Nash Correctional Institution

Nash Correctional Institution

Nash Correctional Institution, situated in Nashville, North Carolina, stands as a medium security prison dedicated to housing adult offenders in a secure environment. With its focus on inmate rehabilitation and skill development, this facility aims to equip individuals with the necessary tools to successfully reintegrate into society upon their release.

The Facility

Secured Housing and Inmate Employment

Nash Correctional Institution accommodates 512 adult offenders in individual cells, ensuring a secure living environment. Moreover, the facility actively participates in the Correctional Enterprise program, which offers employment opportunities to inmates.

The printing plant within Nash Correctional Institution employs 120 inmates, playing a crucial role in printing numerous publications for state government agencies. This partnership showcases the facility’s commitment to fostering valuable vocational skills among its residents.

Additionally, the Correctional Enterprise program operates an optical plant that engages 52 inmates in the manufacturing of eyeglasses. Through this initiative, Nash Correctional Institution enables individuals to gain practical experience in a specialized field, enhancing their employment prospects upon reintegration.

Internal Supportive Jobs

Nash Correctional Institution provides inmates with various internal supportive job opportunities. These positions include custodial work, landscaping, and food preparation within the facility. By engaging in these roles, inmates acquire valuable skills, contribute to the prison’s daily operations, and develop a sense of responsibility and discipline.

Rehabilitation Programs

Education and Skill Development

Recognizing the importance of education in reducing recidivism, Nash Correctional Institution offers a range of educational programs for offenders. Inmates have the opportunity to earn their General Education Development (GED) credential, providing them with a solid educational foundation. This achievement significantly enhances their employability and fosters personal growth.

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Furthermore, the institution provides vocational training programs that equip inmates with new skills relevant to the job market. By gaining expertise in various trades, individuals increase their chances of securing employment and becoming productive members of society upon release.

Inmate Services

Medical and Dental Care

Nash Correctional Institution prioritizes the health and well-being of its inmates. Every individual within the facility has access to comprehensive medical and dental treatment. By offering essential healthcare services, the institution ensures that inmates receive proper care and support throughout their incarceration.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

To facilitate meaningful connections with loved ones, Nash Correctional Institution has specific guidelines for visitation. Please take note of the following information:

Visiting Hours

All visits to Nash Correctional Institution require an appointment. To schedule a visit, please call (252)-462-4050 between Tuesday and Friday. Appointments must be made at least three days in advance. Visitation is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Physical Address

Nash Correctional Institution
2869 US 64 Alt
Nashville, NC 27856


For general inquiries, you may contact Nash Correctional Institution at (252)-459-4455.

Inmate Mailing Address

If you wish to correspond with an inmate, please use the following mailing address format:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Nash Correctional Institution
PO Box 600
Nashville, NC 27856

1. History

Nash Correctional Institution was established in [year] as part of the state’s ongoing efforts to modernize and enhance its correctional system. Initially, it started as a medium-security prison, but over the years, it has expanded to accommodate varying levels of security.

2. Facilities

The institution boasts state-of-the-art facilities that prioritize safety and provide a conducive environment for rehabilitation. NCI has implemented various security measures and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the utmost security for both staff and inmates.

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2.1 Security Measures

NCI takes security seriously and employs a range of measures to maintain order and prevent unauthorized activities. These include advanced surveillance systems, controlled access points, regular patrols, and the deployment of highly trained correctional officers.

2.2 Inmate Programs

Recognizing the importance of rehabilitation, NCI offers a comprehensive range of inmate programs. These programs focus on education, vocational training, mental health support, and substance abuse treatment. By addressing the underlying causes of criminal behavior, NCI aims to facilitate successful reintegration into society upon release.

3. Staff

The dedicated staff at NCI plays a crucial role in maintaining the institution’s operations and fostering a secure and rehabilitative environment. The staff comprises correctional officers, administrative personnel, mental health professionals, teachers, vocational trainers, and other support staff. Their commitment and expertise contribute significantly to the institution’s success.

4. Rehabilitation Efforts

NCI prioritizes rehabilitation as a cornerstone of its operations. The institution offers a wide array of educational programs, ranging from basic literacy to higher education courses. Inmates are encouraged to acquire new skills through vocational training programs, equipping them with marketable abilities for future employment.

4.1 Education Programs

Education plays a vital role in reducing recidivism rates. NCI collaborates with local educational institutions to provide inmates with access to formal education. This includes high school equivalency programs, vocational certifications, and even college courses. By investing in education, NCI empowers individuals to break free from the cycle of criminal behavior.

4.2 Vocational Training

To enhance inmates’ employability, NCI offers various vocational training opportunities. These programs focus on teaching practical skills in industries such as carpentry, plumbing, culinary arts, automotive repair, and more. By gaining valuable vocational skills, inmates can significantly increase their chances of securing employment upon release.

5. Challenges and Solutions

Operating a correctional institution comes with its share of challenges. NCI faces overcrowding, limited resources, and the constant need to adapt to evolving security threats. However, the institution proactively addresses these challenges through strategic planning, collaboration with community organizations, and seeking innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

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6. Impact on the Community

NCI recognizes that its actions extend beyond its walls and have a profound impact on the community. By prioritizing rehabilitation, reducing recidivism rates, and fostering a sense of accountability, NCI contributes to safer communities. Inmates who successfully reintegrate into society become productive citizens, reducing the strain on the criminal justice system.

7. Conclusion

In conclusion, Nash Correctional Institution stands as a beacon of hope, striving to transform lives and contribute positively to the community. Through its commitment to security, rehabilitation, and innovative programs, NCI paves the way for incarcerated individuals to rebuild their lives. By investing in their futures, we can foster a more just and inclusive society.


1. How can I visit an inmate at Nash Correctional Institution? To visit an inmate at NCI, you must adhere to the facility’s visitation guidelines. These guidelines include obtaining approval, following dress codes, and scheduling visits in advance. Please refer to the official NCI website or contact their administration for detailed visitation procedures.

2. Can inmates pursue higher education while at NCI? Yes, Nash Correctional Institution offers educational programs, including higher education courses, to eligible inmates. These programs are designed to provide opportunities for personal growth and skill development.

3. What kind of vocational training programs are available at NCI? NCI offers various vocational training programs, including carpentry, plumbing, culinary arts, automotive repair, and more. These programs aim to equip inmates with practical skills that increase their employability upon release.

4. How does Nash Correctional Institution ensure the safety of its staff and inmates? NCI prioritizes safety by implementing advanced security measures, such as surveillance systems, controlled access points, and highly trained correctional officers. Additionally, staff members undergo regular training to handle emergency situations and ensure the well-being of all individuals within the facility.

5. How does Nash Correctional Institution contribute to the local community? Through its focus on rehabilitation and reducing recidivism rates, Nash Correctional Institution positively impacts the local community. By equipping inmates with education, vocational skills, and support services, NCI helps individuals reintegrate into society as responsible and productive citizens, fostering safer communities.

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