larch corrections center

Larch Corrections Center

Larch Corrections Center, established in 1956, is a renowned minimum security prison dedicated to inmate rehabilitation and community engagement. With a maximum capacity of 480 male inmates, the facility comprises two distinct minimum security units, namely Silver Star and Elkhorn. At Larch, inmates have access to various programs aimed at personal growth, education, and skill development.

Rehabilitation Programs at Larch Corrections Center

Larch Corrections Center places significant emphasis on the rehabilitation of its inmates. Through stress and anger management courses, individuals learn effective coping mechanisms and emotional regulation skills. Furthermore, adult basic education classes are available to help inmates enhance their literacy and numeracy skills, ultimately enabling them to earn their GED (General Educational Development) certification. These educational opportunities play a vital role in preparing inmates for a successful reintegration into society.

Innovative Cat Adoption Program

An exceptional initiative at Larch Corrections Center is the cat adoption program. The facility collaborates with the Humane Society to rehabilitate unsocial or potentially dangerous cats under the guidance of inmates. Through dedicated training and re-socialization efforts, the offenders develop crucial animal handling skills and help socialize the cats. Once a cat has completed the program, it is returned to the Humane Society, ready for adoption by a loving family.

Comprehensive Inmate Services

Larch Corrections Center prioritizes the well-being of its inmates and provides comprehensive medical, dental, and mental health services. These services ensure that individuals receive the necessary care and support during their time at the facility.

Moreover, Larch offers vocational training programs to equip inmates with valuable skills for future employment. Inmates can participate in automotive service and repair training, electrician training and certification, and wastewater treatment certification courses. By acquiring these vocational skills, offenders increase their chances of finding gainful employment upon release, fostering a successful reintegration into society.

Holistic Support and Community Engagement

Recognizing the importance of holistic support, Larch Corrections Center offers various avenues for personal growth and community engagement. Inmates can engage in religious worship services that cater to diverse faiths, fostering spiritual development during their incarceration. Additionally, the facility hosts Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous meetings, providing a supportive environment for individuals struggling with substance abuse.

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To further encourage community involvement, Larch allows offenders to participate in supervised community work crews. These work crews collaborate with local agencies, providing supervised labor for various projects in the surrounding area. By engaging in community work, inmates gain a sense of purpose, develop valuable skills, and contribute positively to society.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

Visiting hours at Larch Corrections Center follow a rotating schedule, alternating between morning and afternoon visits for the Elkhorn and Silver Star Units on a weekly basis. Visitors are welcome on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, with visitation hours from 8am to 11am and 1pm to 4pm. It is important to note that check-in occurs at the top of each hour. For the most up-to-date visitation schedule, please refer to the official Larch Corrections Center website.

For further information on visiting procedures and guidelines, please consult the visitors guide available on the Larch Corrections Center website.

Should you need to contact Larch Corrections Center, the physical address and telephone number are as follows:

Physical Address: Larch Corrections Center 15314 NE Dole Valley Road Yacolt, WA 98675-9531

Telephone: (360)-260-6300

For inmate correspondence, please use the following mailing address:

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Larch Corrections Center 15314 NE Dole Valley Road Yacolt, WA 98675-9531

Overview of Larch Corrections Center

Situated in the verdant landscape, Larch Corrections Center serves a unique role within the correctional system. So, where exactly is it?

H2: Location Nestled in the heart of Washington State, Larch Corrections Center provides a scenic backdrop that contrasts sharply with its purpose.

H2: Population The facility has an impressive capacity, housing numerous inmates from various walks of life.

H2: History Its history is just as captivating, filled with decades of change, growth, and adaptation to societal shifts.

Understanding the Facility

The effectiveness of a corrections center hinges on its infrastructure and the programs it provides.

H3: Facility Infrastructure To ensure security, Larch features state-of-the-art mechanisms and dedicated staff. The housing units, healthcare facilities, and food services are designed to meet all the inmates’ basic needs.

H3: Education and Vocational Training Moreover, Larch offers education and vocational training programs, equipping inmates with skills for their eventual reintegration into society.

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Rehabilitation Programs at Larch Corrections Center

A crucial part of Larch’s mission is rehabilitation.

H2: Substance Abuse Programs To address the rampant issue of substance abuse, Larch offers specialized programs.

H2: Mental Health Programs Similarly, mental health programs are available to inmates dealing with psychological issues.

H2: Reentry and Integration Programs Finally, reentry programs aim to smooth inmates’ transition back into society, thereby reducing recidivism rates.

Life inside Larch Corrections Center

Understanding life inside Larch provides a clearer picture of the day-to-day operations.

H2: Daily Routine Inmates follow a structured routine that includes work, meals, and recreation.

H2: Inmate Behavior Behavior expectations are stringent, promoting discipline and respect amongst the inmates.

H2: Visitor Policy Even though it’s a

Visitor Policy Even though it’s a correctional facility, Larch has set visitor policies to maintain connections between inmates and their families, an aspect recognized as crucial for an inmate’s reintegration process.

H2: Employment Opportunities For those willing and able, Larch provides various employment opportunities, further aiding their rehabilitation process.

Success Stories from Larch Corrections Center

Amidst the narratives of punishment, it’s heartwarming to also find tales of rehabilitation and transformation.

H2: Rehabilitation Success Stories Many inmates, through the help of the center’s programs, have been able to turn their lives around.

H2: Post-release Success Stories And it’s not just limited to the facility. Numerous ex-inmates have gone on to lead fulfilling lives post-release, testament to the efficacy of the programs offered by Larch.

Challenges and Criticisms

No institution is perfect, and Larch Corrections Center is no exception. It has had its fair share of criticisms and challenges.

H2: Overcrowding Like many correctional facilities worldwide, Larch has faced issues of overcrowding.

H2: Lack of Resources Resource allocation is another contentious point, with critics pointing out deficiencies in several areas.

H2: Mental Health Concerns Mental health, in particular, is an area that often needs more focus and resources.

The Role of the Community

Community involvement is pivotal in the functioning and development of the Larch Corrections Center.

H2: Volunteering at Larch Larch actively encourages volunteer participation in various programs, serving as a bridge between the inmates and society.

H2: Donations Donations also play a crucial role, supplementing government funding and contributing to improved conditions.

The Future of Larch Corrections Center

Looking ahead, Larch Corrections Center shows promising potential for growth and improvement.

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H2: Proposed Improvements Proposed improvements are in the pipeline to address its shortcomings and better serve its inmates.

H2: Expansions Plans for expansions reflect the facility’s ambition to enhance its capacity and cater to a larger inmate population.


The Larch Corrections Center, like any institution, has its strengths and areas for improvement. As society continues to evolve, so must our correctional facilities. Let’s hope for a future where facilities like Larch can effectively meet their objectives, bringing about a safer and more empathetic society.


Q1: What types of rehabilitation programs does Larch Corrections Center offer?

A1: Larch Corrections Center offers a variety of rehabilitation programs aimed at preparing the inmates for a successful reintegration into society. These include Substance Abuse Programs, Mental Health Programs, and Reentry and Integration Programs. Through education, counseling, and skill development, these programs equip the inmates with the tools to lead productive and crime-free lives post-release.

Q2: What is the visitor policy at Larch Corrections Center?

A2: While specific policies may vary and should be confirmed with the facility, generally, Larch Corrections Center maintains a visitor policy that allows inmates to keep connections with their families and loved ones. These visits are often seen as an integral part of an inmate’s rehabilitation process, as they can provide emotional support and maintain social ties. However, for security reasons, all visits must be scheduled in advance and visitors must comply with all regulations, including a strict code of conduct and dress code.

Q3: What employment opportunities are available for inmates at Larch?

A3: Employment opportunities at Larch Corrections Center are designed to provide inmates with meaningful work experience that can be used upon release. These opportunities can vary, but often include jobs in facility maintenance, food service, and other vocational areas. The aim of these employment programs is not just to keep the inmates occupied, but also to teach them valuable skills and a strong work ethic.

Q4: What are some of the criticisms and challenges faced by Larch Corrections Center?

A4: Like many correctional institutions, Larch Corrections Center has faced challenges such as overcrowding and resource allocation issues. Critics have also raised concerns about mental health care within the facility, arguing that it needs more focus and resources to properly address the needs of the inmate population.

Q5: How can the community get involved with Larch Corrections Center?

A5: There are several ways in which the community can contribute to and get involved with Larch Corrections Center. One such way is through volunteering. The center often encourages volunteers to participate in various programs, offering a great opportunity for community members to contribute positively. Additionally, the center accepts donations, which can significantly aid in improving conditions and funding additional resources and programs.

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