marshall formby state jail

Marshall Formby State Jail

Marshall Formby State Jail, located in Texas, stands as an integral part of the state’s correctional system. As a correctional facility, it plays a crucial role in housing and rehabilitating offenders. This article delves into the details of Marshall Formby State Jail, exploring its purpose, programs, security features, and community engagement. Join us on this journey to discover how this facility combines security with a focus on inmate rehabilitation.

Visiting Formby State Jail

For families and loved ones of inmates, visiting Formby State Jail is a vital connection. The visiting hours are on Saturdays and Sundays, spanning from 8 am to 5 pm. During normal visits, you can spend up to two precious hours with your loved ones. However, for those who are traveling long distances—over 300 miles—a special visit can be requested, extending the visitation time to four hours.

Vending Machine Convenience

Visitors are allowed to bring a clear Ziploc bag containing up to $20 in quarters. This change can be used to purchase items from the vending machines, ensuring that your visit is comfortable and accommodating.

Location and Contact Information

For those planning a visit or needing to send mail to inmates, here is the essential contact information:

Physical Address:

Formby State Jail 998 County Road AA Plainview, TX 79072


(806)-296-2448 (**106)

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number Formby State Jail 998 County Road AA Plainview, TX 79072

Introduction to Marshall Formby State Jail

Marshall Formby State Jail, established in 2005, is a correctional facility located in Formby State Jail 998 County Road AA Plainview, TX 79072. With a rich history and commitment to public safety, it has become a significant institution within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Designed to house inmates with various sentences, Marshall Formby State Jail is dedicated to providing a secure environment while simultaneously offering opportunities for rehabilitation.

Purpose and Function

The primary purpose of Marshall Formby State Jail is to house offenders who have been convicted of non-violent crimes and have sentences that range from two years to life. By segregating these individuals from the general prison population, the facility aims to create an environment conducive to rehabilitation. The jail implements a range of programs and services to help inmates reintegrate into society upon their release.

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Facility and Security Features

Marshall Formby State Jail boasts a modern and well-maintained facility. The infrastructure includes multiple housing units, administrative offices, educational and vocational areas, and recreational spaces. The jail adheres to strict security protocols, employing advanced surveillance systems, controlled access points, and regular inspections to ensure the safety of both staff and inmates.

Inmate Programs and Services

Recognizing the importance of education and skills development, Marshall Formby State Jail offers a variety of programs to inmates. These include educational courses, vocational training, and counseling services. Inmates can earn high school equivalency diplomas and acquire valuable skills that increase their chances of finding employment upon release. Additionally, counseling programs address behavioral issues, substance abuse, and mental health concerns, supporting inmates in their rehabilitation journey.

Staffing and Training

The success of any correctional facility depends on its dedicated staff. Marshall Formby State Jail is staffed by professionals who undergo rigorous training to handle the unique challenges of working with inmates. Correctional officers receive comprehensive training in security procedures, crisis management, and effective communication. The facility also emphasizes ongoing professional development to ensure that staff members stay updated on the latest practices in offender rehabilitation.

Challenges and Solutions

Operating a state jail comes with its own set of challenges. Overcrowding, limited resources, and the diverse needs of inmates can present obstacles to effective rehabilitation. However, Marshall Formby State Jail has implemented innovative solutions to address these challenges and ensure the smooth functioning of the facility.

One of the primary challenges faced by the jail is overcrowding. With a growing inmate population, it becomes essential to find ways to accommodate and manage the increasing number of individuals within the facility. To tackle this issue, the jail has implemented efficient classification and housing systems that optimize space utilization while maintaining safety and security.

Limited resources can also pose a challenge when it comes to providing comprehensive inmate programs and services. However, Marshall Formby State Jail has forged partnerships with local educational institutions and vocational training centers to expand the range of opportunities available to inmates. By collaborating with external organizations, the jail can tap into additional resources and offer a broader array of educational and vocational programs.

Another challenge is addressing the diverse needs of inmates, including mental health support and substance abuse treatment. Marshall Formby State Jail has developed specialized programs to cater to these needs. The facility employs qualified counselors and psychologists who provide individual and group therapy sessions, focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration. Additionally, partnerships with external organizations specializing in addiction recovery enable inmates to receive the necessary support and resources.

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Furthermore, the jail has implemented measures to reduce recidivism rates, aiming to break the cycle of reoffending. Through comprehensive pre-release planning and post-release support, inmates are provided with the tools and resources they need to successfully transition back into society. This includes assistance with job placement, access to housing options, and connections to community support services.

Community Engagement

Marshall Formby State Jail recognizes the importance of community engagement in the rehabilitation process. By fostering positive relationships with the local community, the facility aims to facilitate successful reintegration and reduce recidivism rates. Various initiatives have been established to promote community involvement and create a sense of responsibility among inmates.

The jail encourages family visitation, recognizing the positive impact it can have on inmate morale and support networks. Regular visitation hours and special events are organized to facilitate meaningful interactions between inmates and their loved ones. Additionally, the facility actively seeks partnerships with local businesses and organizations to provide employment opportunities for released inmates, fostering community integration.

Notable Achievements and Recognition

Marshall Formby State Jail has achieved notable successes in its commitment to inmate rehabilitation and public safety. The facility has received recognition for its innovative programs and dedication to reducing recidivism. Awards and accolades from esteemed organizations in the criminal justice field serve as a testament to the facility’s continuous efforts to improve and make a positive impact.

These achievements include commendations for educational programs that have significantly increased the number of inmates obtaining high school equivalency diplomas. The jail’s vocational training initiatives have also been lauded for equipping inmates with valuable skills, increasing their employment prospects upon release. Such accomplishments highlight the dedication of the facility’s staff and the effectiveness of their rehabilitation programs.

Future Plans and Expansion

Looking ahead, Marshall Formby State Jail has ambitious plans for the future. The facility aims to expand its existing programs and develop new initiatives to enhance inmate rehabilitation. These plans include the introduction of specialized vocational training courses tailored to meet the demands of emerging industries. By equipping inmates with skills that align with current job market needs, the jail aims to maximize their chances of successful reintegration.

Furthermore, the facility intends to strengthen its partnerships with local communities and organizations, fostering collaborative efforts in the pursuit of effective rehabilitation. Increased community engagement programs, mentorship opportunities, and aftercare support for released inmates are among the initiatives envisioned for the future.

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Marshall Formby State Jail stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of inmate rehabilitation. Through

its commitment to providing a secure environment, offering comprehensive programs and services, and actively engaging with the local community, the facility strives to facilitate positive change and successful reintegration.

By prioritizing education, vocational training, and counseling, Marshall Formby State Jail empowers inmates with the necessary skills and support to transform their lives. The facility recognizes the individual needs and challenges faced by each inmate, addressing them through personalized rehabilitation plans. By focusing on rehabilitation rather than solely punishment, the jail aims to reduce recidivism rates and contribute to safer communities.

The dedication and professionalism of the jail’s staff are instrumental in achieving these goals. Through rigorous training and ongoing professional development, the staff members are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure the safety, security, and effective management of the facility. Their commitment to the well-being and rehabilitation of the inmates is a testament to the compassionate and human-centered approach adopted by Marshall Formby State Jail.

As Marshall Formby State Jail moves forward, it remains committed to continuous improvement and innovation. By embracing emerging technologies, exploring new partnerships, and staying informed about best practices in the field of offender rehabilitation, the facility is poised to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing landscape.

In conclusion, Marshall Formby State Jail serves as a vital institution within the Texas correctional system. It provides a secure environment for inmates while focusing on their rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society. Through its commitment to education, vocational training, counseling, and community engagement, the facility plays a pivotal role in breaking the cycle of reoffending and fostering positive change. The dedication of its staff, the support of the local community, and the achievements of its rehabilitation programs make Marshall Formby State Jail a beacon of hope and transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Can family members visit inmates at Marshall Formby State Jail?
    • A: Yes, the jail allows scheduled visitation hours for family members to maintain connections with their incarcerated loved ones.
  2. Q: What types of vocational training programs are available at the jail?
    • A: Marshall Formby State Jail offers a range of vocational training programs, including carpentry, electrical work, culinary arts, and more.
  3. Q: How does the facility support inmates’ mental health needs?
    • A: The jail has qualified counselors and psychologists who provide individual and group therapy sessions, addressing mental health concerns and offering necessary support.
  4. Q: Does Marshall Formby State Jail have initiatives to support released inmates’ reintegration?
    • A: Yes, the facility collaborates with local businesses and organizations to provide employment opportunities and connections to community support services for released inmates.
  5. Q: What measures does the jail take to ensure the safety and security of staff and inmates?
    • A: Marshall Formby State Jail employs advanced surveillance systems, controlled access points, and rigorous security protocols to maintain a safe and secure environment within the facility.

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