Hyde Correctional Institution

Hyde Correctional Institution

Hyde Correctional Institution, situated in Fairfield, North Carolina, is a correctional facility catering to the needs of adult males. With its commitment to both medium and minimum custody inmates, the institution aims to provide effective rehabilitation programs and a safe environment. In this article, we will explore the facility’s unique features, services offered, visitation hours, and important contact information.

Facility Overview

Medium Custody Inmates

At Hyde Correctional Institution, medium custody inmates are accommodated in three separate dormitories, ensuring their distinct needs and requirements are met. This separation allows for a focused approach to their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. By providing a secure and conducive living space, the institution aims to foster personal growth and positive change.

Minimum Custody Inmates

In contrast, minimum custody inmates are housed at a satellite unit, which comprises two modular buildings. This distinct arrangement allows for tailored programs and services to address the specific needs of minimum custody inmates. The satellite unit provides a controlled environment while facilitating opportunities for personal development and successful community reentry.

Road Crews and Community Contribution

Hyde Correctional Institution offers selected inmates the opportunity to work on one of four road crews. These dedicated crews engage in road labor, providing valuable assistance to surrounding counties. Through these initiatives, inmates not only contribute to the community but also develop crucial vocational skills that enhance their prospects upon release. This commitment to community service encourages positive behavior and personal responsibility.

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Rehabilitation and Support Services

At Hyde Correctional Institution, the well-being of inmates is a top priority. The facility offers comprehensive medical, mental health, and dental treatment to ensure that inmates’ healthcare needs are met. Additionally, specialized substance abuse treatment programs are available to address and overcome addiction issues. These programs are designed to promote recovery, reduce recidivism, and support successful reintegration into society.

Education and Personal Development

Recognizing the importance of education, Hyde Correctional Institution provides opportunities for inmates to improve their academic qualifications. Inmates who do not possess a diploma are eligible to enroll in adult basic education courses and work towards obtaining a General Education Development (GED) certificate. This educational initiative empowers individuals by expanding their knowledge base and enhancing their chances of successful reentry into society.

Visitation at Hyde Correctional Institution

To ensure a smooth and organized visitation process, Hyde Correctional Institution requires visitors to schedule appointments in advance. This approach helps manage the flow of visitors and ensures a secure environment for both inmates and guests. To schedule a visitation appointment, please contact the visitation officer at (252)-926-1810 during regular office hours from Monday to Thursday.

Medium Custody Inmates Visitation Hours:

Medium custody inmates have visitation opportunities on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The visitation hours are from 9 am to 11 am and from 2 pm to 4 pm on these designated days. This schedule allows for meaningful interactions between inmates and their loved ones while maintaining a structured environment.

Minimum Custody Inmates Visitation Hours:

Minimum custody inmates can receive visitors on Saturdays. The visitation hours for minimum custody inmates are from 9 am to 11 am and from 2 pm to 4 pm. These specific hours enable inmates to maintain connections with their families and friends, contributing to their emotional well-being and successful rehabilitation.

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Contact Information

For any inquiries or to schedule a visitation appointment, please use the following contact details:

  • Physical Address: Hyde Correctional Institution, 620 Prison Road, Fairfield, NC 27826
  • Telephone: (252)-926-1810
  • Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number, Hyde Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 278, Swan Quarter, NC 27885

History and Background

Delving into the past, this section will delve into the history and background of Hyde Correctional Institution. From its inception to notable milestones, we will uncover the evolution of this correctional facility and its journey in shaping the lives of inmates.

Facilities and Security Measures

Ensuring a secure environment is crucial for any correctional institution. Here, we will explore the facilities and security measures implemented at Hyde Correctional Institution. From physical infrastructure to surveillance systems, we’ll delve into the measures taken to maintain order and prevent escapes.

Inmate Programs and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a core aspect of the correctional process, and Hyde Correctional Institution places great emphasis on providing inmates with opportunities for personal growth and skill development. This section will detail the various inmate programs and initiatives aimed at fostering rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.

Staff and Administration

Behind the functioning of Hyde Correctional Institution are dedicated staff members and administrators who ensure its smooth operation. Here, we’ll shed light on the roles and responsibilities of the staff, their training, and the teamwork required to maintain a secure and productive environment.

Challenges Faced by Hyde Correctional Institution

Running a correctional facility comes with its own set of challenges. In this section, we’ll discuss the unique challenges faced by Hyde Correctional Institution, including overcrowding, limited resources, and the impact of external factors on the inmate population.

Impact on the Local Community

Correctional institutions have a significant impact on their surrounding communities. This section will explore how Hyde Correctional Institution interacts with the local community, addressing concerns, providing employment opportunities, and contributing to the overall well-being of the area.

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Recidivism Rates and Success Stories

Reducing recidivism is a vital measure of a correctional institution’s effectiveness. Here, we’ll analyze the recidivism rates of Hyde Correctional Institution and highlight success stories of individuals who have successfully reintegrated into society after their time at the facility.

Public Perception and Criticisms

Public perception of correctional institutions often shapes public policy and reform efforts. This section will delve into the public’s perception of Hyde Correctional Institution, discussing both positive and negative aspects. We’ll also address common criticisms and misconceptions associated with the facility.

Future Outlook and Improvements

To ensure the continuous improvement of Hyde Correctional Institution, there is a need to identify areas for growth and progress. Here, we’ll explore the future outlook for the institution and potential improvements that can be made to enhance its impact on inmate rehabilitation and community safety.


In conclusion, Hyde Correctional Institution stands as a beacon of hope in the criminal justice system, striving to rehabilitate individuals and contribute to a safer society. Through its comprehensive programs, dedicated staff, and commitment to public safety, it plays a pivotal role in the lives of inmates and the communities they will eventually rejoin.


FAQ 1: How many inmates does Hyde Correctional Institution house?

Hyde Correctional Institution can house up to 1,000 inmates, providing them with the necessary facilities and resources to support their rehabilitation journey.

FAQ 2: Are there educational programs available for inmates?

Yes, Hyde Correctional Institution offers a range of educational programs, including literacy classes, vocational training, and GED preparation, empowering inmates with valuable skills for their future.

FAQ 3: What security measures are in place to ensure safety?

To ensure safety within the institution, Hyde Correctional Institution employs various security measures such as regular patrols, surveillance systems, access control, and strict protocols for inmate movement and interaction.

FAQ 4: How does Hyde Correctional Institution contribute to rehabilitation?

Hyde Correctional Institution offers a diverse range of rehabilitation programs, including counseling services, substance abuse treatment, vocational training, and life skills development, fostering personal growth and preparing inmates for successful reintegration.

FAQ 5: Can visitors meet with inmates?

Yes, Hyde Correctional Institution allows approved visitors to meet with inmates. Visitors need to follow the institution’s guidelines and adhere to specific visitation hours to ensure a safe and controlled environment.

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