisons, Buckley Hall has transitioned from men to women and back to men again rapidly, raising concerns.

Older Facilities

As one of the older prison facilities in the UK, some accommodations at Buckley Hall are outdated and in need of renovation.

Impact on the Local Community

Employment Opportunities

Buckley Hall provides over 300 jobs for local residents. Nearby businesses also benefit from prison staff expenditures.

Local Partnerships

The prison partners with community groups on rehabilitation initiatives and occupational training programs for soon-to-be-released prisoners.

Rehabilitation Programs

Buckley Hall aims to reduce recidivism through education courses to boost inmates’ skills. Some prisoners do volunteer work locally pre-release.

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The Future of the Prison

Potential Expansion

With UK prison populations projected to grow, there is potential for further expansion of housing units at Buckley Hall.

Focus on Rehabilitation

There are plans to strengthen vocational offerings and community links to better prepare inmates for successful re-entry to society.

Preparing Inmates for Release

To reduce reoffending rates, Buckley Hall plans to expand pre-release programs focusing on life skills, jobs, housing, and counseling.


HM Prison Buckley Hall has undergone many transitions in its history, but continues working to provide structured and rehabilitative confinement for Category C adult males in Greater Manchester. Though criticized at times for outdated facilities and rapid mission changes, the prison aims to expand rehabilitation programming and community links. With a focus on vocational training and preparing inmates for release, Buckley Hall strives to reduce reoffending and give prisoners skills for a fresh start. The facility will continue evolving to meet the UK’s imprisonment and rehabilitation needs.


What security category is Buckley Hall Prison?

Buckley Hall is a Category C male prison, meaning it has lower security than Category A or B prisons.

How many inmates does Buckley Hall have?

The capacity is 445 but the current population is around 450 inmates.

What type of inmates are housed at Buckley Hall?

Sentenced adult male Category C prisoners, mainly from the Greater Manchester area.

What facilities and activities are offered to inmates?

Facilities include a gym, library, workshops, classrooms, and recreation areas. Activities include sports, vocational courses, adult education, and off-site volunteer work.

Have there been any controversies at Buckley Hall?

When converted to a women’s prison, it was criticized as unprepared. Rapid transitions between male and female inmates have also raised concerns about stability.

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