hm prison drake hall

HM Prison Drake Hall

Her Majesty’s Prison Drake Hall is a closed women’s prison located near Eccleshall in Staffordshire, England. With a population of over 300 inmates, it is the largest female prison in the United Kingdom. Though it has undergone many changes in its history, Drake Hall today operates as a key facility for rehabilitating and supporting female offenders.

History and Background

The site now home to HMP Drake Hall has served many different purposes over the decades. Constructed initially to house female munitions workers during World War II, the facility later operated as a teacher training college before being repurposed by the prison service in the 1960s.

Conversion to a Prison

Drake Hall first opened as a men’s open prison in the 1960s. However, its role would continue to evolve over the coming years in response to changing needs within the prison system.

Designation as a Women’s Facility

In 1974, Drake Hall was transitioned into a closed women’s prison, becoming one of the first facilities in the UK focused specifically on female inmates. This reflected a growing understanding of the need for specialized facilities and programs for incarcerated women.

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Changes in Security Levels

Though designated a semi-open prison after construction of a perimeter fence in the 1990s, Drake Hall reverted to a closed security status in 2009. However, some lower-risk inmates can still access work opportunities in the community.

Prison Operations and Regime

With its focus on rehabilitation, HMP Drake Hall provides various opportunities and incentives to inmates aimed at reducing recidivism.

Population and Inmate Profile

Drake Hall houses over 300 women, including both adult and young offenders. The prison specializes in foreign national prisoners and those nearing the end of their sentences.

Rehabilitation and Training Programs

Inmates can access educational workshops, vocational courses, and farm work. Voluntary listener and outwork programs provide additional opportunities.

Work and Education Opportunities

Prisoners can develop skills in areas like personal training, beauty therapy, and call center work. The prison regime incentivizes participation through rewards.

Facilities and Amenities

In addition to work sheds and classrooms, the prison offers recreational facilities including a gym, library, and outdoor gardens maintained by inmates.

Notable Events and Inmates

As a pioneering women’s facility, HMP Drake Hall has inevitably experienced its share of high-profile cases and controversies.

High Profile Inmates

Past inmates have included Barbara Salisbury, convicted of attempting to murder hospital patients, and Jordan Worth, an infamous domestic abuser.

Controversies and Issues

Like many prisons, Drake Hall has dealt with various challenges over the years:

Staffing Concerns

Understaffing and budget cuts have impacted prison operations and inmate rehabilitation programs.

Escape Attempts

Its proximity to residential areas has resulted in several escape attempts over the decades.

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Impact on the Community

Despite the challenges, HMP Drake Hall provides some significant benefits locally.

Local Economic Impact

With over 300 inmates and substantial staff, the prison is a major employer in the region.

Rehabilitation and Re-entry Support

Drake Hall’s emphasis on rehabilitation aids inmates’ transition back into society after release.

Community Outreach Programs

Some inmates work with local charities, connecting them to community support networks.


HMP Drake Hall plays an important role as the largest women’s prison in the UK, working to rehabilitate inmates and ease their reintegration after release. Despite ongoing challenges, the facility continues adapting to support the needs of female prisoners. Drake Hall exemplifies the evolving approach to corrections, with a focus on providing opportunities, education, and skills training.


  1. When was HMP Drake Hall opened?
    • Drake Hall was opened in the 1960s, originally as a men’s open prison.
  2. How many inmates are housed at Drake Hall?
    • Drake Hall has a capacity of over 300 inmates, making it the largest women’s prison in the UK.
  3. What opportunities are offered to inmates?
    • Inmates can access vocational courses, farm work, gyms, and voluntary listener programs aimed at rehabilitation.
  4. What security level is Drake Hall classified as today?
    • After undergoing several changes, Drake Hall now operates as a closed women’s prison.
  5. What notable inmates have been held at Drake Hall?
    • Past inmates include Barbara Salisbury, convicted of attempting to murder hospital patients, and high-profile domestic abuser Jordan Worth.

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