hm prison bullingdon

HM Prison Bullingdon

HM Prison Buckley Hall is a Category C men’s prison located in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. Originally built as a borstal in 1888, it was converted into a prison in 1988. With a capacity for over 600 inmates, Buckley Hall primarily houses sex offenders and other vulnerable prisoners. It has undergone many changes and challenges over its history, yet continues to operate today as a rehabilitation and resettlement prison.

History and Background

HMP Buckley Hall first opened in 1888 as one of the first borstals in the English prison system. In 1988, it was converted into an adult male prison.

It is a Category C prison, meaning it houses prisoners who cannot be trusted in open conditions but who are unlikely to make a determined escape attempt.

The prison has an operational capacity of 612. The population is around 600 adult male inmates, primarily sex offenders and vulnerable prisoners.

Wings and Units

Buckley Hall contains 6 residential wings – A, B, C, D, E, and F Wings. Some wings house specific populations.

F Wing houses the prison’s Care and Separation Unit with 24 cells. The Segregation Unit is on E Wing.

The Weston Unit on C Wing hosts the prison’s Sex Offender Treatment Programme. This helps prisoners address their offending behavior.

Notable Incidents

There have been riots at Buckley Hall in 1990, 1996, and 1998. The 1996 riot caused £168,000 worth of damage.

In 1999, a convicted robber escaped by scaling the fence but was captured days later. Another inmate escaped in 2000.

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Buckley Hall has faced criticism over the years for ineffective rehabilitation, poor inmate treatment, and failing to address bullying and violence.

The prison has seen multiple disturbances and protests by prisoners over conditions. Staffing shortages have also been an issue impacting operations.

Notable Inmates

Notable former inmates include serial killers Harold Shipman and Steve Wright, child killers Sidney Cooke and Ian Huntley, and footballer Adam Johnson.

Maxine Carr, who provided a false alibi for murderer Ian Huntley in the Soham murders case, also served time at Buckley Hall.

Recent Developments

In recent years, Buckley Hall has focused on improving rehabilitation and resettlement. More vocational training, education, and work opportunities have been introduced.

A new pursuits and physical education center was built along with a visitors center. The prison aims to help prisoners gain skills for successful reintegration into society.

Daily Life

Prisoners are unlocked around 7:30am on weekdays. The prison day includes work, education, programs, exercise, meals, association time, and lock up at 8:00pm.

Facilities include workshops, classrooms, gym, playing fields, library, kitchens, and a multi-faith room. Prisoners can earn incentives through good behavior.

Rehabilitation and Release

Buckley Hall offers rehabilitation courses and education to help prisoners gain skills and change behaviors. Courses include industrial cleaning, recycling, and catering.

Resettlement services assist prisoners nearing release with housing, employment, finances, and other support. Probation also supervises released inmates.


In conclusion, HMP Buckley Hall has evolved from a borstal to an adult prison focused on reforming sex offenders and vulnerable prisoners. Despite difficulties with riots, violence, and poor conditions at times, recent efforts aim to improve rehabilitation and successful reentry for inmates. Buckley Hall continues working to fulfill its mission while balancing discipline, justice and humanity.

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Q1: When did Buckley Hall open?

A1: Buckley Hall first opened in 1888 as a borstal. It was converted into an adult male prison in 1988.

Q2: What type of prisoners are housed at Buckley Hall?

A2: Buckley Hall mainly houses sentenced sex offenders and other vulnerable prisoners requiring protection in a Category C prison.

Q3: What facilities and activities are available to inmates?

A3: Inmates can access facilities like workshops, classrooms, gym, exercise yards, library, kitchens, and multi-faith room. Activities include work, education, training courses, sports, and behavioral programs.

Q4: Has Buckley Hall experienced any major incidents?

A4: Yes, there have been several riots at Buckley Hall in 1990, 1996, and 1998. Some prisoners have also escaped over the years.

Q5: What rehabilitation services exist at the prison?

A5: Buckley Hall offers educational courses, skills training, work opportunities, and behavioral programs to help reform and resettle prisoners. Release planning assistance is also provided.

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