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Limestone Correctional Facility: A Comprehensive Overview of Alabama’s Maximum Security Prison

Limestone Correctional Facility is a maximum-security prison located in Harvest, Alabama. It houses over 2,000 inmates and is known for its strict policies and rigorous security measures. In this article, we will delve into the history of the facility, its operations, the daily life of inmates, and the challenges faced by the facility. We will also discuss the controversies surrounding Limestone Correctional Facility and the steps being taken to address them.

Visiting Limestone

Saturday and Sunday Visits

For families and loved ones, visiting an inmate at Limestone Correctional Facility is a structured process. Visiting hours are limited to Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. Inmates are entitled to two visits per month, one on a Saturday and one on a Sunday. The specific visiting day for an inmate depends on the first letter of their last name, following a rotating schedule. It’s advisable to contact the inmate to determine their scheduled visiting days.

The Arrival Process

Arriving at the facility for a visit requires careful planning. Visitors should aim to arrive around 7 am. Expect to line up behind other cars as you wait your turn for entry. Keep in mind that your vehicle may be subject to search, and a guard will guide you through the sign-in process directly from your car.

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Essential Contact Information

  • Physical Address: Limestone Correctional Facility 28779 Nick Davis Rd Harvest, AL 35749
  • Telephone: (256) 233-4600
  • Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Limestone Correctional Facility 28779 Nick Davis Rd Harvest, AL 35749

History of Limestone Correctional Facility

The history of Limestone Correctional Facility dates back to the early 1900s when the facility was established as a prison farm. In the 1950s, the prison underwent a massive renovation and expansion, transforming it into a maximum-security prison capable of housing over 2,000 inmates. Today, Limestone Correctional Facility is one of the largest and most secure prisons in the state of Alabama.

Operations at Limestone Correctional Facility

Limestone Correctional Facility is operated by the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC). The facility houses some of the state’s most dangerous and violent criminals, including those convicted of capital offenses. The prison is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and is staffed by highly trained correctional officers.

Inmates at Limestone Correctional Facility are housed in individual cells and are provided with basic amenities such as food, clothing, and medical care. However, the prison is known for its strict policies and rigorous security measures. Inmates are subject to frequent searches, and the use of force is not uncommon.

Daily Life of Inmates at Limestone Correctional Facility

Life at Limestone Correctional Facility is highly regimented and controlled. Inmates are required to follow a strict schedule and are limited in their activities. They are allowed a certain amount of time each day for exercise, recreation, and socializing. However, access to these activities is heavily restricted, and inmates must follow strict guidelines to participate.

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In addition to these limitations, inmates at Limestone Correctional Facility are also subject to frequent disciplinary actions. The use of isolation and other forms of punishment is common, and inmates must adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations to avoid being punished.

Challenges Faced by Limestone Correctional Facility

Limestone Correctional Facility faces a number of challenges, including overcrowding, understaffing, and a lack of resources. The prison is operating at nearly double its capacity, and staff shortages have made it difficult to maintain order and security. In addition, the prison is in need of major repairs and renovations, but funding for these projects has been limited.

Controversies Surrounding Limestone Correctional Facility

Limestone Correctional Facility has faced a number of controversies over the years. In 2018, the facility was the subject of a federal investigation into allegations of excessive force and abuse of inmates. The investigation found that correctional officers had used excessive force and had failed to protect inmates from harm.

In addition to these allegations, Limestone Correctional Facility has also faced criticism for its use of isolation and other forms of punishment. Some advocacy groups have called for reforms to the prison system, including the adoption of more humane policies and practices.

Steps Being Taken to Address the Challenges

In response to the challenges faced by Limestone Correctional Facility, the ADOC has taken a number of steps to address the issues. These include hiring additional staff, increasing funding for repairs and renovations, and implementing new policies and procedures to improve conditions for inmates.

The ADOC has also taken steps to address the allegations of abuse and excessive force at the facility. In 2019, the department announced that it would be implementing new training programs for correctional officers to prevent the use of excessive force and to promote better interactions with inmates. Additionally, the department has increased oversight and accountability measures to ensure that correctional officers are held responsible for any misconduct.

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Limestone Correctional Facility is a maximum-security prison in Alabama that is known for its strict policies and rigorous security measures. Despite the challenges it faces, the ADOC is taking steps to address the issues and improve conditions for inmates. While controversies have surrounded the facility, efforts are being made to implement more humane policies and practices. It is essential to ensure that correctional facilities like Limestone Correctional Facility uphold human rights and provide rehabilitation opportunities for inmates to prevent recidivism and promote social justice.


  1. How long is the average sentence for inmates at Limestone Correctional Facility?
  • The average sentence length at Limestone Correctional Facility is approximately 20 years.
  1. Can inmates receive visitors at Limestone Correctional Facility?
  • Yes, inmates are allowed to receive visitors at Limestone Correctional Facility, but visitation is heavily restricted and requires prior approval.
  1. What is the education program like at Limestone Correctional Facility?
  • Limestone Correctional Facility offers a variety of educational programs, including GED classes and vocational training, to help inmates prepare for life after incarceration.
  1. Are there any alternative programs for non-violent offenders at Limestone Correctional Facility?
  • Yes, Limestone Correctional Facility offers alternative programs such as work release and community service for non-violent offenders.
  1. How many correctional officers are employed at Limestone Correctional Facility?
  • Limestone Correctional Facility employs approximately 400 correctional officers to manage the facility and ensure the safety and security of inmates.

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