hm prison wealstun

HM Prison Wealstun

HM Prison Wealstun is a category C men’s prison located near Thorp Arch in West Yorkshire, England. Operating under Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Wealstun plays an important role in the British prison system. But how did it originate? What facilities and programs does it offer inmates? This article will explore Wealstun’s history, operations, inmate population, and significance.



Wealstun Prison was formed in 1995 from the amalgamation of HMP Thorp Arch and HMP Rudgate, both originally built in 1965 on the site of the former Royal Ordnance Factory Thorp Arch.

Major Events

In June 2003, 20 prisoners staged a rooftop protest that lasted 30 hours before ending peacefully. An inspection in 2004 exposed issues like lack of alarm systems, neglected repairs, and unsanitary conditions. But a later inspection praised improvements made at Wealstun.

Conditions and Controversies

While Wealstun has faced overcrowding and been criticized for deteriorating safety and lack of leadership, it has also been commended for its rehabilitation and re-entry preparation programs. Ongoing investments have aimed to upgrade facilities and expand capacity.

Facilities and Operations

Prison Layout and Capacity

With 10 wings (A-J), Wealstun has mostly single-occupancy cells and a capacity for around 800 inmates. There are also 15 double-occupancy cells.

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Education and Work Programs

Wealstun offers education courses, vocational workshops, training programs, farms, gardens, and industrial work. This provides constructive activities and skills for prisoners.

Health and Welfare Services

Healthcare is provided by Leeds North East Primary Care Trust. Wealstun has medical staff, mental health services, and peer support programs like the Listener Scheme.

Inmate Population

Categories and Demographics

As a category C prison, Wealstun houses sentenced adult males who cannot be trusted in open conditions but are unlikely to make a determined escape attempt.

Notable Prisoners

Some higher-profile inmates have included English football club owner Owen Oyston. But most prisoners are everyday convicted criminals.

Impact and Significance


The large physical site and staffing needs make Wealstun an expensive facility to operate. But costs are viewed as justified to safely house category C offenders.


With its diverse rehabilitation programs, Wealstun aims to reduce reoffending rates. But corrections experts continue debating the overall effectiveness of incarceration.

Role in Justice System

By housing medium security prisoners, Wealstun fills an important niche in the multi-tiered justice system between high-security and open prisons.

Recent Developments

Changes in Last Decade

Wealstun closed its open prison section in 2008 to expand category C capacity. Investments have increased single-occupancy cells and upgraded amenities.

Future Plans and Challenges

With UK prisoner numbers projected to grow, Wealstun will face ongoing challenges with overcrowding and aging infrastructure maintenance. Expanding rehabilitation services remains a priority.


In operation for over 50 years, HM Prison Wealstun has evolved to play a vital role in the British criminal justice system. Despite periodic controversies, it provides important incarceration capacity along with education, work, and wellbeing programs for its inmates. While facing pressures from increasing prisoner populations and limited budgets, Wealstun continues working to securely detain prisoners and prepare them for release.

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Q: Where is HM Prison Wealstun located?

A: Wealstun is located near the village of Thorp Arch in West Yorkshire, England.

Q: What security category is Wealstun?

A: It is a Category C men’s prison, housing inmates presenting a lower security risk than categories A and B.

Q: How many prisoners does Wealstun hold?

A: It has a capacity for around 800 inmates but faces pressures from overcrowding at times.

Q: What facilities are offered to prisoners?

A: Wealstun offers workshops, education courses, farm work, vocational training, healthcare, peer support, and more.

Q: Has Wealstun faced any controversies?

A: It has dealt with issues like rooftop protests, poor conditions, and claims of declining safety/leadership. But investments have aimed to improve the prison.

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