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Murru Prison, Rummu: A Historical Journey

Nestled in the small Estonian town of Rummu lies the abandoned Murru Prison, an eerie relic of the Soviet era that’s become a captivating and somewhat chilling underwater attraction.

The Enigmatic Origin of Murru Prison

The story of Murru Prison begins with the Soviet occupation of Estonia. Constructed in the late 1930s, it was initially designed as a corrective labor camp. It soon morphed into a prison, where prisoners were exploited for their labor, working arduously in the nearby limestone quarry.

Murru Prison: The Dark Past

A Home for Political Dissidents

At the height of the Cold War, Murru Prison became a house for many political dissidents. The prison’s conditions were harsh, with many inmates subjected to brutal treatments.

The Daily Life of Inmates

Inmates in Murru Prison were engaged in hard manual labor. Their daily life was filled with hard work in the quarry, minimal food, and sparse living conditions.

The Unintentional Underwater Museum

A Sudden Transformation

When Estonia gained independence in 1991, the prison was eventually shut down and the quarry was abandoned, leading to it gradually filling with groundwater. The result? A surreal underwater world was born.

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The Allure of Sunken Structures

The prison building, the quarry machinery, and the surrounding structures now lay submerged, creating an unintentional underwater museum that draws divers from around the world.

Rummu Quarry: The Unexpected Attraction

A Dive into Estonia’s Blue Lagoon

Adjacent to the prison, the Rummu quarry has transformed into a turquoise blue lagoon due to groundwater fill. It’s an enticing location that provides a stark contrast to the prison’s dark history.

Rummu Quarry: A Haven for Adventure Seekers

The site is a paradise for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. With activities like swimming, sunbathing, diving, and exploring the submerged ruins, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

The Cultural Impact of Murru Prison and Rummu Quarry

The Prison’s Influence on Estonian Society

Murru Prison has become a symbol of the nation’s resilience, a tangible reminder of the past struggles Estonia had to overcome to reclaim its independence.

Rummu Quarry in Pop Culture

On the flip side, the quarry has become a prominent feature in several music videos and films, showcasing Estonia’s ability to transform a tragic past into an artistic muse.

The Future of Murru Prison and Rummu Quarry

Preservation and Tourism

There’s an ongoing debate about preserving the site due to its historical significance, coupled with the rising trend of ‘dark tourism’. Meanwhile, safety measures are being implemented to ensure visitors can enjoy the site responsibly.

Exploring Murru Prison and Rummu Quarry Safely

While exploring, remember that it’s a site with a tumultuous history. Always respect the place and prioritize safety over thrill.


Whether you’re intrigued by its turbulent past, the stunning underwater world, or the beautiful blue lagoon, Murru Prison and Rummu Quarry offer an unparalleled experience. It’s a testament to Estonia’s resilience and adaptability, turning a somber site into a destination of intrigue and beauty.

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1. Can I visit Murru Prison and Rummu Quarry? Yes, although caution and respect for the site’s history are encouraged.

2. Is diving allowed in the quarry? Yes, diving is permitted but it’s advised to go with experienced guides due to potential hazards.

3. What other activities can I do at Rummu Quarry? Aside from diving, you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and sightseeing.

4. Is the site safe for visitors? While it’s generally safe, visitors should adhere to safety guidelines due to the site’s condition.

5. What’s the best time to visit? Summer months offer the best conditions for outdoor activities.

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