jefferson citys prison worker union nears end of battle against gov mike parsons administration

Jefferson City’s Prison Worker Union Nears End of Battle Against Gov. Mike Parson’s Administration

As on Reported on 7/31/2023. In Jefferson City, an intense battle between Gov. Mike Parson’s administration and the state’s prison worker union has been ongoing for eight long months. After a court defeat, the Republican administration is now on the verge of resuming the collection of union dues from correctional officers at the Missouri Department of Corrections. This development comes as a letter notifying employees of the option to have dues collected via payroll deduction is expected to be dispatched in the coming days. In this article, we will explore the background of this contentious issue, the recent developments in the case, and the implications for both the union and the state’s correctional system.

The Legal Dispute and Funding Shortfall

The legal dispute between the Missouri Department of Corrections and the Missouri Corrections Officers Association began with the administration’s move to halt the collection of union dues through payroll deduction. This decision left the union with a substantial funding shortfall, which subsequently led to the closure of its headquarters and a drastic reduction in staff. The move was seen by the union head, Tim Cutt, as an attempt to weaken the organization financially.

In a significant ruling in 2021, Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem declared the administration’s maneuver as unconstitutional, citing the lack of consistency in applying similar decisions to other unions representing state employees. The appeals court upheld this ruling, stating that the administration’s actions were arbitrary and gave them an unfair advantage in negotiations.

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The Path to Resolution

After the legal setback, the two sides engaged in negotiations, leading to the current situation. Attorney Loretta Haggard, representing the Missouri Corrections Officers Association, has stated that the parties are in the process of finalizing a settlement. As part of this settlement, the restoration of payroll deduction for union dues will take place, marking a significant victory for the union.

Previous Victories for the Association

This is not the first time the Missouri Corrections Officers Association has faced attempts to destabilize it. Even during the tenure of former Gov. Eric Greitens, the association encountered challenges. In a separate ruling, Judge Beetem had declared a 2018 law, signed by Greitens on his last day in office, as unconstitutional. The law, championed by Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe during his time as a senator, altered the state’s merit system, making it easier to hire, fire, and reward workers. This law put all state employees under the same nonmerit regulations, removing testing requirements for job qualification and terminating the appeals process for disciplined or fired merit system employees.

Implications for the Future

With the restoration of payroll deduction for union dues, the Missouri Corrections Officers Association gains much-needed financial stability. This victory will likely strengthen the union’s position in future contract negotiations with the state. The ruling also highlights the importance of consistency and fairness in applying decisions that affect unions and state employees.

Moreover, the potential settlement brings a conclusion to the legal battle, allowing both parties to refocus on their respective responsibilities. For the state’s correctional system, this resolution means a stable and functioning workforce, ensuring essential services can be delivered efficiently and effectively.

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In conclusion, the contentious legal battle between the Missouri Department of Corrections and the Missouri Corrections Officers Association is seemingly coming to an end. The impending settlement, resulting in the restoration of payroll deduction for union dues, represents a significant victory for the association. This resolution puts an end to a prolonged period of financial uncertainty for the union and ensures stability in the state’s correctional system. Moving forward, it is crucial for the administration to apply decisions consistently and fairly across all unions representing state employees.


  1. Q: What was the basis for the legal dispute between the Missouri Department of Corrections and the union? A: The dispute arose when the administration halted the collection of union dues through payroll deduction, leading to a funding shortfall for the union.
  2. Q: Who declared the administration’s maneuver as unconstitutional? A: Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem made the declaration in 2021, and the appeals court upheld this ruling.
  3. Q: How did the 2018 law championed by Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe impact state employees? A: The law altered the state’s merit system, making it easier to hire, fire, and reward workers, affecting all state employees.
  4. Q: What does the settlement mean for the Missouri Corrections Officers Association? A: The settlement restores payroll deduction for union dues, providing financial stability to the association.
  5. Q: How will the resolution impact the state’s correctional system? A: The resolution ensures a stable workforce in the state’s correctional system, facilitating the delivery of essential services.

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