hm prison dumfries

HM Prison Dumfries

HM Prison Dumfries is a medium-sized correctional facility located in the town of Dumfries in Dumfries and Galloway, southwest Scotland. With a history dating back 140 years, the prison continues to operate today holding adult males serving both remand and convicted sentences.

A 19th Century Legacy

The prison first opened its doors in 1883 and retains its original 19th century cell blocks to this day. Designed by architect Thomas Bernard Collinson, the historic buildings are Category B listed and represent one of only three operational Victorian-era prisons left in Scotland. An additional cell block was added in 1988 to expand capacity.

Situated Near the Courts

Conveniently situated close to the region’s courthouses, HM Prison Dumfries serves local remand and convicted inmates from across Dumfries and Galloway. This fulfils its purpose as a community-based facility rather than high-security establishment.

Population Profile

The prison can accommodate 200 prisoners in total. The population is comprised of adult males aged 21+ along with younger males aged 18-20 years. Those on remand awaiting trial mingle with sentenced inmates serving shorter-term convictions.

Daily Regime and Rehabilitation

Inmates are accommodated across five residential wings – A, B, C, D and E. Like all prisons, the daily routine is highly structured with set times for meals, work, education, family visits and recreational activity.

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Focus on Reducing Reoffending

A key emphasis is on rehabilitation programmes and vocational training to equip offenders with skills to reduce reoffending rates upon release. Healthcare, counselling services and pastoral support also feature prominently.

Temporary Release and Community Work

Prisoners approaching parole may be granted Release on Temporary License (ROTL) to take part in community service projects outside the prison. This allows a gradual transition back into society.

Staffing and Accountability

Overseeing the management and operation of HMP Dumfries is Governor Andrew Hunstone. He is supported by a team of prison officers and administrative personnel.

Staff-Prisoner Relationships

With a smaller inmate population than large jails, staff aim to foster personal relationships with prisoners which can have a positive influence on behaviour and engagement with rehabilitative initiatives.

Independent Inspection

Statutory independent prison inspectors regularly visit HMP Dumfries to assess conditions and treatment of prisoners against human rights standards. This holds the prison accountable and identifies areas needing improvement.

Recent Upgrades and Developments

Being one of Scotland’s older correctional institutions, HM Prison Dumfries has undergone modernisation works in recent years to upgrade facilities.

Covid-19 Response

The prison adapted procedures during the coronavirus pandemic to isolate infected prisoners, modify routines and introduce video technology for remote family contact in lieu of in-person visits.

Investment Programme

Following a needs assessment, enhancements made from 2018-2020 included a refurbished visitor centre, improved CCTV and fire systems, renovated cells and communal areas and a new staff mess hall.

Balancing Safety, Justice and Rehabilitation

As with any prison environment, HM Prison Dumfries faces challenges around safety, drug abuse, violence and overcrowding at times. But the prison strives to strike a balance through discipline, supportive interventions and incremental prisoner empowerment.

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Ulimately, its role is to administer court-ordered detention and leverage this opportunity to positively influence individuals, instil responsibility and prepare inmates for a law-abiding life after release.


HM Prison Dumfries will continue evolving to raise rehabilitation standards, expand capacity if needed and maintain its status as a core facility in Scotland’s justice and corrections system. But its lasting 19th century architecture stands as a icon reminding us of the prison’s long legacy and enduring purpose.


Q: How old is HM Prison Dumfries?

A: The prison first opened in 1883, making it around 140 years old. The original 19th century cell blocks are still used today.

Q: What types of prisoners are held there?

A: It holds convicted and remand prisoners from across Dumfries and Galloway ranging from ages 18+. Only males are housed there.

Q: What is the current capacity?

A: Today the prison can accommodate 200 prisoners across its various wings and residential halls.

Q: Who manages and oversees the prison?

A: The Governor in charge is Andrew Hunstone. There is also a team of prison officers, support staff and independent inspectors.

Q: Has the prison undergone any upgrades?

A: Yes, from 2018-2020 around £3 million was invested to upgrade facilities ranging from CCTV and fire systems to the visitor centre and communal areas.

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