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Manson Youth Institution: A Comprehensive Guide

Visiting Manson Youth Institution

If you have a loved one incarcerated at Manson Youth Institution or simply wish to visit, it’s important to understand the visiting guidelines.

Visiting Hours

General population inmates at Manson Youth Institution are allowed visits every day, but there is a sign-up schedule that must be followed. To find out the exact days and times for visitation, consult the visiting schedule provided by the institution.

Contact Information

Physical Address

Manson Youth Institution is located at: 42 Jarvis Street Cheshire, CT 06410


For general inquiries, you can reach Manson Youth Institution at (203)-806-2500.

Inmate Mailing Address

If you need to correspond with an inmate, ensure you address your mail correctly: Inmate Name, ID Number Manson Youth Institution 42 Jarvis Street Cheshire, CT 06410


Manson Youth Institution (MYI) is a residential treatment center for at-risk youth, located in the state of Washington. Established in the early 1900s, MYI has been providing a safe and supportive environment for young people struggling with behavioral and emotional issues for over a century.

Overview of Manson Youth Institution

The main purpose of MYI is to provide comprehensive care to youth who are facing challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential. With a capacity of over 200 residents, MYI offers a range of services to help young people overcome obstacles and achieve success.

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Some of the services offered at MYI include behavioral health services, substance abuse treatment, education and vocational training, and recreational therapy. Each resident is assigned a team of professionals who work together to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and goals.

Admissions process

In order to be eligible for admission to MYI, young people must be between the ages of 12 and 18 and be struggling with behavioral or emotional issues. The application process involves submitting a referral from a licensed mental health professional, and an intake assessment is performed to determine if MYI is the best fit for the individual.

Treatment programs

MYI offers a variety of treatment programs designed to address the specific needs of each resident. The behavioral health services offered include individual and group therapy, family therapy, and medication management. Substance abuse treatment includes substance abuse education, individual counseling, and support groups.

Education and vocational training are also key components of the MYI program. Residents have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma or GED, and to receive training in a variety of trade skills. Recreational therapy is also an important part of the MYI experience, with opportunities for residents to participate in outdoor activities and sporting events.

Staff and facility

The staff at MYI is highly trained and qualified, with a commitment to providing quality care to each resident. Safety and security measures are in place to ensure that all residents are protected and secure at all times. Living quarters at MYI are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for residents, with private bedrooms and shared common areas.

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Success stories and impact

MYI has a long history of success, with many former residents going on to lead successful and productive lives. Testimonials from former residents speak to the positive impact that MYI has had on their lives, and the importance of the supportive and therapeutic environment provided by MYI

Controversies and criticisms

Despite its long history of success, MYI has faced its share of controversies and criticisms over the years. Some of the legal issues that MYI has faced include lawsuits related to allegations of mistreatment of residents. There have also been concerns raised about the accreditation and licensing of MYI, as well as allegations of staff misconduct.


Overall, Manson Youth Institution has been providing comprehensive care and support to at-risk youth for over a century. With a range of services and a dedicated staff, MYI has a proven track record of helping young people overcome the challenges they face and achieve success. While there have been controversies and criticisms, MYI remains committed to providing quality care to the youth it serves.


  1. What is Manson Youth Institution? MYI is a residential treatment center for at-risk youth located in the state of Washington. It provides comprehensive care and support to young people facing behavioral and emotional challenges.
  2. Who is eligible for admission? Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 who are struggling with behavioral or emotional issues may be eligible for admission to MYI.
  3. What services are offered at Manson Youth Institution? MYI offers a range of services including behavioral health services, substance abuse treatment, education and vocational training, and recreational therapy.
  4. Is Manson Youth Institution accredited? MYI is licensed by the state of Washington and is in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.
  5. What is the success rate of Manson Youth Institution? MYI has a proven track record of success, with many former residents going on to lead successful and productive lives.
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