jedburgh castle

Jedburgh Castle

Perched above Jedburgh, the small picturesque town situated in Scotland’s lush Borders region, are the remains of the once formidable Jedburgh Castle. From its medieval origins as a mighty border fortress to its more recent incarnation as a 19th century prison and present-day museum, Jedburgh Castle has a long and storied history spanning over 800 years.

Early Origins

While the exact date of Jedburgh Castle’s construction seems to be lost to history, it likely dates back to the 12th century, built by the Scottish king David I to help defend and control the volatile Anglo-Scottish borderlands. The castle occupied a prime defensive location, allowing it to monitor traffic through the Jed Water valley.

As a regional stronghold, Jedburgh Castle was the scene of much conflict during Scotland’s Wars of Independence in the 14th century…

Conversion to a Prison

By the early 19th century, Jedburgh Castle lay in ruins, its original structures long destroyed from the battles, sieges, and neglect it had suffered over the centuries. But in 1820, the old castle site took on a new purpose – as the location for a new reformist prison based on the principles of prominent prison reformer John Howard.

The Jedburgh Castle Jail Museum

Today, visitors to Jedburgh Castle encounter not a grim Victorian prison but a brightly-colored museum bringing the history of the castle and jail back to life. Opened in 1968, the Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum features interactive displays exploring various aspects of the castle’s past…

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From a mighty medieval border fortress to an innovative 19th century prison to a modern-day tourist attraction and museum, Jedburgh Castle has gone through many transformations over its 800+ year history while remaining a fixture in the town of Jedburgh. Though only ruins and a later prison structure stand on the site today, it remains a captivating window into Scotland’s turbulent past.


When was Jedburgh Castle built?

Jedburgh Castle likely dates back to the 12th century during the reign of King David I, though the exact year of construction is unknown.

What condition is Jedburgh Castle in today?

The medieval Jedburgh Castle itself lies in ruins. Only the 19th century prison structure on the site remains intact today as the Jedburgh Castle Jail Museum.

Who built the prison on the site?

The prison at Jedburgh Castle was constructed starting in 1820 based on plans by architect Archibald Elliot.

What happens at Jedburgh Castle today?

Today the site of Jedburgh Castle contains the Jedburgh Castle Jail Museum exhibiting local history and running events and educational programs related to the castle and prison’s history.

What is the Ba Game mentioned?

The Ba Game is a traditional rugby-like game played in Jedburgh since 1704. It takes place every year on the Thursday after Shrove Tuesday.

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