lumberton correctional institution

Lumberton Correctional Institution

Lumberton Correctional Institution, located in Robeson County, North Carolina, is a medium security prison that offers a secure environment for 768 adult male offenders. With its six dormitories and a twenty-cell segregation unit, the institution ensures the safety and well-being of both the inmates and the surrounding community. Let’s delve into the various aspects of Lumberton Correctional Institution and how it aims to rehabilitate its offenders.

Secure Facilities and Infrastructure

To maintain a high level of security, Lumberton Correctional Institution employs multiple razor wire fences with electronic detection systems and an armored patrol. These measures effectively deter escape attempts and enhance the overall safety within the facility. The institution’s commitment to security allows the staff to focus on their primary goal: providing rehabilitation and education to the inmates.

Education and Vocational Training

Recognizing the importance of education in reducing recidivism rates, Lumberton Correctional Institution offers a range of educational programs for inmates. Adult basic education is available, enabling offenders to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Additionally, inmates have the opportunity to obtain their General Educational Development (GED) certificate, further expanding their educational achievements.

Moreover, the institution provides inmates with valuable vocational training in areas such as carpentry, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and electrical wiring. These skills are carefully selected to equip inmates with marketable expertise that can support their reintegration into society upon release. By acquiring these vocational skills, inmates can pursue meaningful employment and contribute positively to their communities.

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Healthcare and Well-being

Lumberton Correctional Institution prioritizes the physical and mental well-being of its inmates. The institution provides comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring that inmates have access to necessary medical and dental treatments. This approach not only addresses immediate health concerns but also promotes long-term well-being.

Furthermore, the institution offers mental health services, recognizing the importance of addressing inmates’ psychological needs. By providing appropriate mental health support, Lumberton Correctional Institution aims to contribute to the rehabilitation process and facilitate successful reentry into society.

Visitation Procedures

Maintaining connections with loved ones is crucial for inmates’ emotional well-being and successful rehabilitation. Lumberton Correctional Institution facilitates visitations through an appointment-based system. To schedule a visit, please contact (910)-618-5574, extension 235, between Tuesday and Friday. Visiting hours are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or correspondence regarding inmates housed at Lumberton Correctional Institution, please use the following address and telephone number:

  • Physical Address: Lumberton Correctional Institution 75 Legend Road Lumberton, NC 28359
  • Telephone: (910)-618-5574
  • Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Lumberton Correctional Institution P.O. Box 1649 Lumberton, NC 28359-1649

History of Lumberton CI

Lumberton CI was established in [year] to address the growing need for correctional facilities in North Carolina. It was built with the aim of providing secure and humane confinement for offenders while also focusing on their rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society. Over the years, Lumberton CI has played a vital role in the state’s criminal justice system.

Facilities and Capacity

Lumberton CI boasts modern facilities designed to ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff. The institution comprises multiple housing units, administrative buildings, recreational areas, and medical facilities. The facility has a capacity to house [number] inmates, categorized based on their security levels.

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Programs and Services

Educational Programs

One of the key focuses at Lumberton CI is providing educational opportunities for inmates. The institution offers a range of academic programs, including literacy classes, GED preparation courses, and vocational training. These programs aim to equip inmates with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their prospects for a successful future upon release.

Vocational Training

To facilitate the transition of inmates back into society, Lumberton CI offers vocational training programs. Inmates can learn trades such as carpentry, automotive repair, culinary arts, and computer programming. By acquiring practical skills, inmates gain a chance to secure meaningful employment and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

Rehabilitation Initiatives

Lumberton CI prioritizes rehabilitation through various initiatives. These include substance abuse counseling, mental health services, anger management programs, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The institution recognizes the importance of addressing the underlying issues that may have contributed to an inmate’s criminal behavior.

Staff and Security

Lumberton CI employs a dedicated team of correctional officers, administrative staff, and support personnel to maintain security and ensure the smooth operation of the facility. Staff undergo rigorous training to handle emergency situations, manage inmate discipline, and promote a safe environment within the institution.

Inmate Life and Activities

Inmates at Lumberton CI engage in a variety of activities aimed at promoting personal growth, self-discipline, and positive social interactions. These activities include sports, recreational programs, religious services, and participation in educational and vocational programs. Such engagement helps create a structured and constructive environment for inmates during their incarceration.

Community Engagement

Lumberton CI recognizes the importance of community involvement in the rehabilitation process. The institution collaborates with local organizations and volunteers to provide mentoring, job placement assistance, and support services to inmates nearing their release. This engagement helps bridge the gap between incarceration and successful reintegration into society.

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Challenges and Future

Like any correctional facility, Lumberton CI faces its share of challenges. These challenges may include overcrowding, limited resources, and the ongoing need to adapt to changing societal dynamics. However, the institution remains committed to its mission of ensuring public safety, reducing recidivism, and promoting rehabilitation.


Lumberton Correctional Institution serves as an essential component of the North Carolina correctional system, providing secure confinement, rehabilitation programs, and support services to inmates. By focusing on education, vocational training, and community engagement, Lumberton CI strives to prepare individuals for a successful reintegration into society, reducing the likelihood of reoffending.


1. Can family members visit inmates at Lumberton CI?

Yes, family members can visit inmates at Lumberton CI. The institution has specific visitation hours and guidelines that must be followed to ensure a safe and orderly environment.

2. What types of vocational training are available at Lumberton CI?

Lumberton CI offers vocational training programs in trades such as carpentry, automotive repair, culinary arts, and computer programming, among others.

3. How does Lumberton CI address the mental health needs of inmates?

Lumberton CI provides mental health services, including counseling and therapy, to address the mental health needs of inmates. The institution recognizes the importance of addressing underlying issues that may contribute to criminal behavior.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for educational programs at Lumberton CI?

The eligibility criteria for educational programs at Lumberton CI may vary. Inmates can inquire with the institution’s education department for specific requirements and available opportunities.

5. How does Lumberton CI support inmates’ transition back into society?

Lumberton CI supports inmates’ transition back into society through vocational training, educational programs, community engagement, and collaborations with local organizations to provide mentoring and job placement assistance.

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