jimmy autry state prison

Jimmy Autry State Prison

Visitation and Contact

Maintaining Connections

Visiting hours at Autry State Prison are on Saturdays, Sundays, and state holidays from 9 am to 3 pm. Maintaining connections with loved ones is essential during an inmate’s journey toward rehabilitation and eventual reintegration.

Contact Information

For inquiries or communication, you can reach Autry State Prison at:

  • Physical Address: Autry State Prison 3178 Mount Zion Church Road Pelham, GA 31779
  • Telephone: (229)-294-2940
  • Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Autry State Prison P.O. Box 648 Pelham, GA 31779

Overview of Jimmy Autry State Prison

Jimmy Autry State Prison, an integral part of the Georgia state prison system, houses medium-security inmates serving varying sentences. This facility provides a structured environment that encourages inmate reform through various programs and activities.

History and Location of Jimmy Autry State Prison

The Establishment of the Prison

Founded in 1995, the Jimmy Autry State Prison has been operational for over two decades. Named after a renowned local law enforcement officer, the prison continues to honor his legacy through its commitment to maintaining law and order.

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Current Location

Situated in unincorporated Flint River, Georgia, this state prison occupies an expansive area surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Yet, its serene exterior belies the disciplined rigor that defines life inside its walls.

Facilities and Living Conditions

Inmate Accommodations

Housing approximately 1700 inmates, the prison provides comfortable living quarters that foster a safe and secure environment. It’s designed to reflect the importance of respect and discipline, which are core principles of inmate rehabilitation.

Recreational and Educational Facilities

The prison houses a library, recreational areas, and vocational training facilities. These spaces are intended to promote personal growth, mental health, and skill development among inmates.

Daily Life in Jimmy Autry State Prison

Inmate Programs and Activities

Work Programs

Inmates at the Jimmy Autry State Prison have the opportunity to engage in various work programs. These initiatives not only provide a structured daily routine but also equip inmates with practical skills that can aid their reintegration into society.

Educational Programs

The prison offers educational programs, ranging from basic literacy courses to GED preparation classes. Inmate education is a cornerstone of the prison’s reformative approach, helping prisoners prepare for a productive life after their release.

Security Measures in Jimmy Autry State Prison

Security Protocols

Internal Security Measures

The prison’s internal security measures include routine checks and strict surveillance systems. These precautions ensure the safety of both inmates and prison staff, reinforcing a sense of order within the facility.

External Security Measures

Externally, the prison is fortified with high perimeter fences, patrol units, and advanced surveillance systems. These stringent security measures maintain the prison’s integrity and protect the surrounding community.

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Impact of Jimmy Autry State Prison on the Local Community and Economy

Economic Impact

As a major employer in the region, the prison significantly contributes to the local economy. Moreover, the work programs often collaborate with local businesses, further stimulating economic activity.

Community Engagement

The prison also actively engages with the local community through various outreach programs, thereby fostering a relationship of mutual respect and understanding.

Recent Developments and Future Prospects

Current News

Recent developments have focused on expanding the prison’s educational programs, with the aim of better preparing inmates for reintegration into society.

Future Prospects

The Jimmy Autry State Prison aims to continuously improve its rehabilitation programs and security measures, in line with best practices and technological advancements in the field of corrections.


The Jimmy Autry State Prison serves a crucial role in Georgia’s correctional system. Through its commitment to rehabilitation, community engagement, and security, it represents an essential component of the state’s approach to law and order. Its impact extends beyond its walls, reaching into the local community and economy, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.


  1. What is the capacity of the Jimmy Autry State Prison? The prison has a capacity of approximately 1700 inmates.
  2. What programs does the prison offer to its inmates? The prison offers various programs, including work programs and educational courses.
  3. What security measures does the Jimmy Autry State Prison have? The prison employs both internal and external security measures, including routine checks, surveillance systems, and high perimeter fences.
  4. How does the prison contribute to the local economy? The prison contributes to the local economy as a major employer and through collaborations with local businesses.
  5. What are the future prospects for the Jimmy Autry State Prison? The prison aims to continually improve its rehabilitation programs and security measures, in line with advancements in the field of corrections.
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