Mount Olive Correctional Complex & Slayton Work Camp, Mount Olive

Mount Olive Correctional Complex & Slayton Work Camp, Mount Olive

Mount Olive Correctional Complex, a prominent maximum security prison located in Mt. Olive, West Virginia, stands as a formidable institution designed to house up to 1,030 adult male inmates. Distinguished as the sole facility in the state dedicated to accommodating maximum security males, it serves as a stronghold against high-risk, violent, predatory offenders. This article explores the exceptional features, facilities, and programs offered by Mount Olive Correctional Complex, emphasizing its commitment to security, education, vocational training, and inmate rehabilitation.

Unparalleled Security Measures

At Mount Olive Correctional Complex, inmate security is paramount. The facility is fortified by an array of cutting-edge security measures that ensure the safety of both staff and inmates. These measures include:

Razor Wire Security Fencing

The perimeter of the complex is secured by a robust razor wire security fencing, creating a formidable barrier against unauthorized access.

Electronic Detection Systems

Multiple electronic detection systems are deployed throughout the facility, enhancing the monitoring and surveillance capabilities of the institution.

Centralized Observation Tower

A towering structure centrally located within the complex provides comprehensive oversight, enabling vigilant monitoring of inmate activities.

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Electronic Locking Control Systems

Advanced electronic locking control systems are employed to effectively manage access to various areas within the facility, ensuring strict control and minimizing security breaches.

Comprehensive Facilities and Programs

Mount Olive Correctional Complex goes beyond security by offering a range of facilities and programs aimed at fostering inmate rehabilitation and personal growth. These provisions contribute to the holistic development and reintegration of inmates into society. The following are notable facilities and programs available at the complex:

Educational Opportunities

Recognizing the importance of education, Mount Olive Correctional Complex provides diverse educational programs to inmates. Adult basic education and GED courses are highly recommended for inmates without a diploma, while those with diplomas can pursue college courses and work towards earning an Associate’s Degree through BridgeValley Community/Technical College.

Vocational Training

To equip inmates with valuable skills for future employment, vocational training is offered in culinary arts, agriculture, and welding. This practical training not only enhances their chances of securing gainful employment upon release but also contributes to their personal growth and self-esteem.

Correctional Industries Program

Mount Olive Correctional Complex houses a Correctional Industries program that enables inmates to work in various settings. Inmates have the opportunity to contribute to society and acquire marketable skills by participating in the sign shop, metal shop, and soap cleaning supply factory.

“Paws-4-Prison” Program

An innovative initiative, the “Paws-4-Prison” program, allows inmates to participate in the training of service dogs. This program not only helps inmates develop a sense of responsibility and compassion but also prepares the service dogs for invaluable assistance to individuals in need.

Slayton Work Camp

Adjacent to the secure perimeter fence, the Slayton Work Camp accommodates minimum-security inmates. Inmates at the work camp actively engage in road crew assignments and offer their labor to charitable organizations and government agencies, fostering a sense of social responsibility and community involvement.

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Visiting Hours and Contact Information

Visiting an inmate at Mount Olive Correctional Complex or Slayton Work Camp requires an approved visiting application. The visitation schedule is as follows:

General Population Inmates:

  • Visiting Days: Saturdays and Sundays
  • Visiting Hours: 8:30am-6pm
  • Visitor Processing Hours: 8:30am-10:30am, 11:30am-3:30pm
  • Note: Visitors arriving after 3:30pm will not be admitted for visitation.

Segregation Units (Quilliams 1&2, Mental Health Unit, and Infirmary):

  • Visitation is by appointment only.
  • To schedule a visit, call the facility on a Saturday or Sunday between 9am-5pm.

Slayton Work Camp Inmates:

  • Visitation is by appointment only.
  • To schedule a visit, call at least one week in advance on a Saturday or Sunday between 8am-5pm.

For more detailed information about visiting regulations, please refer to the Mount Olive Correctional Complex Visitors brochure.

Contact Information

Should you need to contact Mount Olive Correctional Complex, the following contact details will be of assistance:

Physical Address: Mount Olive Correctional Complex 1 Mountainside Way Mt. Olive, West Virginia 25185

Telephone: (304)-442-7213

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Mount Olive Correctional Complex 1 Mountainside Way Mt. Olive, West Virginia 25185

History and Background of Mount Olive Correctional Complex

The complex opened its doors in 1995, replacing the outdated West Virginia Penitentiary. Since then, it has been a cornerstone of the state’s prison system, providing a secure environment for those serving long-term sentences.

Significant Events at Mount Olive Correctional Complex

Over the years, Mount Olive has seen its fair share of significant events. From prison riots to reform initiatives, it has been at the forefront of the state’s correctional evolution.

An Overview of Slayton Work Camp

Slayton Work Camp is another noteworthy correctional facility in Mount Olive. Unlike the high-security environment of Mount Olive Correctional Complex, Slayton Work Camp serves a different purpose.

The Purpose and Goal of Slayton Work Camp

Slayton Work Camp aims to rehabilitate its inmates through work and vocational programs. It offers a more lenient environment that encourages personal growth and development.

Life at Slayton Work Camp

In contrast to the austere life at Mount Olive Correctional Complex, life at Slayton Work Camp is geared towards rehabilitation and societal reintegration.

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The Connection between Mount Olive Correctional Complex and Slayton Work Camp

While both institutions are distinct in their operations, they are connected in their shared goal of ensuring public safety and inmate rehabilitation.

Policies and Regulations

Both facilities abide by stringent policies and regulations to maintain order and safety within their premises.

Inmate Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation is a central tenet of both facilities. Through various programs, they aim to equip inmates with the skills needed for a productive life post-incarceration.

The Impact of These Institutions on the Local Community

Economic Impact

These facilities contribute significantly to the local economy, providing jobs and stimulating local businesses.

Social Impact

Their presence also influences the social landscape, raising debates about criminal justice and rehabilitation.

Criticisms and Controversies

Like most correctional institutions, Mount Olive Correctional Complex and Slayton Work Camp have faced their fair share of criticisms and controversies. From issues related to inmate rights to debates about their effectiveness in rehabilitation, these topics remain at the forefront of public discussion.

The Future of Mount Olive Correctional Complex and Slayton Work Camp

Given the evolving nature of correctional policies and societal attitudes towards crime and punishment, the future of these institutions is always under scrutiny. However, both continue to strive towards bettering their facilities and programs to meet their mandate of public safety and offender rehabilitation.


Mount Olive Correctional Complex and Slayton Work Camp play significant roles in the state’s correctional system. Despite the challenges and controversies, these institutions continue to serve their purpose, reminding us of the complex issues surrounding crime, punishment, and rehabilitation. As we look ahead, these institutions will undoubtedly remain central to these ongoing discussions.


  1. What is the primary purpose of Mount Olive Correctional Complex? The primary purpose of Mount Olive Correctional Complex is to provide a secure environment for long-term offenders serving their sentences.
  2. How does Slayton Work Camp differ from Mount Olive Correctional Complex? Slayton Work Camp focuses more on inmate rehabilitation through work and vocational programs, unlike the high-security environment of Mount Olive Correctional Complex.
  3. What kinds of rehabilitation programs are offered at these facilities? Both institutions offer various programs aimed at equipping inmates with skills for a productive life after incarceration, including vocational training, education, and therapy programs.
  4. What impact do these facilities have on the local community? These facilities significantly impact the local economy by providing jobs and stimulating local businesses. They also influence the social landscape, raising debates about criminal justice and rehabilitation.
  5. What are some controversies associated with these institutions? Controversies typically center around issues of inmate rights and the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs. However, both institutions continuously strive to address these issues and improve their facilities and services.

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