kenneth honey rubenstein juvenile center

Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center, Davis


Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn a troubled young life around? Let’s take a journey through the remarkable institution known as the Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center, Davis.

History of Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center

A. The Founding

Founded with the aspiration to make a real difference in the lives of troubled youths, the Rubenstein Center has a compelling origin story.

B. Significant Milestones

Over the years, the Center has crossed numerous milestones, each marking a significant enhancement in their mission.

Overview of Facilities

A. Educational

The Center offers robust educational facilities aimed at fostering a love for learning and promoting personal growth.

B. Recreational

Recreation is as much a part of growth as education. Let’s explore what the Center offers in this regard.

Programs at Rubenstein Center

A. Skill Development

The Rubenstein Center has a focus on imparting practical skills to youths, preparing them for a better future.

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B. Rehabilitation Programs

Understand the Center’s dedicated rehabilitation programs designed to address various issues faced by the residents.

C. Psychological Support

Mental health support is a key aspect of the Center’s approach. Discover how they make a difference in this critical area.

Staff and Administration

A. Leadership

Meet the inspirational leaders guiding the mission of the Rubenstein Center.

B. Care Staff

It’s the compassionate care staff that makes real connections with the residents.

C. Educational Staff

The educational staff plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of these young individuals.

Importance of Juvenile Centers

A. Social Impact

Learn about the broader social impacts of such juvenile centers, beyond just individual lives.

B. Individual Impact

The personal transformations brought about by the Rubenstein Center are truly heartwarming.

Success Stories of the Rubenstein Center

Here are some stories of triumph that show the real impact of the Center’s work.

Challenges and Controversies

A. General Challenges in Juvenile Centers

Juvenile centers face various challenges in achieving their mission. Let’s explore these issues.

B. Specific Challenges at Rubenstein

Despite its success, the Rubenstein Center has its unique set of challenges and hurdles.

Comparison to Other Juvenile Centers

While each juvenile center is unique in its approach, comparing the Rubenstein Center to others provides valuable insights.

The Future of the Rubenstein Center

Looking ahead, the Rubenstein Center has ambitious plans for the future to help even more young individuals.


As we’ve seen, the Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center in Davis is a beacon of hope for many troubled youths.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the age range of the youths at the Rubenstein Center?

A1: The Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center caters to the needs of young individuals typically between the ages of 12 and 18. However, this can slightly vary depending on the unique circumstances of each case.

Q2: Are the educational programs at the Rubenstein Center recognized by educational institutions?

A2: Yes, the Rubenstein Center provides fully accredited educational programs. They collaborate closely with local school districts to ensure their curriculum aligns with state educational standards. This enables students to transition back to mainstream schools more easily after leaving the center.

Q3: What is the average stay duration for a resident at the Rubenstein Center?

A3: The length of stay at the Rubenstein Center depends on the individual’s circumstances, including the nature of their offense, their progress in rehabilitation programs, and their overall behavior. On average, youths stay at the center for about 6-9 months, but this can extend up to 18 months or more in certain cases.

Q4: How does the Center deal with youths with special needs?

A4: The Rubenstein Center is well-equipped to support youths with special needs. They have a dedicated team of special education professionals and therapists to ensure these individuals receive appropriate care, education, and treatment tailored to their unique needs.

Q5: Can individuals volunteer or contribute to the Rubenstein Center?

A5: Yes, the Rubenstein Center welcomes support from the community. Individuals can contribute in a variety of ways, such as volunteering time, donating books or educational resources, or even mentoring youths. For specific opportunities and guidelines, it’s best to contact the center directly.

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