keen mountain correctional center

Keen Mountain Correctional Center

Located in Oakwood, Virginia, Keen Mountain Correctional Center stands as a premier close custody facility dedicated to housing adult male offenders. Established in 1990, this level 4 high-security institution accommodates up to 880 individuals, emphasizing the importance of security and rehabilitation within its walls. Let’s delve into the details of this correctional center’s facilities, programs, and visiting hours.

The Facilities at Keen Mountain Correctional Center

At Keen Mountain Correctional Center, three housing units and a support building serve as the foundation for its operations. The support building encompasses various crucial amenities, such as a gym, educational and vocational classrooms, medical services, security offices, the kitchen, dining hall, commissary, and chapel. These facilities contribute to the overall well-being and development of the inmates during their incarceration.

Distinct Populations and Security Measures

The facility segregates inmates into six distinct populations, each with its own specific requirements and circumstances. These populations include:

  1. General Population Incentive Pods
  2. General Population Re-entry (for inmates with less than 2 years remaining)
  3. Special Housing (housing segregation inmates)
  4. STAR Program
  5. Cadres (minimum-security inmates working in the commissary)

To ensure the utmost security, Keen Mountain Correctional Center employs multiple layers of protection. The inmates are enclosed by razor wire fences, supported by electronic detection systems. The facility also utilizes well-trained canines and four guard towers to enhance surveillance. Furthermore, Keen Mountain is one of the few correctional facilities where staff members are authorized to possess non-lethal weapons within the security perimeter. Gun ports are incorporated into the housing unit control room, further fortifying the facility’s safety measures.

Inmate Profile and Rehabilitation Programs

The inmate population at Keen Mountain Correctional Center is diverse, comprising individuals convicted of crimes ranging from capital murder to forgery and habitual traffic offenses. Due to the high level of violence and risks associated with the inmates, programming is primarily conducted through video sessions, mail communication, or small group settings. However, the facility ensures that inmates have access to a range of rehabilitation programs and services to support their personal growth and successful reintegration into society.

Inmates at Keen Mountain have the opportunity to participate in the following programs:

  1. Anger Management Counseling: Assisting inmates in managing and controlling their anger through effective techniques and coping strategies.
  2. Adult Basic Education Classes: Offering educational programs to enhance inmates’ literacy and numeracy skills.
  3. Mental Health and Counseling Services: Providing mental health support and counseling sessions to address individual needs.
  4. Parenting Classes: Equipping inmates with essential parenting skills and knowledge to foster healthy family dynamics.
  5. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs: Offering comprehensive rehabilitation programs to address addiction issues and promote recovery.
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Moreover, Keen Mountain Correctional Center offers vocational training programs in electrical wiring, custodial maintenance, and masonry. These programs aim to equip inmates with practical skills that can significantly enhance their employment prospects upon release.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

For families and friends who wish to visit their loved ones at Keen Mountain Correctional Center, visiting hours are available on Saturdays and Sundays. However, it is important to note that visits follow a rotating schedule. To obtain the current rotation and plan your visit accordingly, please contact the facility using the information provided below:

Visiting Hours at Keen Mountain Correctional Center:

  • Saturdays and Sundays (Rotating schedule, please contact the facility for details)

Physical Address: Keen Mountain Correctional Center State Route 629 Oakwood, VA 24631

Telephone: (276)-498-7411

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Keen Mountain Correctional Center P.O. Box 860 Oakwood, VA 24631

History of Keen Mountain Correctional Center

Established in 1990, Keen Mountain Correctional Center was built to address the growing need for secure incarceration facilities in the region. The facility’s construction was driven by the goal of enhancing public safety and providing adequate resources for inmate management and rehabilitation. Over the years, Keen Mountain Correctional Center has undergone various expansions and improvements, accommodating the changing demands of the criminal justice system.

Facility and Infrastructure

Keen Mountain Correctional Center features a modern and well-designed facility layout that prioritizes security and efficient inmate management. The prison is equipped with advanced surveillance systems, secure perimeters, and access control measures to ensure the safety of both staff and inmates. The physical infrastructure includes housing units, administrative buildings, recreational areas, and specialized facilities for educational and vocational programs.

Inmate Programs and Services

At Keen Mountain Correctional Center, a range of programs and services are offered to inmates to promote education, vocational training, and personal growth. Inmates have access to educational courses that encompass a wide range of subjects, from basic literacy skills to advanced academic programs. Additionally, vocational training opportunities are provided to develop valuable job skills and increase post-release employability. The facility also offers mental health and substance abuse treatment programs to address the specific needs of individuals in custody.

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Staffing and Training

The dedicated staff at Keen Mountain Correctional Center plays a pivotal role in maintaining safety and facilitating the successful operation of the facility. Correctional staff members have specific roles and responsibilities, including inmate supervision, security monitoring, and facilitating programs and services. They undergo rigorous training programs to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively handle the challenges of working in a correctional environment.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount at Keen Mountain Correctional Center. Stringent protocols and procedures are in place to maintain order and ensure the well-being of both inmates and staff. The facility employs a comprehensive system of checks and balances, including regular security audits, inmate monitoring, and strict control of contraband. In the event of emergencies, the facility has well-defined emergency response plans to address potential threats or incidents swiftly and efficiently.

Inmate Life and Daily Routine

Inmates at Keen Mountain Correctional Center follow a structured daily routine that promotes discipline, responsibility, and personal development. The facility provides a range of activities and programs to occupy inmates’ time and encourage positive behavior. This includes work assignments, educational classes, recreational opportunities, and access to religious services. By engaging in these activities, inmates are given the chance to acquire new skills, pursue personal interests, and prepare for a successful reintegration into society upon release.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Keen Mountain Correctional Center recognizes the importance of community engagement and partnerships in the successful reintegration of inmates. The facility collaborates with local organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to offer a variety of programs and resources to inmates. These partnerships may include vocational training programs, employment opportunities post-release, and mentoring initiatives. By involving the community in the rehabilitation process, Keen Mountain Correctional Center aims to foster a sense of responsibility and support for successful reentry.

Challenges and Solutions

Like any correctional facility, Keen Mountain Correctional Center faces its share of challenges. Overcrowding and limited resources can strain operations and impact the quality of programs and services. However, the facility employs innovative approaches to address these challenges. This may involve implementing technology to improve efficiency, exploring alternative sentencing options for non-violent offenders, and seeking partnerships with community organizations to supplement resources.

Impact on the Community

Keen Mountain Correctional Center has a significant impact on the local community. The facility provides employment opportunities for individuals in the surrounding area, contributing to the local economy. Additionally, through community outreach and support programs, the facility promotes public safety, rehabilitation, and reducing recidivism rates. By actively engaging with the community, Keen Mountain Correctional Center aims to build trust and create a supportive environment for successful inmate reintegration.

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Future Outlook and Expansion

Keen Mountain Correctional Center is committed to continuous improvement and addressing the evolving needs of the corrections system. The facility has plans for future expansion and upgrades to ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff. Additionally, advancements in correctional practices, such as the integration of evidence-based rehabilitation programs, are being explored to enhance the effectiveness of inmate programs and reduce recidivism rates.


Keen Mountain Correctional Center serves as a vital institution within the criminal justice system, fulfilling its mission to ensure public safety, provide rehabilitation opportunities, and promote successful inmate reintegration into society. With its focus on safety, inmate programs and services, dedicated staff, and community engagement, the facility strives to make a positive impact on both the lives of inmates and the surrounding community.


FAQ 1: How many inmates are typically housed at Keen Mountain Correctional Center?

At any given time, Keen Mountain Correctional Center houses approximately [number] inmates. The facility’s capacity is carefully managed to maintain safety and provide adequate resources for inmate management and rehabilitation.

FAQ 2: Are there any volunteer opportunities for community members to get involved with the center?

Yes, Keen Mountain Correctional Center offers volunteer opportunities for community members who are interested in getting involved. Volunteers can contribute to various programs and services, such as educational tutoring, mentoring, vocational training, and support groups. By volunteering at the center, community members play a crucial role in supporting inmate rehabilitation and successful reintegration efforts.

FAQ 3: What measures are in place to prevent escapes or security breaches?

Keen Mountain Correctional Center prioritizes security and has robust measures in place to prevent escapes or security breaches. These measures include 24/7 surveillance, secure perimeters with controlled access points, regular security audits, and strict protocols for inmate movement within the facility. Additionally, the staff undergoes thorough training to ensure they are well-prepared to handle any potential security threats.

FAQ 4: Does the center offer any specialized programs for inmate rehabilitation?

Yes, Keen Mountain Correctional Center offers a range of specialized programs to support inmate rehabilitation. These programs include educational courses to improve literacy and job skills, vocational training in various trades, mental health and substance abuse treatment programs, and reentry initiatives focused on preparing inmates for successful reintroduction into society. The center recognizes the importance of addressing individual needs and providing comprehensive support for inmate rehabilitation.

FAQ 5: How does Keen Mountain Correctional Center contribute to the local economy?

Keen Mountain Correctional Center contributes to the local economy in several ways. The facility provides employment opportunities for individuals in the surrounding area, including administrative staff, correctional officers, healthcare professionals, and support staff. These employment opportunities not only benefit individuals and their families but also contribute to the overall economic growth of the community. Additionally, the facility may engage in partnerships with local businesses for vocational training and employment opportunities post-release, further bolstering the local economy.

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