john j moran medium security facility

John J. Moran Medium Security Facility

Located in Cranston, Rhode Island, the John J. Moran Medium Security Facility serves as a crucial institution in the state’s correctional system. This medium security prison is dedicated to housing adult male inmates and offers various programs and vocational training opportunities to facilitate their rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society.

Vocational Training Programs

Empowering Inmates Through Industrial Operations

At the John J. Moran Prison, inmates have the opportunity to engage in productive work through several industrial operations within the facility. These operations include a garment shop, upholstery shop, auto body shop, and a license plate shop. By participating in these operations, inmates gain valuable skills and experience that can support their future employment prospects upon release.

Building Skills for a Brighter Future

The prison also offers an array of vocational training programs to equip inmates with valuable trade skills. These programs include:

  1. Carpentry and Cabinetmaking Class: Inmates can learn the art of carpentry and cabinetmaking, acquiring skills that can open doors to employment opportunities in the construction and woodworking industries.
  2. Sheet Metal/Welding Class: Through this program, inmates can develop proficiency in sheet metalwork and welding techniques, expanding their skill set and paving the way for potential careers in manufacturing and construction.
  3. Automotive Technology Training: Inmates with an interest in the automotive industry can participate in this program, which provides hands-on training in automotive repair and maintenance. This training enhances their chances of securing employment in the automotive sector.
  4. Barbering: The facility offers a comprehensive barbering program, allowing inmates to learn the art of hairstyling and grooming. This skill can not only provide them with future employment prospects but also contribute to their self-confidence and personal development.

‘Prison Pups’: An Innovative Rehabilitation Program

In addition to vocational training, John J. Moran Medium Security Facility provides a unique program called ‘Prison Pups’. This initiative allows inmates to contribute to society by training dogs specifically for individuals who are deaf or disabled. By participating in this program, inmates develop compassion, responsibility, and valuable training skills, while also providing assistance to those in need.

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Educational Opportunities

A Path to Academic Achievement

Recognizing the importance of education in offender rehabilitation, John J. Moran Medium Security Facility offers a range of educational programs to inmates. Regardless of their previous academic achievements, inmates can access the following opportunities:

  1. Adult Basic Education Classes: Inmates who do not possess a diploma can enroll in adult basic education classes. These classes provide essential foundational knowledge and skills.
  2. GED Preparation and Certification: Inmates have the chance to obtain their General Educational Development (GED) certification during their incarceration. This accomplishment enhances their educational qualifications and improves their prospects for future employment.
  3. College Education Courses: The facility also offers college education courses, allowing inmates to pursue higher education and expand their knowledge in various academic disciplines. This opportunity enables them to acquire valuable skills and qualifications, preparing them for successful reintegration into society.

Additional Programs for Personal and Behavioral Development

John J. Moran Medium Security Facility understands the importance of addressing diverse needs to support inmate rehabilitation fully. Therefore, the facility provides additional programs and counseling services, including:

  1. Computer Classes: Inmates can enhance their computer literacy skills through structured computer classes. This knowledge equips them with valuable digital skills required in today’s job market.
  2. Creative Writing and Literacy Courses: Inmates interested in writing and literature can participate in creative writing and literacy courses. These programs foster self-expression, creativity, and improved communication skills.
  3. Substance Abuse and Anger Management Counseling: Recognizing the need for addressing behavioral issues, the facility offers specialized counseling for alcohol and substance abuse, as well as anger management. Through these programs, inmates receive guidance and support to overcome destructive behaviors and develop healthier coping mechanisms.
  4. Sex Offender Treatment and Counseling: For inmates convicted of sex offenses, the facility provides specialized treatment and counseling to address the underlying factors contributing to their actions. These programs focus on rehabilitation and reducing the risk of reoffending.
  5. Counseling for Domestic Violence and Parenting: Inmates involved in domestic violence incidents can access counseling services aimed at breaking the cycle of violence. Additionally, parenting courses are available to support inmates in developing positive parenting skills and strengthening family relationships.

Visitation Information

To maintain connections with their loved ones, inmates at John J. Moran Medium Security Facility have designated visitation hours. The visitation schedule operates on a rotating basis, dependent on the inmate’s housing location. For the most up-to-date visitation schedule, individuals can refer to the official website or contact the facility directly at (401)-462-3771.

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Contact Information

If you need to reach out to John J. Moran Medium Security Facility, the following contact details are provided:

Physical Address: John J. Moran Medium Security Facility 40 Howard Ave Cranston, RI 02920

Telephone: (401)-462-3771

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number John J. Moran Medium Security Facility P.O. Box 8274 Cranston, RI 02920



The John J. Moran Medium Security Facility was constructed in 1992 to accommodate Rhode Island’s growing prison population. The facility was built to provide a more secure and controlled environment for medium-security inmates who had previously been housed in less secure facilities.


Over the years, the facility has undergone several expansions to meet the growing demand for inmate housing. In 2003, a significant expansion project added housing units, administrative offices, and support spaces to the facility.

Security Features

Physical Security

The John J. Moran Medium Security Facility is designed with various physical security measures to ensure the safety of staff, inmates, and the surrounding community. The facility is surrounded by double fencing with razor wire and perimeter intrusion detection systems. Additionally, strategically placed guard towers provide constant surveillance of the grounds.

Technological Security

The facility employs state-of-the-art technological security systems to enhance safety and security. These systems include surveillance cameras, biometric access control systems, and electronic inmate tracking. The control room staff monitors and manages these systems 24/7 to maintain a secure environment.

Inmate Programs

Educational Programs

John J. Moran Medium Security Facility offers various educational programs to help inmates improve their literacy and job skills. These programs include GED preparation, adult basic education, and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

Vocational Training

Inmates have the opportunity to participate in vocational training programs that teach valuable trade skills. These programs include carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and culinary arts, equipping inmates with marketable skills for their eventual release.

Substance Abuse Treatment

The facility offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs, including individual and group counseling, 12-step meetings, and educational classes on addiction and recovery.

Mental Health Services

Mental health services are available to inmates who require assistance. These services include individual counseling, group therapy, and psychiatric medication management.

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Daily Life

Housing Units

Inmates at John J. Moran Medium Security Facility are housed in dormitory-style units, with each unit containing several housing pods. The pods are designed to promote a sense of community among inmates while maintaining a controlled environment.

Meal Times

Inmates are provided with three meals a day in the facility’s dining hall. Meal times are scheduled, and inmates are escorted to the dining hall in an orderly manner. The meals are nutritionally balanced, and special dietary needs are accommodated when necessary.


Inmates have access to recreational activities to promote physical and mental well-being. The facility offers outdoor recreation areas for sports such as basketball, soccer, and handball. Indoor recreational activities include board games, puzzles, and access to a well-stocked library.


Visitation Rules

Visitation at John J. Moran Medium Security Facility is a privilege for both inmates and their visitors. To maintain a safe and secure environment, strict visitation rules are enforced. All visitors must be pre-approved and are required to present a valid ID upon arrival. Visitors are subject to search, and items such as cell phones, cameras, and tobacco products are not allowed inside the facility.

Contacting Inmates

In addition to visitation, inmates can be contacted through mail, telephone, and electronic messaging. All correspondence is subject to monitoring, and specific rules apply to the content and format of letters, packages, and phone calls.


The John J. Moran Medium Security Facility plays a vital role in Rhode Island’s correctional system by providing a secure environment for medium-security inmates. Through various educational, vocational, and treatment programs, the facility aims to rehabilitate and prepare inmates for successful reintegration into society. By understanding the daily life and procedures within the facility, friends and family members can better support their loved ones during their incarceration.


Q1: What is the maximum capacity of the John J. Moran Medium Security Facility?

A1: The facility has a maximum capacity of approximately 1,100 inmates.

Q2: How can I find out if someone is incarcerated at the John J. Moran Medium Security Facility?

A2: You can search for an inmate’s information using the Rhode Island Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool available on their website.

Q3: Can I send books or magazines to an inmate at the John J. Moran Medium Security Facility?

A3: Yes, you can send books or magazines, but they must be shipped directly from a publisher or retailer like Amazon. Used books or magazines are not allowed.

Q4: Are inmates allowed to work while incarcerated at the facility?

A4: Yes, eligible inmates can participate in work programs to learn job skills and earn money while incarcerated.

Q5: What are the visiting hours at the John J. Moran Medium Security Facility?

A5: Visiting hours vary depending on the inmate’s housing unit and security level. You should contact the facility directly for the most up-to-date visiting schedule.

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