manning correctional institution

Manning Correctional Institution

Manning Correctional Institution, situated in Columbia, South Carolina, is a minimum security prison that caters to the needs of 922 level 1B male inmates. With its focus on rehabilitation and reintegration, this facility plays a crucial role in assisting offenders with short sentences. Additionally, it serves as a pre-release center, accommodating inmates within three months of their scheduled release.

Preparing Inmates for Successful Reentry

At Manning Correctional Institution, a comprehensive pre-release program is in place to equip inmates with the necessary skills and support systems for their successful reentry into society. This program spans 60 days and entails vocational and educational training. Inmates receive valuable instruction, allowing them to develop vocational expertise and expand their educational horizons.

Promoting Employment and Community Reintegration

Within thirty days of their release, inmates at Manning Correctional Institution embark on a specialized program designed to facilitate their employment prospects and successful reintegration into the community. This program leverages various available resources to provide them with the assistance needed to secure employment opportunities. By offering valuable guidance and support, the institution enables these individuals to rebuild their lives.

Comprehensive Inmate Services

Manning Correctional Institution is committed to ensuring the well-being of all inmates. In addition to their housing and security needs, the facility offers comprehensive on-site medical care, addressing the basic health requirements of each individual.

To further support inmates’ rehabilitation journey, the institution facilitates Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous programs. These programs provide a supportive environment for individuals struggling with substance abuse issues, allowing them to overcome challenges and work towards recovery.

Recognizing the significance of spirituality, Manning Correctional Institution also offers religious worship services. Inmates can engage in religious activities, fostering personal growth and a sense of belonging within a community.

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Building Vocational Skills

The institution provides various vocational training opportunities to enhance inmates’ skill sets and improve their employability prospects. These vocational programs include masonry, horticulture and landscaping certification, custodial maintenance, culinary services, and small engine repair. By acquiring practical skills in these areas, inmates are better equipped to secure employment and contribute positively to society upon release.

Educational Advancement

Manning Correctional Institution recognizes the importance of education in fostering personal growth and development. Inmates have the opportunity to earn their General Educational Development (GED) diploma while incarcerated. Furthermore, the institution supports and encourages inmates to develop their reading abilities, enabling them to expand their knowledge and enhance their future prospects.

Visitation Policies

To facilitate inmate visitation, Manning Correctional Institution operates a rotating schedule based on the first letter of the inmate’s last name. It is advisable to contact the facility to obtain the current rotation information. Visiting hours occur on Saturdays and Sundays, with two time slots available: 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm. These visitation opportunities allow inmates to maintain meaningful connections with their loved ones and receive the support crucial for their successful rehabilitation.

Facility Information

For those seeking to contact or correspond with inmates at Manning Correctional Institution, the following information is provided:

Physical Address: Manning Correctional Institution 502 Beckman Road Columbia, SC 29203-3173

Telephone: (803)-935-6000

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Manning Correctional Institution 502 Beckman Road Columbia, SC 29203-3173

Embracing Rehabilitation and Reintegration

Manning Correctional Institution stands as a beacon of hope, offering inmates the opportunity to transform their lives and reintegrate into society as law-abiding citizens. By providing vocational training, educational opportunities, and comprehensive support services, the institution paves the way for a brighter future, where individuals can rebuild their lives and contribute positively to their communities.

Location and Contact Information

Manning Correctional Institution is a medium-security state prison located in Columbia, South Carolina. The facility is operated by the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) and houses both male and female inmates. The contact information for the institution is as follows:

History and Purpose

Established in 1993, Manning Correctional Institution was initially built to ease overcrowding in other correctional facilities throughout South Carolina. Its primary purpose is to provide a secure and controlled environment for offenders who require medium security custody while offering various programs and services aimed at rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.

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Inmate Population

Manning Correctional Institution houses approximately 1,500 inmates. The facility is designed for male and female offenders with varying offense types, including non-violent crimes and those serving life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Facility Structure and Security

Security Measures

The security at Manning Correctional Institution is designed to maintain a safe environment for both inmates and staff. Measures include perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, controlled access points, and frequent security checks by correctional officers. In addition, the facility employs various technological advancements and intelligence-driven practices to minimize risks and ensure the safety of everyone within the institution.

Housing Units and Cell Types

Manning Correctional Institution comprises several housing units, each designed to accommodate specific inmate classifications. The facility offers both single and double occupancy cells, with some units featuring dormitory-style living arrangements. Each housing unit is equipped with basic amenities such as beds, desks, and storage space for personal belongings.

Common Areas and Amenities

The institution provides various common areas and amenities for inmate use, including a dining hall, recreation yard, library, and chapel. Additionally, there are designated spaces for vocational and educational programs, as well as areas for group counseling and therapy sessions.

Programs and Services

Educational Opportunities

Manning Correctional Institution emphasizes the importance of education and offers several educational programs for inmates. These include Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Educational Development (GED) preparation, and post-secondary education opportunities through partnerships with local colleges and universities.

Vocational Training

The facility also provides vocational training programs to equip inmates with valuable skills that can be utilized upon release. Some of the vocational programs offered include automotive repair, culinary arts, and horticulture.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Recognizing the impact of substance abuse on criminal behavior, Manning Correctional Institution offers comprehensive treatment programs to address addiction issues. Inmates can participate in individual and group counseling sessions, as well as 12-step programs and relapse prevention education.

Mental Health Services

Mental health is a crucial aspect of inmate rehabilitation, and Manning Correctional Institution is committed to providing comprehensive mental health services. The facility offers various programs, including individual therapy, group therapy, and crisis intervention services. In addition, the institution collaborates with community-based mental health providers to ensure continuity of care upon an inmate’s release.

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Visitation and Communication

Visiting Rules and Regulations

Manning Correctional Institution understands the importance of maintaining strong family and community ties for inmate rehabilitation. As a result, the facility allows visitation for approved visitors, adhering to a set schedule and specific guidelines. Visitors must follow dress code requirements, provide valid identification, and adhere to all rules and regulations during their visits. It is essential to check with the institution for the latest visiting hours and regulations before planning a visit.

Inmate Correspondence and Phone Calls

In addition to visitation, inmates are permitted to maintain contact with loved ones through written correspondence and monitored phone calls. Mail sent to inmates must follow specific guidelines to ensure security and should include the inmate’s full name, identification number, and the facility’s mailing address. Inmates can make collect calls or use a prepaid calling card to make outgoing calls. However, they are not allowed to receive incoming calls.


Manning Correctional Institution is a medium-security prison that plays a significant role in South Carolina’s correctional system. With a focus on providing a secure environment, the institution offers various programs and services to promote rehabilitation and reduce recidivism. By addressing educational, vocational, mental health, and substance abuse needs, Manning Correctional Institution helps prepare inmates for successful reintegration into society.


Q: What is the maximum capacity of Manning Correctional Institution?

A: The institution has a maximum capacity of approximately 1,500 inmates, both male and female.

Q: What types of educational programs are available at Manning Correctional Institution?

A: Inmates can participate in Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Educational Development (GED) preparation, and post-secondary education opportunities through partnerships with local colleges and universities.

Q: Can I visit an inmate at Manning Correctional Institution?

A: Yes, visitation is allowed for approved visitors, following a set schedule and specific guidelines. Ensure to check with the institution for the latest visiting hours and regulations before planning your visit.

Q: How can I send mail to an inmate at Manning Correctional Institution?

A: Mail must follow specific guidelines and include the inmate’s full name, identification number, and the facility’s mailing address. Please refer to the institution’s official website for detailed information on mailing guidelines.

Q: Are inmates at Manning Correctional Institution allowed to make phone calls?

A: Yes, inmates can make collect calls or use prepaid calling cards to make outgoing calls. However, they are not allowed to receive incoming calls.

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