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HM Prison Full Sutton

HM Prison Full Sutton is a high security Category A men’s prison located in the village of Full Sutton in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The facility first opened in 1987 and was purpose-built to house some of the most dangerous and difficult criminals in the country. As a maximum security prison, Full Sutton has a reputation for holding inmates that pose a high risk to public safety and national security.

Location and Security Classification

Full Sutton is situated near the town of Pocklington in a rural area of Yorkshire. Its remote location and lack of proximity to major transport routes or densely populated areas contributes to the prison’s high security status. HM Prison Full Sutton is classified as a Category A facility, meaning it houses inmates that if they were to escape, could pose a threat to the public, police or national security.

Population and Capacity

The prison has an operational capacity of around 600 inmates. As of 2020, the current population stands at approximately 560 prisoners. Full Sutton will generally not take inmates with sentences of less than 4 years or those who have less than 12 months left to serve.

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Life Inside Full Sutton Prison

Housing Notorious Criminals

Due to its high security status, Full Sutton has housed some of the most notoriously violent offenders in the UK, including murderers, conmen, gang leaders and terrorists. Prisoners considered extremely dangerous and a high escape risk end up behind the barred walls and reinforced fences of Full Sutton.

Close Supervision Centre

Within Full Sutton is a notorious unit called the Close Supervision Centre. This facility, likened to a “prison within a prison” houses inmates deemed to be an exceptionally high security risk. The CSC imposes tighter restrictions and control measures compared to the main wings of the prison.

Education and Training Opportunities

Inmates at Full Sutton can access educational courses ranging from basic literacy and numeracy skills up to Open University degree programs. Prison workshops provide vocational training in industries like textiles, catering, cleaning and Braille transcription services. The prison gym offers fitness qualifications and recreation.

Prisoner Privileges and Facilities

Privileges at Full Sutton include in-cell televisions, access to a library and gym facilities. A visitor center provides amenities for inmate friends and family during visits. However, access to sports fields has previously been restricted due to security issues with gang members.

Issues with Gangs and Violence

There is a significant problem with gang affiliation and violence at Full Sutton. Weapons and fight clubs have been reported. Intimidation of other inmates by gang leaders is said to make some cell blocks unsafe. Drug debts being paid off through violence also occur.

Controversies and Notable Events

Racism and Abuse Allegations

In 2000, an inquiry was launched after evidence of racism emerged including offensive comments recorded by prison officers about an Asian inmate. Further allegations of abuse against prisoners have plagued the prison’s reputation.

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Hostage Situations and Deaths

Full Sutton has seen several hostage situations over the years, sometimes resulting in injury or death. In 2005 an elderly prisoner was beaten and tied to a chair by another inmate leading to his death 2 weeks later.

Drug Use and Addiction

Illegal drug use amongst the prison population has been described as an “insidious disease” inside the facility. In spite of security measures, contraband substances remain easily accessible leading to rampant addiction issues.

Approval of New ‘Mega Prison’ Facility

Despite objections from locals and Humberside police, planning permission was granted in 2019 to construct a huge new prison adjacent to Full Sutton with capacity for 1440 inmates. This ‘mega prison’ project aims to expand capacity but faces backlash.

Notable Inmates

Past High Profile Prisoners

Some of the most infamous criminals in British history have been held at Full Sutton including murderers like Jeremy Bamber, Dennis Nilsen and Mark Bridger. Notorious convicts Charles Bronson, Dale Cregan and gangster Freddie Foreman have also been housed there.

Current Infamous Inmates

Currently residing behind the walls of Full Sutton are John Cannan, the suspected rapist and murderer of Suzy Lamplugh, and Steven Grieveson who killed two people in a car bomb attack. Other notorious prisoners include terror plotter Omar Khyam and killer Danilo Restivo.


As one of UK’s toughest maximum security facilities, HM Prison Full Sutton for over 30 years has housed some of the country’s most dangerous offenders. However, issues with violence, drug abuse and overcrowding have plagued the prison. The approval of a new mega prison site aims to expand capacity but faces opposition from locals. Full Sutton continues to keep high risk and notorious criminals securely behind its barricades.

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What security category is HMP Full Sutton?

Full Sutton is classified as a Category A high security prison.

What is the Close Supervision Centre?

This is a very high security “prison within a prison” unit inside Full Sutton for extremely dangerous inmates.

How many inmates does Full Sutton hold?

It has a capacity of 600 prisoners but currently houses around 560 inmates.

What are some issues faced at the prison?

There are ongoing problems with gangs, violence, drugs and overcrowding.

Why was a new mega prison approved?

To increase capacity however locals and police opposed the huge 1440 inmate facility.

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